Do you know how much do you have to pay for the LinkedIn Premium subscription? If not then, keep reading. LinkedIn is one of the social networking sites where one can find all the professionals. Unlike the other social media sites, LinkedIn is much more professional in its sense. To get the additional set of features, users also get a Premium LinkedIn subscription. This will help you gain new followers and subscribers quickly.


However, if you have recently created an account on LinkedIn then, you would want to know how much is LinkedIn premium. There will indeed be multiple questions in your mind. The answer to all the questions you might be looking for right now will be provided in the post.

Well, the answers to all your unsolved questions of yours will be taken up in the post below. The post will be highlighting not just how much the premium LinkedIn costs you but also why one should get the premium subscription. Therefore, if you are excited to learn all about LinkedIn Premium then, you are ready to go.

How Much is LinkedIn Premium


How much to pay for a LinkedIn Premium?

Many people who are new to the LinkedIn platform would be indeed interested to learn how much they might have to pay for the LinkedIn subscription. If you are as well new to LinkedIn then, you might as well be wondering how much is LinkedIn premium. To answer your question straight, LinkedIn Premium is not much expensive as many people claim it to be.

This is primarily because when you look at the list of features that the LinkedIn premium brings for the users, you will be stunned. The subscription fees of the linked premium account will not seem to be too expensive to you. To not beat around the bush, the premium subscription will fall within your budget range.

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LinkedIn Premium allows you to perform various tasks that you are unable to carry out when you do not have a premium subscription. To break this up, the amount that you will have to pay for the LinkedIn subscription will majorly depend on the individual. Interestingly, then Premium LinkedIn provides different packages for the users to select from.

They can choose the package based on their budget and hence the amount you will have to pay for the same is not fixed as such. It will depend on which package you select. Just so you know, the different packages will have different features.

Therefore, you can select the package based on your limits and based on the features. Now that you are aware of how much is LinkedIn premium, let us move forward to understand why you should invest in it.

Why should you get the LinkedIn Premium subscription?

After knowing the cost of the LinkedIn Premium, you would be indeed wondering why people spend so much of their money on it. Well, with no second thoughts and doubts, LinkedIn Premium does bring a lot of benefits for the users and this is the reason why people invest their money in this Premium subscription on LinkedIn.

To know the reasons in detail, continue reading further. All the best features that the LinkedIn premium account offers have been enlisted below for your reference. Go through the section to learn the reasons why one should get the Premium LinkedIn subscription, as you are already aware of how much is LinkedIn premium.

How Much is LinkedIn Premium

  • LinkedIn Learning

At the start, LinkedIn Premium is one of the best options for the students as it helps them to enhance their learning abilities. LinkedIn does provide multiple courses.

The benefits of this course can be availed by the users by having a LinkedIn Premium subscription. If you wish to sharpen your skills to grow in your professions then, this can indeed be helpful. You will be able to access all the video courses on LinkedIn.

  • InMail feature

Additionally, LinkedIn Premium also brings in another best feature for the subscribers. The Premium users will be able to send direct mail to any of the LinkedIn users.

This way they will be able to connect directly with the people they have been looking for. Each of the LinkedIn packages will have a different number of InMail that you can send.

  • Unlimited searches

Furthermore, the Premium users will as well be able to make unlimited searches. They can search and look for people without any complications. The work becomes all more straightforward for the Premium users. Unlike LinkedIn users, Premium LinkedIn users will be an advantage.

  • Salary insights

Another most interesting benefit of the Premium account is that the users will be able to get an insight into the salary. They will know the market value of different job roles. When they are looking for a job, this will help them get an idea on prior.

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  • Who viewed your profile?

In conclusion, you will as well be able to check who viewed your LinkedIn profile. Even in the LinkedIn account without a subscription, you can check who viewed your profile.

However, the difference lies in the fact that in the case of the Premium account, you can check the list for the past 90 days, and the normal account limits to just the previous day.

These were a few of the reasons why one should get a Premium subscription. However, always o keep in mind that getting a LinkedIn subscription alone will not solve all your problems. You need to have a plan and the purpose for getting the premium account. Hopefully, we were able to explain to you how much the premium costs as well as the reasons why one should purchase the Premium subscription.