Instagram’s last seen function was published by Instagram headquarters in 2019, and users are still attempting to figure out how to get rid of it completely. The most recently viewed functionality was originally made available for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Instagram now has it as well. The last seen function is only available to users of the social media giant through the Direct Message system. This article contains all the information about What Is Instagram Last Seen Feature? (Updated).

In recent times there have been some changes that this feature has undergone. Let’s take a look at those changes and some questions that they might have given rise to.

What is this “last seen” feature on Instagram?

What is Instagram last seen feature (updated) ? Here you go with all the details you could need.

Instagram’s last seen feature , which debuted in 2021, is a carbon copy of WhatsApp’s and Facebook’s last seen features. Users may utilize this tool to see when their followers were last online on the platform. They may also see if the other user is currently using the program.

You may check the status of your direct messages by opening them. If they are currently active, the app displays Active Now, whereas Active 2 Hours Ago indicates the last time you opened the app. Furthermore, this function is only available through the mobile app.

Interestingly, the app formerly contained an activity area where users could view all of the things their Instagram friends liked. However, Instagram quickly deleted it for a variety of reasons.

Can you turn off the last seen feature?

What is the Instagram last seen feature? (updated)

Following your understanding of What Is Instagram’s Last Seen Feature? (Updated), let us go to the next point of concern. Can people switch it on and off as they see fit?

Users have complete control over their activity status and may change it whenever they want.

  • Go to Settings on your smartphone and open Instagram.
  • Scroll down to discover Activity Status after tapping on Privacy.
  • You may then switch it off and on whenever you want.

You will no longer be able to see other people’s last seen if you disable this function. One thing to keep in mind is that the last seen function of any social media site is not always correct or exact. Instead, it has been somewhat adjusted for a variety of reasons.

Should you keep the “last seen” feature turned off?

It is the second most often asked question after What Is Instagram Last Seen Feature? (updated) . It has been arising since the function was made available to Instagram users all across the world. Although it poses no harm to your safety or security, individuals are anxious about whether they should turn it on or off.

According to some, this last observed feature offers several benefits and a few downsides. For example, it is the finest method to find out if your pals are doing well and are active on social media. You don’t have to continually probe them if you want to know if they’re okay or not.

Some users, on the other hand, believe that the last seen function intrudes on their personal space on the network. As a result, turning it off allows them to launch and close the app without alerting anyone. It allows them more personal space to spend as much time as they want online at night.

Furthermore, we do not always feel the need to interact or respond to our DMs. Being at peace with yourself should always be your go-to option.

How to turn off the last seen feature?

What is the Instagram last seen feature? (updated)

The activity status feature displays who you’ve DM’d when you were last online, and if you’re now active on Instagram.

Your status is only visible to those you follow. If you follow someone but don’t follow them back, they won’t be able to see your status. Your buddies are in the same boat. If they follow you back, you can see when they were last online.

There are a few advantages to wearing it. It allows you to monitor your friends’ internet activity without feeling like you’re invading their privacy. As a result, if you want to send a humorous meme at the perfect time, you may expect your buddy to receive it straight away or shortly thereafter.

Turning it off, on the other hand, gives you the advantage of being able to visit Instagram without anybody knowing. That means you may respond to DMs at your leisure, and you don’t feel as if someone is watching you when you’re using the program. The only disadvantage is that once you disable the function, you will no longer be able to see anyone else’s activity status.

So then, how to turn this feature off? Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Install and open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap your profile photo on the far right of the bottom navigation bar to get to your profile.
  3. In the upper right-hand corner, click the menu symbol.
  4. Select the Setting option from the menu.
  5. To access your privacy options, click Privacy.
  6. Under the Interactions category, choose Activity Status.
  7. Toggle off the Show Activity Status option once you’ve reached it.

Now that you know what is the Instagram last seen feature (updated), and how to turn it off, you may now resume unnoticed scrolling. What’s the best part? If you change your mind, you may turn it back on at any moment.

By turning off your activity status, you can maintain your privacy. It’s challenging enough to maintain your privacy on social media. Turn it off in your settings to avoid mistakenly revealing your activity status to folks you’ve DM’d. As a result, you may enjoy privacy while using the software.

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