Instagram is one of the most popular platforms that provide an enriching and noteworthy experience to the users. However, you will not be able to experience this amazing experience if you do not understand the Instagram language. The users on Instagram use a separate language knowing which is crucial for you. This post will explain What Is TBH Meaning on Instagram? as well as other Instagram slang that you should know.


To learn about the Instagram slang so that you do not feel alienated and left out, refer to the post. It will first explain what the online slangs generally mean and then, will take you to the next section to explain the meaning of the term TBH.

Furthermore, it will as well introduce you to a few more terms that can be used while communicating with your friends on Instagram or other platforms. Hence, keep on reading the post further for more information regarding the same.

What Is TBH Meaning on Instagram

What do you mean by online slang?

Online slangs are nothing but a form of language that the people on the Internet use. These acronyms and synonyms have been in use for a long time now. If you are on Instagram then, knowing about this Instagram slang is critical. It is an unofficial form of language that the users on Instagram use.

People use short forms for different words to communicate with one another. Now that you are aware of what online slang in general means, let us proceed further towards the next section. The next section will be shedding some light on what is TBH means on Instagram slang language. So, continue reading further for more information regarding the different terms used on Instagram.

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What Is TBH Meaning on Instagram?

Well, you might be indeed wondering what the term TBH refers to in the Instagram language and here in this post we will be speaking about What Is TBH Meaning on Instagram? and in which all situations it can be used. The full form of the term is “To be honest”.

Most of the Influencers use this term in their stories when they wish to share something with the audience. Teenagers however love using slang or rather short forms while communicating on social media these days. Hence, the term TBH is quite popularly used.

Now that you have gained clear insight, into what TBH Means on Instagram? Let us move on to the following section to understand other Instagram slangs that can be used. Hence, keep on reading the post further for your reference so that you can use these terms while communicating with your Instagram friends and not feel left out.

Other Instagram slangs you should know about

While scrolling through your Instagram account, you must have come across various Instagram terms. Terms like CSL, AMA, TBH, and others are the most commonly used Instagram slang. Some of the most commonly used slang have been laid down below for your reference and clarity. Go through the same to use them in the conversation with your friends next time onwards.

  • CSL

At the outset, the CSL is a commonly used slang that can be used in different types of conversation. The term CSL refers to Can’t stop laughing. It means that the content is so comic that you cannot control your laughter. It can be used in conversations, comments, and others.

What Is TBH Meaning on Instagram

  • AMA

The next on our list is the term AMA. Well, the term AMA is the short form of “Ask me anything”. When you post on your status and want people to ask you anything they have in their mind regarding whatever you have posted then, you can use the term AMA.

  • FTFY

Not many people use this term, as not many are aware. However, you can use the term FTFY which means, “Fixed that for you” When someone has made a mistake and you correct it for them then, you can use the term FTFY in such cases. It can be a grammatical error, editing, behavior, or others.

  • MIRL

Moreover, you can as well use the term MIRL while posting different photos on your account. When you use the term MIRL, people will know that the post you have shared is a real-life post and not a reel one. The term MIRL is the short form of “Me in Real life”.

  • YOLO

Besides, the users use the term YOLO on almost all social media platforms. It means, “You only live once”. When you do something out of the box, which is quite adventurous and challenging, you use the term YOLO. This is used to cover up your crazy weird kinds of stuff that you of.

  • POTD

The term POTD means “Picture of the day”. It is used when you wish to share a picture that you consider the best of that particular day. When you think that, the picture you are posting has been the best of that day you use the term POTD.

  • HIFW

In the final word, the term HIFW is also commonly used on Instagram and other social media platforms. It means, “How I felt when”, and can be used to express your emotions when you were involved or engaged in certain types of activity.

A few of the terms these were that you should know if you are on Instagram. Hopefully, you are by now clear about What Is TBH Meaning on Instagram as well as other Instagram, slang.

The Instagram platform provides an amazing experience provided you know the language that the Instagrammers use on the platform. Without knowing the Instagram slang, you would feel yourself in a place where the people speak an alien language. Hence, do a bit of research before you start communicating on the platform with the Instagrammers and buy Instagram followers from a trusted source. Without proper knowledge of how to communicate and what different terms would mean, you would not be able to adjust.


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