Networking is defined as this transaction of ideas between people. These two or more people may belong to a common profession or may harbour special interest(s). This is usually done in an informal and comfortable place where two people can engage and exchange information without any inhibitions. This article can help a person on how to network on LinkedIn.

Beginning of Networking

Networking requires for both parties to find a common subject which interests them both. In ancient times, this networking was done in markets, public baths, royal palaces, etc. Nowadays, social media websites are ideal platforms for establish and flourish a network. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are desirable means to communicate and exchange information and ideas between all relevant parties. Amongst all these social media websites that are flourishing on the Internet, LinkedIn holds its place. This article piece tells us how to network on LinkedIn.

Why do people do networking?

how to network on LinkedIn

Common people create networks to engage better. To communicate their ideas and seek valuable knowledge and information that may add value to their life. Companies create networks to build valuable customers and a niche market for their products and services. Networking is a great way to keep oneself informed and updated about the recent trends that have engulfed the world. It is used to widen the reach of the person converting the whole world into one connected, civilized, globalized village. 

Connect with All

Connections make the life worthy to live. The kind of connections we have with others tells a lot about us and the kind of lives we lead. It has direct impact on both our physical and mental health. Connecting can help us to determine purpose of our lives. One can learn how to network on LinkedIn and complete his or her career goals. Both old and new followers can make a lot of difference in our career. Buy followers which can help you achieve your career goals from the websites.

People who you know- Let’s connect with them

There are many people that we come across in our daily lives. Some become friends, family, partner(s), colleagues, etc. These people may belong to the same school or college that you attended, or may have worked with you in the same company or organization or a project, or live in the same locality, city or country as you, or may be your followers, etc.

These people are our connections. We know them better than the rest. These people help us to learn new stuff in life. These people with whom we enjoy our time and even want to spend our whole lives. These are also the people who know you and with whom you are on good terms. They can help you to expand your network. They can provide you with your first clients, speak for your talents, skills and even recommend you to a few potential customers.

It is advisable that one look for ‘People You May Know’ feature. This feature will be available on the ‘My Network’ tab on LinkedIn in your LinkedIn account.


People connect with millions of people in their lives. But only a few become important in our lives. Most of our friends and colleagues lose out as we are busy in our daily lives. LinkedIn provides an easy platform to regain those lost connections and rejuvenate those old relationships. One can message him or her by introducing oneself. One can also like and comment on his or her post. This will help to break the ice. Communicating consistently is the key to build a successful network. 

Share your life

Networks are built when a person gets involved in it personally. Sharing one’s life experiences, interesting stories, learnings, ideas, etc. adds personal touch. People would like to know you more and they would consider you as worthy person to engage with. Employers are constantly looking for employees that can add value to their organizations and can help them to grow better. It can help a person to get hired easily.

One can do this with ease on LinkedIn. He or she can repost a video, story, article etc. In the ‘Comments’ section, one can write about his or her ideas and feelings about the piece. Host a video where every team member can discuss his or her feelings on a project idea. There are many creative ways by which one can utilize LinkedIn to create efficient networks. Visible Likes for your post(s) can help to quickly build your network. Achieve this by buying likes from websites. This article builds on the topic how to network on LinkedIn which can help you to live a professional life that you always wanted to live.

how to network on LinkedIn

You need all the help that one can get

Building a network can only be useful when it helps you in time. Support is what we all need to bridge those gaps in our professional life and reach new height in our professional career. A digital network can help facilitate to get you that first client or job, help you to find the right Human Resource (HR) Manager who will be willing to hire you, etc. One can ask his or her connections to introduce oneself on the professional stage. This helps to expand your reach beyond all boundaries. 

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