If you’re wondering why can’t I see my followers on Instagram you must know that there can be endless reasons for this problem. The problems are mostly related to all new app updates and Instagram has made an official statement stating that they are working to fix these issues as the new updates are approaching. If you are unable to see your followers on Instagram, here are a few tips that can you help you resolve this issue. This article contains all the information about why can’t I see my followers on Instagram.

There are a lot of effective tips you can follow to fix this issue on Instagram. Open the app or Google PlayStore to check if there are any updates available for the Instagram app. You can also reinstall the app. Once you sign into the Instagram account, you’ll get to see your followers. You can even check the list of your Instagram followers if you download the data but this way, you’ll only find the username of private accounts too.

If you want to request more data with the Instagram app, you can click on settings, security, access data, connections, and accounts that you follow. It’s a great idea to check if you’ve landed the appropriate Instagram account or not. Though a lot of users own more than a single Instagram account, this problem may persist if all accounts have similar display pictures. Don’t make use of the Instagram app for some time. Usually, these problems aren’t very severe and you can fix them in a short period. 

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why can't I see my followers on Instagram

Another common reason can be the new features that are included in the Instagram app. A lot of users keep complaining that they are unable to view their followers on Instagram. You can also check for updates as it can resolve the problem, and you can view the list of followers once again. If you can manage to get rid of these issues, you might face other problems too. The most common problem is associated with the security code problem. 

What are the possible reasons why you can’t see your followers on Instagram?

There can be a lot of reasons why you can’t see the followers list on Instagram. Some of them are discussed below as follows:  

  1. Unfollowing many users at once 

Instagram automatically disables your follower list if you unfollow a lot of users together. The reason is that the algorithm of this platform can interpret that either you’re being abusive of the unfollow option or you’re a bot.

  1. Using the third-party application to unfollow the users 

If you make use of any third-party application for unfollowing users on your profile, chances are high that the list of your followers will not be visible. Third-party apps enable you to unfollow many users quickly. 

If you can’t see the entire list of your followers on Instagram by looking at your feed, it may be that those accounts have been deleted recently. It also can be possible that any user has unfollowed your account recently. If you have a large number of followers, you might have to make use of a third-party application to view all of them. 

  1. private accounts 

Users on Instagram can also set their profile pictures to a private setting if they don’t want the public to view them. If you and any other user with private photos have followed each other mutually and you have been now unfollowed by that person. You’ll not be able to view their pictures anymore. Their picture won’t be seen on your feed anymore. 

  1. Third-party services 

Third-party Instagram viewer apps use the app program of Instagram and its interface to allow you to see your photo feed on Instagram. You can also see the photos and likes of your followers on the internet even if there are too many users on your feed. These sites enable you to sign in with the details of your Instagram account so that you can view all pictures from the users who have a private account. 

  1. A large number of followers 

If you have more than 200 followers, Instagram won’t show the photos of all followers in your profile. You can only see the photos which are shared by 200 users whom you connect with. For the users who follow a large number of accounts particularly if the count is more than 1000, Instagram also advises that you can make use of the third-party application. 

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why can't I see my followers on Instagram

  1. Deleted Accounts 

Users can also delete their accounts many times. Accounts may be deleted by the platform if a user gets hold knowing to cause a breach of the policies of Instagram. If you follow someone whose account is deleted, you won’t be able to see their photo or name in your feed. Because of a lesser-known issue in the software of Instagram, your expected number of followers may be equal. 

You can also skip this issue by following many people at once and expecting them to follow you back. You can simply buy Instagram followers from a legit source and leave your popularity as their responsibility.

That’s all you should know about why can’t I see my followers on InstagramYou must follow the tips mentioned above in this post to find this issue whenever you face it. There are many other ways in which you can fix this issue too but, these are the most effective tips that you can follow. You must keep in mind that there is no fixed reason for this problem and it can be due to a lot of reasons.