You might be someone just starting on LinkedIn and have zero ideas on how to get connections on LinkedIn. Well, you have landed in the right place to get the lessons you need to grow a network that will be the backbone of your work and future.

Linkedin might seem like a place that looks intimidating at first at least. With so many blanks to fill in and so many people expecting the profile to be top-notch. It is important to understand that the connections you have on LinkedIn are what drive the whole idea of the platform. 

It is almost like the importance of connections on linked in can be directly equated to the importance of followers on any other social media account. The reach you have is based on the connections or the followers you have established on the profile. There are ways you can boost this on your own time but the easiest way is for someone to help you with the same. 

how to get connections on linkedin

This is where the help of a social media growth agency that would boost the number of followers, would come into the picture. This is the easy way out where the job will be done quickly.

The method of growing the page on your own has also its beauty to it. The effort takes to find the right connection and thus connect on some basis is a  fruitful experience. To do that you will have to start somewhere. That somewhere would be to first establish connections with people you are familiar with.

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These will be the people you are immediately close to. Who might be connected to your field or be based on some other field? The point is that you have to get to these people to start your journey on how to get connections on LinkedIn.

With these people and utilizing their connections, you will be able to further grow off of them. These could be only a few that you can count but they are the ones you can rely on at the beginning and will be there till the end.

The next step of getting more connections will base itself on the skill you have to showcase your profile to the world. It also needs you to connect with people strategically. Being picky about whom to connect to is good and will do you good.

There are a few tactics you may keep in mind to help you increase the number of followers on your page, and consequently the number of likes and comments. Knowing who they are can help you get more.

Pointers on how to get connections on Linkedin

To begin, personalize the request that you send. Even if it’s to a close relative. The fact that you went out of your way to connect with them on a personal level will create an indelible impact. It will spread to their connections, and the cycle will continue.

When you add a personal touch to a request, it’s important to remember that there’s a similar option on LinkedIn that most people overlook. This is because the convenience of sending a request outweighs the effort required to put up a short note.

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Instead of giving the request on the generic tab, go into their profile and connect there. That will let you type a message with the request you send and thus can make it a personal touch for the receiver. That will be a key point in learning how to get connections on LinkedIn.

how to get connections on linkedin

It’s also crucial to maintain the connection alive after you’ve established a particular number of connections. If you can check in on them or even remark on their postings, you’ll be able to keep the connections alive.

That way, in case of anything you will be able to approach them anytime. With the increase in the number of followers, there needs to be a way in which you can keep the connection made, alive.

Participate in LinkedIn groups that discuss the topics that interest you. In this manner, you’ll be able to notify them you’re new to them. It might be a terrific method to meet people you can relate to and create new friendships.

It would also be an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise on the subject. You also draw the crowd’s attention to that point.

Being active on your page as a whole would be a great boost to the number of followers you get and thus can be rewarding when you post content. That would be an important way how to get connections on LinkedIn

The posts you make on your page need to be well thought out and relevant to attract the right crowd. Even if you only post 2 or 3 times weekly, your account is active. 

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You need to curate content appealing to the crowd you are targeting. It is also found that content with more images and videos, tends to grab user attention. As the visual media is very appealing and the information is passed in one glance it can make a lot of impact. 

Finally, it is also important that you include people from different fields in your connections as the diversity will in itself be a growth factor for you and your profile.