What does it mean to know how to add certification to LinkedIn. Why would we need to do that on a platform like LinkedIn? These could be your reservations about LinkedIn because it appears to be only a social networking tool.

Well, it is that. But it is also much more than that as it is a space that provides features that would boost the workings of your profile. You know the more activity the profile brings in the better. So then how else would you think of doing it other than increasing the followers you have with the likes and comments on your posts?

That is the most basic way to go and is very effective also. But to do that you will need to produce content that is interesting and engaging. Along with it, your profile in itself should have some attributes that are eye-catchy and attracts others.

The information on your profile creates a lot of impressions on anyone who is pursuing it. All the details you enter on the page are important. Thus, this would be the cue for you to go and make sure they are all correct.

It is especially essential for firms who use LinkedIn profiles to find candidates for their open positions. The qualifications you possess and the education you obtained are the most important factors to consider. Wherever possible, work experience is also important.

That is the basis of the information on the LinkedIn profile. But adding to that point, if you have other skills relevant to the field, that adds bonus points for you. These become the skills that make you stand out in front of recruiters and the people who browse through your profile in general.

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That is where the knowledge of how to add certification to LinkedIn comes in handy. The fact that you have a certification is a highlight of your profile.

how to add certification to linkedin

It is what companies look for when they hire anyone. Something that makes you different from the candidates who come in for a job. The certification that you have and want to showcase on LinkedIn can be done very easily.

That is because they have a special allotted section where you can add the details. It will be the booster your profile needs to bring in more followers, likes, and comments to your page.

How To Add Certification To Linkedin:

To know how to add certification to LinkedIn follow the below steps. These are also applicable when you need to add licenses as well.

  • Firstly you will need to select your profile. This would be the icon present on the top of your LinkedIn page. You will enter your profile once you have selected the icon.
  • Secondly, you need to add a profile section in the introductory section of your page. This is easy as the option is displayed right on the profile page. Once you see it select and add the section in the introduction section
  • Thirdly, select background dropdown from the options and then select licenses and certifications.
  • Fourthly, once you select the add license and certifications options, a pop-up will appear. This pop-up will ask for details that be necessary to enter to add on the specific certification that you possess. All you need to do here is to fill in the details completely.
  • While you are typing in the issuing organization space, there will be a list of many companies that will appear. Make sure that you select the organization that has given you the certification correctly. This is important as that will be the name and the logo displayed beside the certification you possess.
  • Once you have filled everything and checked the data thoroughly, you can go ahead and save the information onto the profile.
  • If you have more than one license or certification that you need to upload then you need to repeat the above steps. You can add as many once you understand how to add certification to LinkedIn.
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By following these steps you can successfully add any kind of licensing or certification you possess. It could potentially boost the followers on your page as well as attract the companies who check-in.

In case you have to delete or edit the certification you have entered because of some error that occurred while typing it in, it is an easy process as well. This is done simply by going to the profile of the person to select the licenses and certification tab on it.

Once you do you select that you will be given the option to either credit the certification or completely delete it. Based on what needs to be done you can select the option and proceed with it.

There is also another kind of certification that you might want to add to your linked profile. These are the partner’s certifications that you receive through email. To know how to add certification to LinkedIn for this type follow the steps below.

how to add certification to linkedin

This is the certificate you receive when you complete a course with a partner. They  would send in an email that directly lets you add the certificate to LinkedIn

  • Firstly you need to click the link in the email to prompt it to log into LinkedIn
  • Enter the relevant details and add the information directly
  • Once the process is finished click save to complete the addition of the certificate.
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The more skills you project onto the profile the more attractive your profile will look. This could increase followers, likes, and comments. Along with this, it can increase your chances of landing a job.