LinkedIn is one of the recently emerged platforms that are ideal for professional people and those who are job seekers. If you know how to endorse someone on LinkedIn you can go a long way. There are different ways by which LinkedIn endorsements take place and some of them are explained below in this post. You can try all of these methods how to endorse someone on LinkedIn

As soon as you’re logging into your LinkedIn account, you’ll sometimes come across different suggestions related to the endorsement of a few skills to some of your connections. In such a case, you don’t beef to think a lot about those skills which are to be endorsed by people.

How to endorse someone on LinkedIn?

You will also see a pop-up showing up towards the top of your account that asks you whether you are willing to endorse the connection for the mentioned skills. You can either skip them or endorse the network connection on LinkedIn. 

how to endorse someone on LinkedIn

If you’re not interested in writing very lengthy recommendations for people, you can just endorse the users for your skills. If you want someone to recommend you, you can directly ask them or the people who endorse you for a recommendation.

LinkedIn is one such platform that is full of relationships that can benefit both partners. Thus, it is crucial to check all your connections as well as nurture all of them regularly and not just create them to forget their existence. You can buy LinkedIn followers to make your profile worthy.

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Who can endorse you? 

Being a user on LinkedIn, you can avail yourself of the option of endorsing the people who are added to your network along with the ones who are already in your connections on LinkedIn. You should remember one thing here that is getting endorsed by people who don’t know you properly is not a good idea at all. You just need to fill up and overload your profile with a long list of endorsements that can never be a good idea to consider. It is quality that holds importance over quality. 

  • Hide or Display 

Supposedly, if you get endorsements from users who are unknown to you, there can be instances when this is quite okay. However, if there are more endorsements than the number you require you can give it a thought and manage it carefully. If you get endorsed by someone, it can’t be possible for you to delete all of them. But, you can hide all of them. For hiding an endorsement, visit the Me section on LinkedIn and tap on the view profile option. Then, click feature endorsements and skills and tap on a particular skill. After you’re done, tap on the skills to uncheck the box, endorsement and you’ll see that the endorser can’t be visible anymore. 

how to endorse someone on LinkedIn

  • Change the sequence 

You can even try changing the sequence of all skill endorsements you have by editing the profile you own. You just need to click on the Me button, visit the view profile tab, and click on featured endorsements and skills. Then, tap on the button that looks like a pencil to edit further. Tap and continue dragging your skills to bring them in a proper sequence. After you re-order your skills, you must save the action you perform. 

  • People, You Know 
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When you endorse someone or you get endorsed by other users, it is recommended that you endorse the people you know from before or you’ve worked with. It also gives a lot of weightage to the profile you have. If you are more worried about the quality and other endorsements, there can be many other options. You can even remove the endorsements that come from fake or blank profiles. 

  • Based on keywords 

It is more like a game based on keywords. These endorsements are nothing but only keywords. LinkedIn enables you to add almost 50 skills. Though, it is not important to include all skills in your profile. You can remove the skills which you don’t find are so important in the present-day context. Remove the skills as you want and give them back the favor. The internal search engine of LinkedIn still uses these keywords. 

As mentioned before, LinkedIn is a platform where people build mutual relationships to benefit themselves. It also allows them to get endorsed and you will have to take an initiative first to increase the outreach of your help to all connectors in the network. It can enforce them to just take a few minutes and give back the favor to you ad recommendations or quick endorsement. 

  • Keep relevant skills 

If you want people to endorse you, you must add recent and correct skills; you can keep this part on your profile on LinkedIn very updated. If you write content for just one of the websites just before a few years, and you want event management profiles it is good for you to not ask for a lot of recommendations related to something you’re not good at. 

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That’s all the information on how to endorse someone on LinkedIn that you should know. You must follow all the tips mentioned above to endorse someone on LinkedIn effectively. There are lots of benefits that one can get from LinkedIn endorsements.