If you are here looking for ways to fix your issues with Instagram blocking certain actions, you aren’t the only one. Wondering what to do when Instagram temporarily blocked liking? Well, you are in luck because we have some quick and easy fixes for the issue and a suggestion that you can buy Instagram followers if you want to make it big in the industry. What to do when Instagram temporarily blocked liking.

It isn’t a very common occurrence, especially with all the activities that you are indulging in. The most common reason why Instagram has suddenly blocked your liking feature is due to issues with your activity on the social media platform. If you are being too sporadic with your likes or being too indulgent, you now know why the issues are arising.

what to do when Instagram temporarily blocked liking

This post will explore everything about this temporary restriction and how you can fix it within a record time.

Why is Instagram blocking likes?

So, you have been on Instagram for the past five hours, scrolling through the feed and mindlessly liking every single post that you come across. Sounds harmless, right?

Well, Instagram will detect this action as automated and suspicious and will prohibit you from liking posts further. This is hands down one of the most common reasons why people have their like action limited or restricted on the app.

Even when you aren’t a bot, fake or automated account, Instagram will treat your activity as one, leading to blocking you from liking further posts.

Besides liking sporadically, even consistently commenting on the post might get you in trouble. So, whenever you are on Instagram liking and commenting on posts, reign in your activity. Instead of going overboard, take some time to take them one day at a time.

Also, if you are worried that Instagram has permanently banned you from liking and commenting on others’ posts, that isn’t the case. These are primarily temporary actions that can be reverted in a matter of a few hours. What to do when Instagram temporarily blocked liking.

How to fix Instagram blocking likes?

If you are wondering what to do when Instagram temporarily blocked liking, this section of the article should give you a detailed insight.

Here’s what you should do to restore the account’s normal activity:

  • Seize the account activity immediately

When you see a pop-up message from Instagram saying that they are blocking your likes, immediately stop any kind of activity. This means that if you are scrolling on Instagram, keep it to just that for the time being.

Avoid trying to like or comment on the posts, which makes the process a lot easier to manage. Sometimes, once Instagram blocks your liking activity, they will keep your account under scrutiny for around 7 days.

So, if you keep doing the same thing in the coming days, chances are that Instagram will further suspend your account and completely restrict further activities permanently.

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  • Make Instagram believe you aren’t a spammer

The main reason why Instagram has likely blocked your likes and comments is that it perceives your account as a spam or bot account. In such cases, all you need to do is sort out the issue and make Instagram believe that you are indeed a regular user who likes to like every post they come across.

Once your liking ban is easing up, don’t jump into doing the same thing again. This will restrict your account again. Instead, ease into liking and commenting on others’ posts. It isn’t as complicated of a process, provided that you are doing things right.

Stay active on your account but don’t do anything that will pose you as a possible spammer to Instagram in the future.

  • Take some short breaks

Nobody uses Instagram for a long stretch unless it’s for work. So, if you are on Instagram liking other people’s posts and commenting on their posts without a break, chances are that it puts your account as phoney and not a reliable account.

This is where you need to take a step back and assess situations. Instead of going all in, leave some short gaps between your sporadic activities on the app. This means that if you have spent the majority of your day scrolling on Instagram, liking and commenting, take a break now.

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Also, when Instagram restricts a function, it isn’t likely for a very long time, so keep an eye out accordingly.

what to do when Instagram temporarily blocked liking

  • Be patient and wait it out

Sometimes, it is complicated and very frustrating when you have a particular Instagram action taken away from you. In such cases, we’d recommend that you take a step back, distance yourself from Instagram, and be patient with the process. What to do when Instagram temporarily blocked liking.

Ideally, Instagram has certain guidelines put into account. So, if you want to ensure that you abide by them, it is a given that you have to wait things out without any complications. Also, if you are a genuine user, Instagram needs to analyze the same.

So, if you aren’t being patient and repeating the same mistakes over and over again, chances are that you will experience the issues over time.

If you are worried about what to do when Instagram temporarily blocked liking, we’d recommend you follow the steps we have mentioned. Also, you want to ensure that you don’t repeat the same actions over and over again, especially if you don’t want your Instagram account to get blocked permanently.

If Instagram finds your account violating their guidelines and suspicious of the activities, Instagram will either immediately suspend or delete your account. So, avoid getting yourself in such a situation.