As an Instagram brand, influencer, or creator, you understand how handy it is to manage your profile from within the app and on a device that fits in your pocket. However, if you ever wanted to view it on a bigger screen, such as your desktop, you’d have to rely on an extra third-party program.

what is Instagram Creator Studio

Enter Instagram Creator Studio, where you can manage accounts on your PC using the same tools you’re used to using in-app. Aside from that, there’s a bonus: the option to schedule postings. Learn what is Instagram Creator Studio, and how to utilize, to manage your profile, from scheduling material to understanding statistics to sell your content, in the following sections.

What exactly is the Instagram Creator Studio?

On a desktop website rather than the mobile app, Instagram Creator Studio allows you to manage your profile, publish and plant material to be shared later, obtain information about your account, and monetize your content. Every Instagram user with a Creator or Business-type account has access to Creator Studio. What is Instagram Creator Studio?

Marketers, in particular, may utilize Creator Studio in the following ways.

  1. On a desktop, you can access all of your account’s content (IGTV, photos, Stories, and so on).
  2. Schedule all of your Instagram material to publish at a later time so that you can maintain a regular presence in your feed.
  3. Understand performance metrics, follower statistics, and engagement type for your profile and posts to ensure you’re providing the material that your audience appreciates.
  4. Accounts with over 10,000 eligible followers can monetize content and manage brand relationships.
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How to Integrate Instagram with Creator Studio

It’s vital to note that to utilize Creator Studio and connect your account to a relevant Facebook page; you must first have a Business or Creator account. After you’ve completed those steps, here’s how to link your Instagram account to Creator Studio:

  1. Navigate to the Creator Studio’s website.
  2. Tap the Instagram symbol at the top of the screen to open it.
  3. To log in to your account, click the green Instagram Login button and follow the directions in the pop-up window.
  4. As mentioned earlier in this section, you’ll have to link your account to a relevant Fb page. If you’ve not already, link one to your account by following the on-screen directions.
  5. It’s time to start using the platform now that you’ve successfully linked your account. What is Instagram Creator Studio?

How to Use the Instagram Creator Studio?

Instagram Creator Studio allows you to publish content, schedule content, and obtain insights about your account. We’ll go over how to perform each of these things in more detail below.

When you link your account for the first time, you’ll be sent to the Creator Studio dashboard (as seen in the image below), where you’ll get an overview of your profile content library, which includes video, photo, and carousel, Stories, and IGTV material. You may view each content type independently by clicking on relevant tabs.

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The following choices are available on the left-hand side of the screen: Content Library, Calendar, Insights, and Monetization.

The Calendar tab displays an overview of the posts you’ve planned for the future. We’ll go through how to schedule posts so that they show on the calendar further down.

You will be able to handle your brand partnerships under the Monetization page. To use this function, you must have an active, public profile, 10,000 followers, continuous interaction over the last month, and no record of content infractions. What is Instagram Creator Studio?

what is Instagram Creator Studio

The Create Post button is located on the other tab of the Creator Studio dashboard. That is where you can design the posts you want to share. You can take a look at the steps below if you want to start posting via the Instagram creator studio. So if you were what is Instagram Creator Studio and how to use it, then here you go.

  1. Click the green Create Post icon in the top left-hand side corner of the Creator Studio list, as seen in the image below, and then choose the type of post you want to make.
  2. If you choose Instagram Feed, the pop-up window seen in the image below should appear. Post the photo you would like to upload and give it a description.
  3. To disable comments on your article, go to the Advanced Settings menu on the right side of the screen and switch the Turn Off Commenting button to the on position.
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Facebook initially released Creator Studio in 2017 to help users with account administration, post scheduling, messaging, and a variety of other Facebook activities. Users could edit videos and produce far more fascinating posts with Facebook creator studio, and it was a whole new feature for creators, with access to far more information and options than their Facebook accounts.

Instagram users, particularly corporate accounts, have been begging for more detailed analytics and simpler activity control for years. And now that you know what is Instagram Creator Studio and also how to use it, you can make optimum use of it as well!

All you need to do is remember that success comes from hard work and patience. You need to give it some time before you evolve into a Creator Studio expert and start posting amazing content online meanwhile, you can simply buy Instagram likes to make followers reach you.