As a LinkedIn user for getting jobs or wanting to work on good and high-profile projects, you must learn about how to show promotion on LinkedIn which will make it extremely easy for you to get some.


How To Show Promotion On LinkedIn

How To Show Promotion On LinkedIn?

 If you got a job promotion, you should be proud of yourself! And this promotion must be highlighted on your profile to show people how talented and capable you are in your work. Updating a promotion on your LinkedIn profile is a fool-proof way of getting better opportunities in the future. If you want to learn how to show promotion on LinkedIn, here is an easy way to do so:-

Step 1

Open the LinkedIn website on your browser or log in to your account on your mobile phone (Android or iPhone).

Step 2

Tap on the ‘Me’ button. This button is displayed on the top-right section of the screen. Then tap on the “View Profile” button.

Step 3

Move the cursor towards the job you wish to edit. Now click on the pen button.

Step 4

Edit the new job title and add the new one. Modify the other details too if needed. Tap on the ‘Update My Industry.’ And tap on the ‘Update My Headline’ option.

Step 5

Toggle on the ‘Share With Network’ button. This is important to make sure that all your connections get an update about your work promotion on the platform.

Step 6

Tap on the ‘Save’ button.

That’s it! How to show promotion on LinkedIn was that easy. So next time you get a promotion in your job or work, make sure to add it to your LinkedIn profile and open the doors for even more opportunities in the future.

Different Ways To Announce A Job Promotion On LinkedIn

As observed above, you can add your job promotions to your profile. But along with adding it to your profile, you can announce your promotion in many different ways. Here are some good ways:-

  • Announce Through A Post

What better way to announce a promotion than to create a post for it? You can announce your promotion on a LinkedIn post by writing about it in a very short and simple, but effective way. You can also get more likes and shares on your LinkedIn posts to make them look much more effective and important.

When you upload a public post about your job promotion on LinkedIn, your connections will be able to view it on their feed.

  • Announce Through The Link

Sometimes, many jobs may convey your promotion through a link on the platform. You can take the benefit from this link and share it on different platforms as you wish. You can also share it on LinkedIn itself.

  • Announce Through An Article

If you are a writer and want to show your job promotion to your connections on LinkedIn, an easy and creative way to do so is by writing an article about it. You can write a one thousand to one thousand five hundred words article about how you got the promotion in your job or how grateful you are for this opportunity. This will also make a good impression on your future employers if you wish to work with someone from LinkedIn. Writing such articles will also help you boost your LinkedIn followers.

  • Announce Through Different Media

If you don’t want to write an article about your job promotion, you can consider announcing it through different types of media. For example, you can announce your job promotion by uploading videos, images, or documents about your promotion on your profile or feed.

How To Show Promotion On LinkedIn

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In The Light Of This Information

LinkedIn helps you promote yourself and your job in the best way possible. If you use LinkedIn to the fullest, you will surely be able to touch the high sky of success and a good career in your life. Getting a promotion is amazing. But being able to add it to your LinkedIn profile is even more amazing. It will help you gain the attention of many recruiters and opportunities in the future. If you too got a promotion and want to add it to your LinkedIn profile, follow the above-mentioned steps.