So, after a lot of deliberation, you have finally posted a few images and videos on your Instagram account. And, without any warning, Instagram deletes one of the photos. Wondering what to do when Instagram deleted my photo? Keep in mind that Instagram won’t delete your photo or video unless they find the same violating their community guidelines.

If you are worried that Instagram has deleted the post without any reason, you can counterstrike and get the post up. However, when you have the photo deleted, there should be a lot of questions swirling around in your mind.

This post will discuss more on why Instagram has likely deleted your photo and how you can restore it. Also, if you want, you can buy Instagram likes for your pictures to make your post reach the top of the search page. 

Why did Instagram delete my photo?

what to do when Instagram deleted my photo

Unless you are an avid Instagram user, you wouldn’t know why the social media platform has deleted the post you made. There are several reasons why Instagram could be deleting your images and we’d advise that you keep a track of them so you don’t do them in the future.

Following are some of the common reasons:

  • Inappropriate photos

Instagram is a social media platform that hosts teens, adults, and even children and minor accounts. Most of them are looked at by an adult but even then, there are minor accounts too. This means that the social media platform caters to a diversity of ages.

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So, it isn’t surprising that Instagram is very strict about the mentioned rules and regulations under their community guidelines. If you aren’t following them and posting inappropriate photos, that’s the biggest reason why it is taken down by Instagram.

Even if Instagram doesn’t detect your photo to be inappropriate, other users can report the said photo to Instagram, making them look into the matter and then take down their account for good.

  • Imposed restrictions on the account

Sometimes, if your Instagram account has imposed restrictions, like banning liking and commenting for a few days, posting images will be considered spam. In that case, if you are posting a photo to your feed, there are chances that Instagram will consider it as part of the spamming behavior and take down the post.

In case you are particularly restricted from posting images until the suspension is in effect, you will need to refrain from posting. Ideally, this is where you can sort things out more easily. The ban typically stays in for up to 24 hours, after which you should be able to post like before.

So, wait out for the restriction and then post your images and videos to ensure that they stay and won’t be deleted right away.

  • Bug in the application

Coming to the next stop of reason, it is probably a technical glitch. This is hands down the most common reason; especially if you have kept your Instagram app open for a long time. So, what happens is when you visit your profile and refresh the page, you might not notice the new post right away.

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If you have the app not updated, software bugs can also cause issues. So, we’d recommend that you fix the issue by immediately updating the app from the source. The easier way to fix the bug in the software would be to close the app and then reopen it again.

  • Server issues

The last and one of the most common reasons behind Instagram deleting your photos is likely server issues. It is a lot more common than you think, especially when you are experiencing it for a longer period.

If you are blaming yourself because your post got taken down, it is likely not your fault. Sometimes, Instagram undergoes maintenance and management for improving the backend software. In such periods, there could be prevalent server issues that need fixing. And, in the meantime, newly posted photos might be taken down. 

How to Fix Instagram Deleting Photos?

what to do when Instagram deleted my photo

Now that you know a few possible reasons why Instagram is deleting your photos, let us look at some of the quick fixes. Ideally, there are a few tangible fixes that you can look into. They are:

  • Update the app

As we mentioned, one of the most common reasons why Instagram keeps deleting your images is because of your app. Bugs in the app can cause issues. So, if you are wondering what to do when Instagram deleted my photo, the easiest fix would be to update the app. It takes two minutes of your time and sorts out the bug fixes without any manual work.

  • Check from another account

If you are noticing that the new photos aren’t updated in your feed from your account, it could be a technical glitch too. The best way to verify that is by checking your account from a different one. Or, you can check your Instagram profile from your browser to ensure that it is an issue with your account or an issue with the server or the software you are using.

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There are several fixes when it comes to what to do when Instagram deleted my photo, and we have mentioned some of the best ones. Following these simple fixes will ensure that you can overcome the issue without any hassle. Also, when it comes to posting the images, verify that your account isn’t under any kinds of restrictions because that will cause problems as well. We hope you can fix the issue with the inputs mentioned.