So, while you are scrolling through a few Instagram accounts on your feed and checking their stories, there’s one recurring word that you come across – SFS. Wondering what SFS means on Instagram? To sort out in short, SFS means shoutout for Shoutout. It was previously termed Spam for Spam as well.

This means that accounts that reach out to you for a shoutout will have to give your account a shoutout as well. Sounds like a fun process, doesn’t it? This mimics the like for likes and follows for following that has popular hashtags surrounding them.

However, when it comes to reaching out to accounts for SFS, there are certain factors that you need to be mindful of. Asking for an SFS on Instagram can amplify your growth and help with networking too.

What is SFS on Instagram?

what does SFS mean on Instagram

If you are new to Instagram and haven’t gotten used to the Instagram lingo, and keep wondering what SFS means on Instagram, we have answers.

SFS or shoutout for shoutout is a way different Instagram accounts come together and give other accounts a shoutout in exchange for the same.

This allows enhancing visibility and allows the users to exchange audience too, especially if the exchange is between accounts from similar niches.

The SFS feature is very popular among the various Instagram stores and small businesses that want to enhance their outreach and diversify their audience too.

How does SFS on Instagram help?

Although users do indeed get tired of scrolling through hundreds of SFS in a day, this is a very crucial feature that enhances the popularity and visibility of new accounts on Instagram.

If you have a handful of followers but want to expand your outreach, indulging in SFS can exponentially help boost your business or your account’s outreach. Here’s how it helps.

  • Enhances visibility

Most of the time, the SFS on Instagram is done via the account’s stories. So, when you reach out to an Instagram account for a shoutout, chances are that they will mention your account on their stories. Some accounts keep it for the entire day while a few others keep it up for a few hours. It depends on what negotiations have been made.

So, doing this every few days on your Instagram can exponentially improve your outreach and create better awareness and visibility for your account or your brand too.

Reach more target audience

Let’s give you an example.

So, if you own a Thrift store on Instagram, doing an SFS with another thrift store allows you to reach their audience, which the other store can reach your audience. This enables easier access and outreach to a wider audience without needing to do anything in excess.

Also, the process can be done organically, so you don’t have to worry about spending extra money on it. 

Grow your following

While many think it’s futile, with correct strategies for an SFS, you do have the chance to grow your following exponentially without any hassle. Just ensure that you implement the strategies that make your account reach your designated target audience. 

Strategies for SFS on Instagram

what does SFS mean on Instagram

Now that you have a fair idea about what SFS means on Instagram and what it can do for your Instagram account, let us look into the tips and strategies in it.

  • Reach out to the same-niche account

If you are a small business selling craft supplies on Instagram, you wouldn’t want to do an SFS with a tech Instagram account. Both of your target audiences are different, which means that there’s no way you’d be able to handle the right kind of outreach and get the desired results you are looking for.

So, stick to doing the shoutouts to the same or similar niche accounts so it is easier for you to gain the right visibility in your Instagram account.

  • Don’t overdo it

Do you know that one of the most common reasons why people unfollow accounts is because of SFS? Technically, they aren’t wrong. When one’s Instagram story is filled with 30 stories giving a shoutout to other accounts, chances are that the audience will not find it lucrative to scroll through that one after the other.

This is why you should never overdo it. Instead, what you can do is take things one day at a time. Maintain a per day limit with 5-8 accounts. This will not be annoying and won’t drive away your audience.

  • Check authenticity

There will often come times when you do your part and give an account a shoutout, only to realize that they didn’t do the same for you. This is where you need to be vigilant and whip out the big guns. Ideally, if the other account doesn’t give you the time of the day, you need to avoid collaborating with them in the future.

Pick accounts for SFS that are genuine, and will contribute well to the word that they say. If they don’t keep their word, you can always delete the shoutout you gave.

Knowing what SFS means on Instagram can help you grow your Instagram organically in a short period. If you didn’t know much about the same, we hope this post gives you the answers you have been looking for. You can also buy Instagram likes for better engagement of your profile. Just ensure that you follow the tips, stay on top of the game, and make the most out of this exchange.

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