Getting a new job is as satisfying as it sounds. LinkedIn is a professional social media platform where people of various professions post regarding their skills, work-life, companies, brands, techniques, and tools oriented to work life. Jobs and businesses are extremely promoted on this platform. It has been a growing sector for various individuals in this industry and many people across the world rely upon LinkedIn for getting a suitable job. One can get a job based on their skills and objectives. Once a person gets a reputed job it is necessary to announce the job on LinkedIn. For that one must know how to announce your new job on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is a great platform to increase followers and to gain exposure from professional people working in good sectors and places. These people are very good at promoting and prove very beneficial. Many people on LinkedIn are in search of genuine candidates with good profiles and portfolios, skills, and knowledge.

As soon as they get such people related to their industry they start picking them up and offering them various mind-blowing job opportunities. And as soon as a person is selected he/she has to start working. The profile on LinkedIn must be changed. For that, it is necessary to change the status of employment. This can be changed by knowing how to announce your new job on LinkedIn. 

how to announce your new job on linkedin

Let’s understand the steps on how to announce your new job on LinkedIn: 

  • As you have a reputable portfolio on your LinkedIn page. It is necessary to first get employed and work at that place for a few weeks. There will be training sessions and many programs, and workshops. They will be conducted to teach and train you on the principles and objectives of the company. Learn, work and understand the overall process, and principles and then decide the next. As soon as you gain comfort and convenience working there and are glad to continue further, then you’re ready to announce your new job to others. If you announce before and then due to any reason discontinue working there it can be a great topic of discussion among others and can leave a bad impact on your LinkedIn account. 
  • In LinkedIn, your work and your work-life experience matter a lot. LinkedIn profiles are shortlisted based on tenure and your experience working in a company in a good position. You should be clear and concise while you share your details and personal experience because here the audience and followers will judge you based on your work life. You must have great confidence and interest in working in a company and must have worked there for a long time. LinkedIn is specific in noticing the tenure of years you work. Announcing a new job on LinkedIn is a great decision if you are glad to work in your new company by having a great experience from your past years working in the previous company. Your portfolio must reflect your experience, the long tenure you worked, and your skills. This can have a positive impact on your portfolio and your chances of getting more extraordinary opportunities increases in the future.  
  • Before announcing you must be thankful and show gratitude to your old employer to have a positive impact. Highlight your accomplishments and the optimistic skills and thoughts you developed working there. 
  • Next, you should highlight some points to showcase your next essential step. This means you should express your interest in working somewhere else and gaining new experiences to develop yourself. This will keep you standing out from the crowd. LinkedIn is a great platform and has a great network. Announcing in this sophisticated manner will keep your profiles and your followers growing.
  • Change your status by mentioning your previous company, details regarding the company, your joining and ending tenure, and how well was your contribution. Describe your position and what you worked and developed through it. Also, mention what next you will prefer to join. 
  • Then add further by announcing your new job. Announce your new role, your position, and your goal. The day you join and provide a good and attractive description of your company, its objectives, and its style of working. This will take your profile towards a positive side. 
  • Do not forget to tag your employers and the official company’s profile. This is important for networking purposes. 

These were the essential steps on how to announce your new job on LinkedIn. These steps will have a positive effect on your resume. 

how to announce your new job on linkedin

Once you join a reputed company do ensure you mention the role and all the enthusiastic and magnificent activities of your company. Tagging your colleagues and your recruiters is necessary. As you describe your role, your company’s achievements, and acknowledgment, you’re promoting your company in a leading manner which can have a positive impression on your employers and manager. You will be learning at first and then you will be taught to work efficiently concerning the company’s regulations.

A company works to train its employees and assist them. To hold these benefits it is essential to work efficiently and keep on updating yourself on LinkedIn to gain followers and recognition. Your followers can be a key factor to showcase your networking and proving you’re trustworthy. 

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