If you are a writer who wants to publish and post articles on LinkedIn, then this article will help you know how to post an article on LinkedIn in an easy, simple, and quick way.

how to post an article on linkedin
How To Post An Article On LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, we can post various kinds of articles. Posting articles on the platform will help you provide other users with your professional knowledge and will also help you gain more followers there. If you are curious to know how to post an article on LinkedIn, then let’s just dive right into learning it through a step-by-step guide:-

  • Step 1

Open the LinkedIn website on your desktop. Or open the LinkedIn app on your mobile phone (Android or iPhone).

  • Step 2

Log in to your account.

  • Step 3

Tap on the ‘Write An Article’ option. This option is present in the post creation box on the homepage.

  • Step 3

You can either write an article or paste an article. To make the article look complete and well-organized, make sure to add the headline, sub-headlines, and images. Make sure that the format of the article is right and well-structured. Once you are done with writing and structuring the article, tap on the ‘Publish’ option. This option will be present on the top right section of the page.

  • Step 4

Once you are sure about posting it, tap on the ‘Publish’ option once again in the pop-up message.

That’s it! The article has been published. After you publish the article, it will be visible in the ‘Article’ segment of the profile. Your connections and friends will be able to see the articles on their newsfeeds. For more publicity of the article, you can always share the article or post it on different social media platforms that you like to use. You can also edit and enhance your article after you post it. Now that you have learned how to post an article on LinkedIn, it’s time for you to get posting.

How To Write Good Articles On LinkedIn?

Writing articles is a skill. And posting them on an incredible platform like LinkedIn will surely get you a good number of likes and shares. If you too want to show your creative side on LinkedIn by posting articles on different topics, here are some tips on how to write good articles on LinkedIn.

  1. Write articles about personal experiences.

We all agree that at some point in our lives, we do have experiences similar to other people. You are never alone in experiencing certain things in life. There will always be someone who can relate to your experience without knowing. That’s why you should write articles about your personal experiences on LinkedIn. Chances are you might come across someone who has experienced the same thing as you. When people relate to you, they connect to you. And because of this human element, it’s always good to write articles on personal experiences.

      2. Give tips in your articles.

A good way of getting audiences for your LinkedIn articles is by giving tips and advice to them. When you have knowledge or expertise regarding any field or subject, you can always give tips about it in your articles. This way, people who might be interested in the topic or subject will get help and guidance. When you give tips in the articles people will get to learn a lot about things they never knew before and will keep coming back for more. Such tips and guidance-giving articles will also help you get many followers.

     3. Write articles on things that matter.

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when writing and posting articles on LinkedIn is to write about things that matter. You can write about current affairs or about the things that are happening across the globe that have a huge impact on the entire world. Rather than writing about something everyone knows or something very common, you can write about essential things that matter in life that not many people know of. This will compel and inspire people to read your articles about the things they dint know about that matter a lot.

     4. Write articles that are clear and well-structured.

Writing articles on LinkedIn that are clear and precise gains a lot of attention from a larger audience in the quickest way possible. When you write your articles clearly and concisely, it becomes extremely catchy and readable. Maintaining a good structure of the article helps largely in making the article navigable for the readers. The pleasure of reading a precise and neat article is highly immaculate. It makes the article a lot more understandable and enjoyable. That’s why whenever you write an article, keep it clear, concise, and well-structured.

how to post an article on linkedinIn The Light Of This Information

LinkedIn is a great platform to unleash your inner writer and write articles about topics and subjects you like the most. If you feel like increasing your likes and shares on LinkedIn articles, make sure to keep in mind the above-mentioned ways of writing good articles.

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