Instagram is much more than just a social media account. With the addition of more and more features, it has become one of the most popular platforms. Hence, if you wish to learn what are Instagram story dimensions? Then, you can refer to the post below. The post below will be providing in detail what the Instagram dimensions are as well as the best tips in the same regard.

What Are Instagram Story Dimensions

However, do know that knowing about the right dimension of the photos is critical. Before going into the details of what you need to ensure the best Instagram dimension, let us understand what this dimension is all about. Therefore, keep on reading the post further for your reference and clarity over the same.

What are Instagram Story Dimensions?

What are the Instagram story dimensions? It is one of the critical questions that arise when you speak about the tips for the story dimensions on Instagram. Well, to provide you with a brief, Instagram dimensions are about the dimensions that you need to follow while posting your photos and videos. It is about the size of your photo, orientation, resolution, size, and buying Instagram followers.

You can post any picture that you would want to but if you aim to attract attention then, you need to follow the recommended Instagram story dimensions. The tips for the same will be provided in the next section to you.

So, as you are clear with what are Instagram story dimensions, let us move on to the net section to gain better insight. The following section will be providing a few of the best tips that can help you gain more followers.

Best tips for the story dimensions on Instagram

One can indeed share posts of any dimension but to gain recognition and appreciation for the same one has to make sure that the photo or video is of the right dimension. This brings an important question to our recognition and that is what Instagram story dimensions are?

You need to be clear on what the story dimension means before you proceed further to understand the best ways for the same. Some of the best tips in connection with the same have been laid down below for your reference and clarity.

  • Choose dimensions that are cross-device

Before everything else make sure that the dimension that you choose supports cross-device functioning. This means that when you view the story from different devices the dimension should be the same on all devices. However, if the dimension does not support the cross-device feature then, it will differ from one device to another. For this very purpose try keeping your photos off 1080×1920 pixels wide and high.

  • Keep the aspect ratio of 9:16

Aspect ratio as well plays a key significant role in increasing the attraction of your content. The best-recommended aspect ratio is around 9:16. This is particularly because this aspect ratio will be the best fit for almost all the devices. Also, your photo will not get stretched to a limit that it loses its quality altogether. However, you can as well keep the aspect ratio 19:6 but do ensure the quality does not get compromised. The smaller ratio will hardly attract the attention of the users while in contrast; the ideal size of 9:16 will be a much better option. What Are Instagram Story Dimensions?

  • Compressed pictures

Always do note that when you post any photo on your Instagram story it should not exceed 30 MB. This is the ideal size for any photo that you post on your story on Instagram. In general cases, you can as well keep it around 10 MB if you are using a compressed photo. On the other side, if you are using a raw photo then, it might take up to 30 MB. The best size will be around 10 MB only so try keeping your photos to this.

  • Post photos in the vertical format

Furthermore, you can upload the photo both vertically as well as horizontally on your Instagram story. But to suggest you the best it will be the vertical orientation that will provide you with better results. This is because people tend to view their phones vertically and not horizontally. When you share your photos in a horizontal orientation then, it is very obvious that people might just keep the photo without viewing it.

These were a few of the best tips that you can follow to make your story most attractive. If you wish to become the next best influencer then, you need to know what are Instagram story dimensions. You also have well-known the size, resolution, and other dimensions before posting any photo on your Instagram story.

What Are Instagram Story Dimensions

Instagram is an excellent platform that provides multiple features to users. It can be really fun using this platform. However, one has to keep in mind several points before posting any content. This applies particularly to those individuals who desire to gain more followers to become the most popular influencer. What Are Instagram Story Dimensions?

Only when your photos can bring in a more engagement ratio will you be able to gain more profit from the same. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with complete information on the topic concerned. Always ensure that you follow all the points that have been highlighted above to obtain a maximum benefit on Instagram.


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