If you are someone who likes to keep their LinkedIn profile precise and professional to attract healthy attention from recruiters and connections, then knowing how to change your LinkedIn banner is super beneficial for you.


how to change LinkedIn banner                       

How To Change LinkedIn Banners?

Did you know that on LinkedIn, you can change the banner on your profile? The banner is visible at the top section of the profile. The banner is seen by everyone who visits your profile. For this purpose, you should edit your banner to make it look more appealing and attention-seeking in the best way possible. That’s why we are here to tell you about how to change your LinkedIn banner through this step-by-step guide.

step 1

Open the LinkedIn website on your desktop. Or open the LinkedIn app on your mobile phone (Android or iPhone).

step 2

On the LinkedIn homepage, tap on your name or the profile option.

step 3

Tap on the pin icon. This icon is displayed in the line of ‘Add Profile Section.’

step 4

Tap on the pen button displayed in the top right section of the window.

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step 5

Tap on the picture you wish to use as the banner in your LinkedIn profile. Then tap on the ‘Open’ option.

step 6

Based on your preferences, adjust and modify the settings of the banner. After you’re done with adjusting and modifying as you like, tap on the ‘Apply’ button.

step 7

Tap on the ‘Save’ option. Doing so will save the changes and finalize the newly made banner.

Hence, your banner has been customized according to your liking. The next time to wish to change your banner again, you can refer to the above-mentioned steps for how to change the LinkedIn banner.

Why Should You Have An Appealing And Attractive LinkedIn Banner?

After knowing how to change your LinkedIn banner, you must also be aware of the importance of a good LinkedIn banner. Small-scale business runners, professionals, large companies, and prominent organizations use LinkedIn banners to communicate with their audiences and customers.

For businesses and companies, LinkedIn banners matter a lot as they are heavily used to gain more attention of prospective leads and audiences and communicate the word of their products, services, and values.

LinkedIn banners are the biggest portion of the profile page. So it is most likely that it will be the first thing that someone, visiting your profile, will look at. That’s why the banners are known to make the first impression. Having a good banner on your LinkedIn profile will help you create and good first impression on your audiences and first-time visitors to your profile.

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Along with that, a LinkedIn banner displays a pensive and planned approach to the profile. When planning the profile banner, your intention must be extremely clear and concise. This is because the banner showcases a lot about what your profile contains.

A good banner attracts the attention of many potential connections. These potential connections are also your followers. Thus, if you wish to have more followers on LinkedIn make sure to have an attractive and appealing banner or simply buy some followers.

Along with more followers, excellent and good-looking LinkedIn banners also help a lot in gaining attention to the posts and stories in your account. That’s why make your banner in a way that will compel people to visit your profile again and again and leave many likes on your posts and articles.

As we all know, a visual element is the speediest way of making anything stand-out. A LinkedIn banner is a visual element of your profile. That’s why it is recommended to business owners and professionals to make and design their banners in a way that will stand out the most in their profiles and will enable them to communicate their ideas and products attractively and appealingly.

how to change LinkedIn banner


How To Gain More Attention To Your LinkedIn Profile And Articles?

Do you spend a lot of time writing and editing articles? Do you spend a lot of time creating and designing your LinkedIn profile attractively? If yes, then you must be expecting a lot of attention to your articles and profile, right?

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But let’s be honest, getting huge attention from people and connections on LinkedIn with few likes and few followers will take a lot of time and effort. That’s why a fool-proof way of getting more attention and appreciation for your beautiful LinkedIn profile and hard-written articles and posts is a good number of followers and likes on your posts.

You must be wondering how to get more followers and likes on LinkedIn, right? Well, a quick way of getting an impressive number of followers on LinkedIn is by purchasing them from incredible stores.

In the same way, you can get an impressive number of likes and shares too on your posts and articles in no time!

In the light of this information

LinkedIn is a dream come true platform for those people who wish to promote themselves or their business quickly and easily. A good way of gaining attention to your business or your field of expertise is by making your profile banner look attractive and appealing. If you wish to make your LinkedIn banner, look like the most beautiful thing on earth, follow the steps mentioned above.