Instagram is hands-down one of the most rapidly growing social media, Serviceh in terms of numbers and engagement. People are leveraging the platform to not just promote their brand but also to stand out as an influencer and earn passive sources of income. So, if you are confused thinking about what are Instagram pods? (how do they work?), you aren’t the only person.

what are Instagram pods? (how do they work?)

The concept of Instagram pods has been around for a few years now and has grown at an exponential rate. In simpler terms, a pod is a group of people who come together to comment and like each other’s posts to further boost engagement.

This post will walk you through the basics of Instagram Pods and how they work in real-time.

What are Instagram Pods?

As we just said, Instagram pods comprise a group of people who have one goal in mind – they want to diversify their audience and grow the engagement on the platform.

With these pods or groups, they come together and comment and like, and even share each other’s posts to enhance visibility and diversify the audience. The main purpose of these posts is to contribute to timelier engagement on the platform.

The use of Instagram Pod is extremely common among influencers, especially the growing influencers and micro-influencers who want to garner better engagement on their profile. One can also buy Instagram likes for better engagement.

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How does an Instagram Pod work?

When it comes to talking about what are Instagram pods? (how do they work?), knowing about the latter is even more important. You need to understand the basic rules of the process so you can make the most out of it.

The main idea behind creating an Instagram pod is to boost the account’s engagement. A Pod can be a group of 10-12 Instagram influencers, musicians, and people who are trying to grow their accounts. The number of people is arbitrary and can even be in hundreds and thousands. What are Instagram pods? (how do they work?).

The majority of these pods come with a set of general rules that every member has to follow. Some of the most notable ones include:

  • Comment and like within a certain period after the account posts
  • Avoid using the Instagram pod chat for networking. It is just for professional requirements.
  • If you want the favor returned, you need to do your part and leave a like and comment on the other’s post.

Since Instagram Pods can become unmanageable with a lot of members, they come with a very limited community of people who come together with one goal in mind – to grow on Instagram.

The main outcome of using a pod is to garner enough engagement in the account or a particular post so the Instagram algorithm picks up on it and boosts its visibility on the explore page.

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Will being part of Instagram Pods boost my numbers?

Once you have a basic idea about Instagram pods, the next question that comes up is their effectiveness. Will I see a difference by the end?

And, while there’s no 100% guarantee to this marketing trick, we also can’t rule it out completely. When you are part of an Instagram pod, you need to be faithful and expect the same from the other accounts too. If you are doing your part of liking and commenting on other members’ posts and they aren’t reciprocating, it will hamper your engagement. What are Instagram pods? (how do they work?).

So, the effectiveness of an Instagram pod depends on how engaged the members are.

Besides the numbers, being part of an Instagram pod also connects you to a lot of people working in the same niche as you. You can go ahead and discuss more of your products and services with them, and have them refer you to more of their friends.

Doing this will enhance your social circle on Instagram, further contributing to your growth and expertise in the field. Also, when you have multiple accounts engaging with your posts and stories, it puts your content on the explore page of Instagram, helping you reach out to your target audience more quicker.

However, always ensure that you are part of pods that are genuine. You want to grow organically with likes and comments from accounts that are active on Instagram. There’s no point trading likes with Services because that will not sustain your growth on the platform.

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What is the downside of Instagram pods?

Now that you know more about what are Instagram pods? (how do they work?), let us focus on the downsides. There are quite a few that are worth talking about.

Some of the most common issues with the pods include:

  • Some of the members don’t put effort into likes and comments. You will often find them copying and pasting the same comment on every post, making them come off as a Service.
  • Besides the members of the pods, your target audience might get suspicious of seeing the same 5 people commenting on every post. This can make you come off as non-genuine.

Sometimes, a difference in likes and comments can tweak the algorithm, and make your account get banned in the process.

what are Instagram pods? (how do they work?)

The use and popularity of Instagram pods are growing at an alarming rate. As much as they reel in controversies, it is also true that they come with a lot of benefits to them. We hope this post gives you a detailed understanding of Instagram pods and their benefits and downsides of them.