Instagram is hands down one of the fastest growing social media platforms and all for the right reasons. It offers multiple forms of content sharing options; it is available globally and it is interactive. What more could you want? It connects you with new people but when it comes to tagging them, you find yourself questioning, “Why can’t I tag someone on Instagram?”

The worst thing comes to one’s mind, thinking that the other account probably blocked them. Well, that isn’t the case all the time. There could be other concerns that you don’t know, especially when it comes to the tagging process.

To clear your doubts and form a comprehensive understanding of the tagging choices, we will discuss why you aren’t able to tag someone on Instagram.

  1. Check your internet connection

why can’t I tag someone on Instagram

How often does it happen that you have created a beautiful post or an Instagram story and when it comes to tagging someone, you can’t find the account? Well, instead of thinking “Why can’t I tag someone on Instagram?”, check your Internet connection.

Sometimes, wobbly internet connectivity or poor network coverage is a heavily contributing factor to this issue. The reason why you’d understand this late is that Instagram stores your previously loaded content on the home page and the explore page. So, even when you don’t have an active internet connection, you’d be able to scroll and not understand that you aren’t connected.

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If the tagging process isn’t working, check you are connected to your internet or not. It is a vital process.

  1. It is a private account

Private accounts keep the setting on to protect their privacy and sometimes to keep the hackers out of their accounts. So, if you are trying to tag a private account in your posts or Instagram stories, they might not pop up.

This is even more difficult if the private account isn’t there in your follower list. If you don’t follow each other, you can’t mention them in your posts or stories and even in the comments.

So, if you want to tag a private account, the only way is to send them a follower request and wait for them to accept the same. Once done, you can freely tag them without any downsides.

  1. Check the spelling

When it comes to Instagram handles, not everyone has a simple name. There is a range of difficult Instagram handles that include a lot of symbols and numbers, which can be a little confusing to remember. In that case, we’d recommend that you check the spelling of the account you are tagging.

Also, if the account isn’t in your follower list and has a very complicated username that you aren’t spelling right, you will not find them pop up in the list of suggestions. In that case, we’d recommend that you first ensure that you are following the account, especially if they are private.

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Once done, you can then enter the initials of the username and it should come up in the suggestions. If that doesn’t work out, your last resort would be to write down the username elsewhere and then use that as a reference to tag the account.

  1. Forgetting the @

why can’t I tag someone on Instagram

The “at the rate” symbol is a must when you are trying to tag someone on Instagram. This is a common hack that is prevalent across every social media platform and when it comes to tagging someone on a post. So, if you are new to the social media scene and don’t have an idea about the @ symbol, we’d recommend that you keep this in mind.

Whenever you are trying to tag someone on Instagram on the post, comments, or stories, you need to preface the username with the @ symbol. If you aren’t doing this and wondering “Why can’t I tag someone on Instagram”, you now know why.

This applies to when you want to tag multiple people on Instagram. Make sure that you are using the @ symbol before every username while mentioning them. Failing to do so will not tag the account and you will not be able to reference them to a post or story.

  1. Deactivated, blocked, or suspended account

Another common reason why you aren’t able to tag the Instagram account is that their account is likely deactivated, blocked or suspended. If you aren’t able to tag them, we’d recommend searching for their account and checking if they are available or not.

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If you can’t find the account, 99% chances are that the account doesn’t exist on Instagram anymore. So, you won’t be able to tag them in that prospect. Also, if the account is suspended, we’d recommend that you don’t try to tag them.

  1. Instagram glitch

Sometimes, an overload of cache and other software bugs also lead to the user not being able to tag a certain account on Instagram. If that is the case, we’d recommend that you clear the cache, exit Instagram and then reload the application.

Once you are done doing that, you can then go ahead and check if you can tag the username that you have been trying to.

If you are confused about why you aren’t able to tag a user on Instagram, we hope this article gives you all the insights that you are looking for. Ideally, the process can be a bit complicated but we hope this guide gives you a detailed outlook and insights that you need to know.