LinkedIn is an excellent job search tool. If you’re searching for a new job, you may let recruiters and your LinkedIn network know directly from your profile that you’re interested in new opportunities and want to get new followers. LinkedIn will assist your profile to appear in search results when recruiters are looking for potential job prospects if you describe the sorts of career opportunities in which you’re interested and your chosen location. LinkedIn takes measures to preserve your privacy by preventing LinkedIn Recruiter users from viewing your shared career interests at your firm and connected companies, but LinkedIn cannot guarantee perfect privacy. Here are tips on How to let recruiters know you’re open on LinkedIn

You may now use LinkedIn’s Open To Work function to let marketers know you’re available for new possibilities and to connect with more people. You could use this tool to let recruiters know you’re looking for work without letting your present employer know at least in principle. Is it, however, truly effective? Let’s take a look at how to activate Open To Work formerly known as LinkedIn Open Candidates and how to make the most of it.

How to Tell Recruiters on LinkedIn That You’re Available to Work

How to let recruiters know you're open on LinkedIn

Let’s start with LinkedIn’s suggested methods for informing recruiters that you’re available for new opportunities, and also what the Open To Work function will accomplish for your profile. Click the “Me” button at the top of your screen to allow Open To Work from your LinkedIn profile. Then, to view your personal LinkedIn profile page, click “View profile.” Find the “Reveal to” button underneath your name and title, click it to display the drop-down choices, and pick “Finding a new job.”

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After that, LinkedIn will show you a pop-up window where you may choose job titles, job locations, and the sort of work you desire.

Finally, LinkedIn allows you to pick who sees that you’re interested in new employment opportunities:

“All LinkedIn members,” which encircles your profile image with a green #OpenToWork emblem that may be seen by anybody.

“Recruiters only,” which would only show that outside of your present company who use LinkedIn Recruiter that you’re looking for a new job.

You’re done when you click “Add to profile” to save and activate the settings. If you’re not actively searching for employment, you may disable Open To Work anywhere at the moment by returning to this preferences page.

When You Start Using Open To Work, What Happens Next?

Your data will be provided to recruiters seeking professional talent in the locations you specified after you activate Open To Work on LinkedIn. Your signal is “hidden” from recruiters at your present business and partner companies, in addition to widening your job hunt by enabling a wide range of recruiters to access your information.

Recruiters will see your notice if you turn it on.

You must “On” your signal to let recruiters know you are open for future chances. You’ll need a LinkedIn account and a well-written profile to get started. Make certain you fill out all of the required fields.

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To begin, go to the toolbar and select the “Jobs” option. When the “Jobs” box appears, go to the top of the page and click “Preferences.” A slide button will appear when the window opens. Simply hit the button to turn it on, then answer the simple questions about your new work preferences. You may, for example, provide five job titles. Select the precise title that you’re looking for.

The feature’s limitation and a workaround 

How to let recruiters know you're open on LinkedIn

It’s important to note that this tool is only available to recruiters that pay to utilize LinkedIn Recruiter. As a result, many smaller businesses and recruiting organizations may miss your signal. Because LinkedIn Recruiter is a costly monthly membership, it’s probable that some smaller businesses aren’t using it and just like to know and get information on How to let recruiters know you’re open on LinkedIn and therefore have not many followers.

To do so, go over to the right side of your profile and expand your reach. “Edit public profile & URL” will appear as a header. Scroll down to the “Your profile’s public exposure” area after clicking that. Select “Public” from the drop-down menu, then “Show” all of the sections below. As a result, you’ll be able to hire additional people.

Make an impression on them.

You only have one chance to make an impression on the recruiter so that he or she will contact you. That implies you need to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and show a strong personal brand. Ensure that what a recruiter reads impresses them. Make a change to your LinkedIn profile. Make sure the photo is current, smiling, and active. Choose a suitable backdrop image. Make sure your headline describes the positions you’re looking for rather than the “default” title of your present position. Copying your CV into the experience area is not a good idea. Instead, highlight a few highlights and emphasize the accomplishments you’ve made. Make a talent list! This part will be scrutinized by the recruiter to see if you possess the skills required for the position.

The Servicetom line.

LinkedIn isn’t meant to display your position to a recruiter at your employer or linked recruiters if you’re an Open Candidate. However, with over 100,000 LinkedIn Recruiter licenses, it might be hard for LinkedIn to recognize every associated recruiter and to increase followers directly. A recruiter operating as a contractor for your company is the most apparent example. Because there is no way to tell if your company is a customer, the recruiter will be presented with your “secret” information. While many recruiters would do the right thing, it will be on “the honor system,” and you will not have control over this vital information. Refer to this article when in doubt about How to let recruiters know you’re open on LinkedIn.