LinkedIn is an incredible app for endorsements. It’s quite ideal when you want to endorse someone on the platform. If you are someone looking to endorse someone on the app, stay tuned till the end to learn about how to endorse on LinkedIn.

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how to endorse on LinkedIn

What Does Skill Endorsement Mean On LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, skill endorsement simply means an activity of quickly approving the skills and experience one has in their professional profile.

What Is The Importance Of Endorsements On LinkedIn?

Skills and endorsements are some of the prime features of LinkedIn. This feature is pretty essential for recruiting, social trading, growth enhancement, and much more.

How Can You Get Endorsements On LinkedIn?

Just like endorsing someone else on LinkedIn, it’s pretty easy to get endorsements too. One of the most simple ways of getting endorsements on LinkedIn is by sending direct messages to the 1st-degree connections. Then, get votes for your skills.

How To Endorse On LinkedIn

It is no secret that how to endorse on LinkedIn is a cakewalk. It can be done in two easy ways.

  1. Through the Skills and Endorsements segment.

For endorsing someone in this way, you will have to visit the ‘Skills and Endorsements’ segment of the person’s LinkedIn profile directly. After going to that segment, choose the skills you wish to vote for.

After choosing the skill, you are enabled to express the levels of how good you are at the skill. After that, select the kind of relationship you share with that person and ‘Submit’ the vote.

     2. By choosing the top skill.

The second way how to endorse on LinkedIn is by:-

  • Open the LinkedIn website on your computer or open the app on your mobile phone (Android or iPhone).
  • Go to the profile of the person you wish to endorse.
  • You will be suggested by LinkedIn to directly endorse the desired person.
  • Depending on how similar the person’s profile is to yours, and how much you interact with other people on the platform.
  • You will be provided with the option to select any top skill of the person you wish to endorse.
  • That’s it! The skill has been endorsed.

Along with these ways to endorse someone on LinkedIn, you can endorse 4 different people for a specific skill. For doing so, you will have various options as follows:-

  • By pressing a button named ‘Endorse All Four’, then you can endorse all 4 people at the same time.
  • Also, visit the links of each person individually. Then you can choose any 4 endorsements you wish to provide.
  • When you browse through the profile of any specific person, a blue box will be displayed on the screen. In that, you can endorse various skills for them.

Thus, as observed above, how to endorse on LinkedIn is so easy. So now, it’s time for you to endorse your most valuable contacts and colleagues and motivate them a bit more to keep doing the good and hard work they always do.

How To Opt Out Of Skill Endorsements On LinkedIn?

Just like how you can get skill endorsement on LinkedIn and how you can endorse someone else on there, you can also opt-out of the feature at any time. Here is how:-

  • Open LinkedIn on the browser or open the app on your mobile phone (Android or iPhone).
  • Tap the ‘Me’ button that is displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Then tap on the ‘View Profile’ option.
  • Go down to the ‘Skills and Endorsements’ option.
  • Tap on the particular skill you want to remove.
  • Then hide the endorsements. 

                     how to endorse on LinkedIn                         

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In The Light Of This Information

LinkedIn is a great platform. It can give you loads of opportunities if used correctly. If you want to endorse any skill of the people in your connections, then the skill and endorsement feature is the best for you. Apart from that, if you have special skills that you wish to endorse on the platform, the skills and endorsement feature is favorable and recommended for that purpose too.

It is a great way to build your professional connections and profile. LinkedIn will also validate your skills and help to boost your CV. Through skill endorsements, one can build their own professional brand and boost their network. LinkedIn will help you in every way to land your dream job.

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