Despite the fact that LinkedIn has been operational since 2003, it didn’t enable users to utilize clickable hashtags before 2016. For years, social media sites such as Twitter as well as Instagram have pushed users to utilize hashtags to engage with their communities. They even provide data so that content authors and influencers can assess their effectiveness. This article will take you through how to use Hashtags on LinkedIn.

Use hashtags in your LinkedIn status updates

how to use hashtags on LinkedIn

You may use hashtags in your status post in a few different ways. 

You may use the following method to add a hashtag:

  • The pound symbol is typed first, accompanied either by word or phrase.
  • LinkedIn can auto-generate hashtag ideas based on what’s hot and popular as you write your hashtag.
  • Clicking the “Add Hashtag” option in the box’s bottom left corner.
  • Beside the “Add Hashtag” option, select one of the relevant hashtags.
  • Pro tip: If you include gaps or characters in your hashtags, they will become unclickable

How to Use Hashtags on Ones Company’s Facebook Page

If you’ve a LinkedIn business profile, you may use hashtags to promote it. This will place you right in the middle of the hashtag conversations and help you to connect with the proper people . The methods on how to use hashtags on LinkedIn are as follows:

  1. Begin on the front page of your company’s website.
  2. Under “Hashtags,” click the “Add” button in the bottom right corner. A new, smaller page will appear.
  3. Choose up to three hashtags by clicking “Add a hashtag.”

Is it OK to use hashtags on LinkedIn?

Yes, hashtags are indeed a terrific approach to reach out to people who aren’t directly connected to you on LinkedIn.

Let’s imagine you only really have 400 LinkedIn contacts. You write an SEO post but don’t include any hashtags. You’ll need to have a lot of post-engagement from second- and third-degree relationships for it to have a significant impact. Why limit your material in this way? You may increase the reach of your post by utilizing hashtags .

. If you utilise the SEO hashtag, which has 100,000K followers, your implementation of good can easily quadruple compared to when you didn’t use hashtags. Increased interaction can help you gain credibility and make significant relationships with some other LinkedIn users.

Now that you understand why and how to utilise LinkedIn hashtags, let’s go through some frequent hashtag blunders to avoid. So here are some pointers to remember.

Avoid these LinkedIn hashtag mistakes

Don’t go too far – Pete Davies, LinkedIn’s former senior director of product management, advocates keeping to three hashtags, as noted above. That should suffice to target the most important keywords without being spammy.

Hashtags aren’t a replacement for copy – Hashtags give no context and can only be used to increase your discoverability. You should still provide descriptions in all of your posts.

Using just popular hashtags – Using only popular hashtags might cause your content to be lost. You might not reach numerous people sooner but other ways can help you here too to gain followers .The right balance is achieved by combining specialist and wide hashtags.

Once you’ve become used to using hashtags, you could start figuring out which ones are the most effective. You may discover that certain things lead to higher levels of engagement than others. If that’s the case, they’re worth repurposing.

Where can I locate the most popular LinkedIn hashtags?

how to use hashtags on LinkedIn

LinkedIn suggests three sorts of hashtags to its members depending on their connection and industry: suggested, popular, and trending. When deciding which hashtags to include in your postings, the first and best place to explore is LinkedIn’s ‘Discover More’ tab.

  • Follow these steps to go to this page:
  • Select “Discover More” from the drop-down menu.
  • Whenever you touch on your profile photo in the top left side of the page on the smartphone app, this will show.
  • It will be near the left bottom sidebar in the desktop view.
  • At the bottom of the page, you’ll find popular pages, suggested connections and sites, and hashtags.

You can monitor what other content providers are producing, how consumers are reacting, and gain ideas for future postings by following hashtags.

  • Enter the hashtag you wish to follow into the search field.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose an option.
  • This will bring you to the hashtag’s feed, where you can view all of the material that has been produced with this hashtag. Now at the top of the front page, click “Follow.”

How is LinkedIn hashtags unique!

You may not be aware that hashtags on LinkedIn can not be seen or utilized in the same manner that they are on other social media platforms. Why? For begin, due to the obvious nature of the social media outlet.

Because LinkedIn is primarily a professional network – though some may argue that this is debatable these days may not be appropriate here. Hashtags on LinkedIn work similarly to those on Twitter and Instagram in that they help your content reach a wider audience and generate more potential engagement. You may use hashtags on LinkedIn, much like you do on Instagram, to guarantee that particular material and updates appear in your feed.

So there you have it; you are now completely prepared on the topic of how to use hashtags on LinkedIn. Hashtags on LinkedIn increase your reach, provide you with valuable, relevant exposure, allow you to reach your audience more precisely and gain more followers, personalize your content to users, and much more. Hashtags are popular on a variety of social media sites.

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