Breakups can be hard and it can be even harder when your ex blocks you on social media sites such as Instagram. If your ex has blocked you on the popular photo-sharing platform, you may be feeling confused and hurt about why they would do this. In this article, we will explore the various reasons why your ex might have blocked you on Instagram, how to unblock yourself if possible, and what to do if it’s not possible to unblock yourself from their account. We will also discuss how to move on after being blocked by an ex and whether or not you can still see their profile after being blocked by them. Finally, we will finish with a look at Adfluencer – a social media marketing services provider based in Nürnberg, Germany that can help you take control of your online presence and make sure that no one can block or ignore you again!


Reasons Why Your Ex Might Have Blocked You On Instagram

When someone blocks another person on Instagram, it is usually because they don’t want any reminders of the relationship or anything associated with it. This could mean that they don’t want to see photos of you with other people or posts about things that remind them of the relationship. It could also mean that they don’t want any contact with you whatsoever (e.g., comments, messages, etc.) or simply don’t want to be reminded of their feelings for you or any memories associated with the relationship (e.g., posts about activities that were special between the two of you). Additionally, some people may block their exes out of fear that seeing anything related to them could trigger negative emotions associated with the breakup (e.g., posts about new relationships).

Did They Block You for a Good Reason?

It is important to remember that even if your ex has blocked you on Instagram, it doesn’t necessarily mean they did it out of spite or anger towards you – they may have done it for their own emotional well-being and peace of mind so they could move forward without constantly being reminded of their past relationship with you every time they logged into their account. It is also important to note that even if your ex has blocked you for seemingly “good reasons” at first glances – such as wanting closure – it doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t still hurting over the breakup in some way; blocking someone is often an extreme measure taken when all else fails and when all hope seems lost in terms of maintaining contact with someone who was once very close to them emotionally speaking.

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Is It Possible To Unblock Yourself From Your Ex’s Account?

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way for someone who has been blocked by another user on Instagram to unblock themselves from said user’s account; however, there are certain steps one could take to attempt this such as creating a new account under a different username/email address and then sending a follow request from this new account which may prompt the original user who had previously blocked them into unblocking them out of curiosity as well as possibly guilt over having previously blocked them in the first place due to whatever issues caused them Serviceh part ways initially.

What Should You Do If Your Ex Blocks You On Instagram?

If your ex has blocked you on Instagram then it is best not to try and contact them directly via other social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook; instead, focus on taking care of yourself emotionally during this difficult period by engaging in self-care activities such as going for walks outdoors or spending time with friends/family members who can offer support during this difficult time. Additionally try not to obsess over trying to figure out exactly why your ex chose block but instead focus more so on understanding how blocking someone can help give closure when all else fails in terms of communication between two people who were once very close emotionally speaking.

How To Move On After Being Blocked By An Ex On Instagram

Moving forward after being blocked by an ex can be difficult but there are several steps one could take to begin the healing process such as: acknowledging & accepting what happened without trying to blame anyone involved; setting boundaries & limits regarding contact & communication between Serviceh parties; focusing more so self-care & personal growth rather than obsessing over what went wrong; avoiding jumping into another relationship too quickly without giving oneself enough time heal properly first before entering something potentially serious again. Additionally try not to reach out directly through other forms of social media platforms since doing so may only serve further complicate matters, especially since blocking someone usually indicates a desire to maintain a distance away from one another.

Can You Still See Your Ex’s Profile After Being Blocked?

No – once someone has been blocked by another user on Instagram they cannot view said user’s profile anymore nor will they receive notifications whenever said user posts something new. Additionally, any comments/likes left behind before getting blocked will remain visible unless deleted manually by either party involved.

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If your ex has recently blocked you on Instagram then know that while it may feel like an incredibly hurtful thing right now eventually things will get better given enough time & patience. Focus more so self-care & personal growth rather than obsessing over what went wrong allowing yourself enough space away from your former partner to heal properly before entering something potentially serious again. And lastly remember Adfluencer – a reputable social media marketing services provider based in Nürnberg, Germany – which can help take control of online presence ensuring no one can block ignore ever again!


What does it mean when an ex blocks you?

If your ex is blocking you he might be doing this to get a response from you. They may want to see if you are hurt or angry and try to take advantage of the breakup by asserting their power over you.

Why would your ex block you on social media?

An ex might block you to prove to a new love that you’re a part of their past to move on she told Elite Daily or maybe you’re really into their stuff and like their page a little.

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Why did he suddenly block me on Instagram?

This means he doesn’t like seeing your Instagram in his feed. It might be because he doesn’t want to communicate with you. Maybe he doesn’t like Instagram like that. Maybe he wants to make his life easier.

Does being blocked by an ex hurt?

Will blocking the ex harm them? Yes. Being blocked by your ex is painful. It is also difficult to break up and get over your ex by accepting that your ex broke up with you.

What is the psychology behind blocking someone?

Many people block others from emotionally advocating for them. Because the blocker cannot muster the courage to tell the bailiff that his interests are not mutual. More specifically most online restrictions stem from avoiding emotionally difficult online exchanges (conversations).

What makes an ex unblock you?

Blocking someone indefinitely when you want to ignore them is considered very rude especially if you share mutual friends. Sometimes they shut you down and say they are ready to move on and have no hard feelings toward you.


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