If you are a business that sells physical or digital products, you can easily leverage Instagram to make the most out of the user experience. However, are you wondering, “Why Can’t I Tag Products on Instagram?” Well, you aren’t the only business experiencing similar issues.

Instagram’s product tagging process made a breakthrough for the businesses on the social media platform. It allowed them to directly link their shops and prevent the users from needing to visit their website back and forth while looking at the price. Make your move better and buy Instagram likes to make your feed have more engagement. 

If you aren’t sure how to go about with the product tagging process on Instagram, we have just the right steps sorted out for you.

What is Instagram Product Tagging?

Why Can’t I Tag Products on Instagram

The Instagram product tagging feature isn’t very new. Instead, it dates back to 2017 when it was first launched. This enables Instagram to tag their business and add their physical products to the posts. The feature also allows the users to directly connect their shops to Facebook or their respective websites if they have any.

Instagram shopping alleviates the buyer’s journey and makes it easier for users to buy the products to enhance the overall visibility. 

However, there might be situations when the feature could stop working for your account. If you are sitting here wondering why that is the case, we have just the right solutions for you.

How to enable Instagram Shopping?

The Instagram shopping feature isn’t enabled for every business account that you come across on the platform. The brands have to manually follow some steps to make it happen. So, if you are sitting here expecting that the product tagging feature is an in-built thing, it isn’t.

Here’s what you can do to sort out and enable the Instagram Shopping feature.

Disconnect the Instagram account and Facebook page

When you want to enable Instagram shopping, the first step is to follow through with the basics. If your Instagram account isn’t switched to Business, you won’t get access to the product tagging feature. So, that’s the first thing you need to do.

Ideally, the steps aren’t as complicated. The easiest way to disconnect the Instagram account from the Facebook page is by following the steps:

  • Open your Instagram account and navigate to the Profile tab
  • Under that, click on Account
  • Tap on Sharing to Other Apps and then select Facebook
  • From there, you need to tap on the Disconnect

Not just from Instagram, you need to do the same from your Facebook page too. So, make sure you sort that out as well. Once the account and the page are disconnected, you can then move ahead switch your Instagram account to Business.

  • Set up a Facebook catalogue

Why Can’t I Tag Products on Instagram

If you are wondering, Why Can’t I Tag Products on Instagram,the answer is that your account isn’t connected with the Facebook catalogue? This is more important if you plan to connect your Instagram account with your Facebook page.

So, depending on the catalogue that you plan to tag, you need to connect it to specific apps that you want to sell the products from. It could be Shopify, Etsy, etc. Also, when setting up the Facebook catalogue, you need to choose eCommerce as the business category.

  • Use a third-party application

If you are considering getting the product tagging feature on your Instagram Business, you need to focus on the third-party apps for the same. Since the process is quite complicated and time-consuming, we can’t stress how important it is that you follow the steps we mentioned.

The third-party applications allow you to sort out the individual functionalities and directly add the products that you want to sell via your Instagram store. The steps are simple and allow you to make the most out of the social media platform.

  • Hire someone who is experienced

When you are just starting with your business on Instagram, it is a given that you might not know the ropes of how the product tagging feature works. In that case, we’d recommend that you get help from a professional, especially someone with a background in this field. 

A professional Instagram account manager will handle the backend job that goes into handling the Instagram account and set up the product tagging feature accordingly. Since they are experienced in handling these issues, they know how to handle the shortcomings and sort out the roadblocks that are preventing you from enabling the Instagram shopping feature.

  • Grow your following

While the above pointers answer your question of Why Can’t I Tag Products on Instagram,we’d always recommend a brand to first grow its following on Instagram. When you grow your following and gain the needed authority on the platform, it becomes a lot easier for you to manage your Instagram shopping features too.

That said, we have sorted out all the steps that you should follow to get the product tagging feature as you need. It is a time-consuming process, so be patient throughout the steps.

If you are worried about not having access to the product tagging features, we’d recommend that you follow the steps we have sorted. That said, the process is a time consuming one, so either stay ready to work through the steps or you can get help from a professional to sort out the same for you. Once you master them, getting your business presence on Instagram shouldn’t take as long.

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