When you think about social media, the trend of using filters has been around for quite some time now. Not just those funky and bright filters but the ones that airbrush your skin and make your features look more chiseled and sharper. But, what are the best Instagram filters in 2022?

This is a question that many struggles to find. You might randomly come across a filter while scrolling on Instagram. But, wouldn’t it be nice to have an idea about the best ones in one place?

That’s what this guide is about. We have researched and found the top Instagram filters in 2022 that you should click pictures with.

  1. Moody Up by @carmushka

If you are one of those aesthetic users that enjoy moody and magazine vibes in your images and videos, this is a filter that doesn’t disappoint. The cool tone yet vivid imagery using this filter makes for an amazing addition to your afternoon picnics and laidback evenings that you are spending alone or out with friends.

  1. Cinema Stories 7 by @ruzaone

what are the best Instagram filters in 2022

We all love a good film camera effect in our images, don’t we? Not only is it in trend, but it also makes the images look and feel more aesthetic and movie-like. The Cinema Stories 7 by @ruzaone is a perfect filter if you want to achieve those kinds of effects to your image or video, especially with the darkened corners and the vignette effect. It is perfect for slow-motion videos, and picturesque locations.

  1. Pink Preset 2 by @marinabraunnn

Spring is hands down the most beautiful season of the year. However, this can also lead to complications of people not knowing what they want to do and what they don’t, especially when it comes to recreating the same brightness and warmth in their Instagram images and videos. The Pink Preset 2 is a filter that allows you to achieve that and take your boring Instagram feed to the next level.

  1. Almond Milk by @ellesuko

Before you think that this is it, Ellesuko has a variety of deliciously named Instagram filters that you can try out. However, the Almond Milk does stand out from the lot, thanks to the stunning cool-tone backdrop and the grainy effect it adds to the images. If you are wondering what are the best Instagram filters in 2022, this one deserves an honorary mention.

  1. TF: Vintage by @tyfrench

Retro vibes are not just a boring theme but have become a raging trend on social media. That said, the TF: Vintage by @tyfrench is one of those amazing and high-quality Instagram filters that you won’t ever regret indulging in. It adds a vintage and retro look and feels to the image and the video, escalating its quality to the next level. Despite giving an old-school vibe to the images, the filter manages to add a hunch of a modern look to it as well, which is quite rare.

  1. A4 filter by @Thaifurtado

Another bright and vibrant filter on Instagram that is worth looking into is the A4 filter. Don’t get deterred by the name because this isn’t your one-stop boring filter. It is ideal for taking images of the landscapes, the cute coffee dates you are on or the park picnic that you arranged with your best friend. The filter livens the background, especially if it includes specks of green, yellow and oranges.

  1. Honeysuckle by @aliviafields

what are the best Instagram filters in 2022

Are you a summer person just because you get to take images that are bright, sunny, and purposeful? Well, the Honeysuckle filter on Instagram allows you to make the most out of that and more. This filter is gaining rapid popularity among users, especially because of how accommodating the design and the filter are. It doesn’t drastically alter how you look, but it breathes life into your boring, winter background.

  1. Color Adjustment AR filter

Moving on from the subtle filters, it is time we introduce you to the more fun and quirky options. Amidst them, the Color Adjustment AR filter is an option worth considering. This filter is ideal for brands that are looking to spruce up their marketing campaign and take things to the absolute next level. The adjustability and customizations using this filter make it an option worth considering. You get to make the most out of the 3D functions.

  1. Melbourne and Lagos

Do you remember those days when individual Instagram filters from users weren’t a thing? In those days, the users relied on the in-built Instagram filters that you could tweak the color scheme and the warmth of the images and videos. Melbourne and Lagos are two of those popular Instagram-owned filters that are popular to this day. You can find them after you have taken the image or video in the camera.

  1. Aesthetic Blur

The primary purpose of an Instagram filter is to match the aesthetic of the user. So, why not elevate that experience with the Aesthetic Blur? This is a very popular filter, not to mention that it does retouch the background and make things look a lot vibrant and life-like.

Still, wondering what are the best Instagram filters in 2022? We hope this guide gives you a list of the best filters that you can use for selfies, marketing campaigns, or personal use. And, to be fair, the list of filters on Instagram is endless, so all you have to do is go on the Effect page and find an option that suits your needs.

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