Post template on IG

The power that Instagram has today is quite impressive. The platform boasts over 25+ million businesses, changing the marketing landscape for a lot of people out there. Many brands and social media influencers are flourishing as they know how to make use of the platform. They resort to planned strategies and effective marketing tactics to get the job done. You may not know these many influencers seek the guidance and assistance of marketing agencies to level up their platform.

If you are a business owner, then you should understand the importance of a loyal audience and a proper design plan. You need to check both these boxes to find long-term success on Instagram. So, it is imperative for your Instagram feed to be cohesive and consistent with your design skills. You need to come up with an Instagram post template or templates that are pre-made. When you use the exact templates for varying posts, it will be easy for you to create a feed that’s solid and aesthetically pleasing.

What Is an Instagram Post Template?

They consist of pre-made layouts that you easily customize for fitting every unique post. You may think that every single user can use the Instagram post templates, but they are most beneficial for businesses that don’t always possess videos or pictures to share.

Here, maybe you are interested in telling your viewers about a major sale, or you want to share a motivational quote. These templates create graphics that are attractive and useful with just a double-tap. For instance, if you are making content with a team, then the post templates will be useful in keeping every member on the same page.

Steps To Make an Instagram Post Template

Steps To Make an Instagram Post Template

We will be listing the important steps for making your own Instagram post template for your business:

Using Instagram Post Templates – Not everyone has the personnel, time, and resources to design and produce top Instagram posts. So, we would advise you to use post templates of Instagram for your business. Here, you can build and customize it according to your liking. You can also obtain Instagram post templates from HubSpot for free. You can do so for both your stories and traditional posts. It is possible to tailor them according to your brand’s aesthetic.

Picking Post Format – It goes without a question that traditional posts on Instagram tend to last longer on Instagram’s timeline. It allows your viewers to interact and throw in their likes and comments. You should never underestimate the true power that Instagram stories have. About 500+ million users are using the stories feature every day. So, whenever you create your post, you need to ask yourself if it will warrant publication as a traditional post or as a story.

Choosing a Picture – If you have made the decision that your post doesn’t require an image and that the text overlay on the background with solid color is enough, then you can skip this step. If not, then continue reading:

  • You can click a picture by using the camera of your phone. It is not required for you to be a professional type of photographer to nail your Instagram post template.
  • You can also use an image from the files of your company. It will work really well if you are going to use product photography or team pictures, which will be of better quality.
  • You can even utilize a stock picture, which pertains to your company. Ensure that you aren’t using the exact one several times.

Inserting Design Elements – The post templates in Instagram comes with the design placeholders concerning texts with extra special fonts and many more elements. Here, the next step involves altering, adding, or removing any elements, which you see fit. It includes having to update the copy, allowing it to reflect the information that you would want your viewers to know or a specific action that you wish they would take up.

Saving the Picture – Once you have done everything inside your chosen template builder, proceed in saving your picture for posting on your Instagram. Now, you just need to tap on “File” followed by “Download.” Here, you can download and save as a “JPEG File” or a “PNG File.” Remember to name the image file and send it to yourself via email or message. After that, you need to save it to your phone to post on your account.

Uploading Process – After you save your picture, you can proceed to open your Instagram account. If you are uploading a traditional post, then you need to click on the “+” option present in the bottom section of your screen. Select your picture and insert a filter of your choice, description, and even hashtags. Proceed to tap on “Share.”

But if you want to post on your story, then tap on your camera icon present on the left side on top of the screen. Start accessing the camera roll present in the left corner at the bottom section of your screen. Select your picture and lessen the date, which appears to the point where it cannot be seen. You can also insert more design elements, such as an extra copy or a GIF to the picture. After that, you can tap on “Your Story” present at the bottom left corner of your screen.