LinkedIn is a great space to seek the best career opportunities and build professional relationships. Setting up your LinkedIn profile is the first step to achieving your goals. To create a compelling profile, you should first know how to write a professional Linkedin headline. The LinkedIn headline is the section that appears on the top of your profile, next to your name. 

During search results, the LinkedIn headline will appear next to your name. Only if the headline is relevant and convincing, potential prospectors will click on your name to know more about you through the profile. The LinkedIn headline is considered an important section because that is the very first thing people will notice in your profile. You can make more people visit your profile if you buy LinkedIn followers

LinkedIn headline allows up to 120 characters. Therefore, in 120 characters or even less, you can describe what you do, what are your achievements, and what your specializations are. You must write these effectively and powerfully to attract top professionals. The LinkedIn headline is not just important to increase the profile visibility but also plays a vital role in LinkedIn SEO. 

how to write a professional Linkedin headline

When people search on a specific topic, for example, Content Specialist, your profile will appear on top only if your headline is carved effectively. In this article, we will see how to write a professional Linkedin headline like a pro! 

Points to keep in mind before starting to write your professional LinkedIn headline

Before you start to write the LinkedIn headline, you must know a few important things.


Your LinkedIn headline must contain a few elements such as your current job position or role, company name, your Unique Selling Point (USP), achievements or specializations, and keywords. 

USP should point out your unique qualities or characteristics, like what makes you unique from your competitors. Keywords should be related to your industry and role in the company. Do not use plenty of keywords. Use one or two relevant and popular keywords. 


Include some creativity while describing yourself. There are numerous default headline formats online. Though it is not a bad idea to choose a default format, it is always recommended to write a unique headline. 

Make your profile stand out from your peers by writing something with creativity. While implementing creativity, you should also not miss to include all the essential elements mentioned above.


You can include a Call to Action (CTA) option if you want to. CTA button has been introduced by LinkedIn to benefit business professionals. Though CTA is not mandatory, you can add CTA to promote your brand or service. 


Try to use your prospect’s language to mention your pros in the headline. Example: If you are a software developer, you could use the software name and other technical names in the headline to attract your prospect. A normal person will not be able to understand your headline. Only people within your professional circle can comprehend what you mean.  

3 ways to write a powerful LinkedIn headline

how to write a professional Linkedin headline

There are 3 ways to build a powerful professional LinkedIn headline. 

  1. Through creativity
  2. Through preset formats
  3. Through auto headline generators

Through Creativity

We guess we already discussed in brief about implementing creativity to your LinkedIn headline. Include unconventional ideas while mentioning your achievements. You can convey through your way what you do and what you are best at. Give a personalized touch to the LinkedIn headline.

Through preset formats

Following preset formats or default formats to write a LinkedIn professional headline is considered safe and effective. Below is one of the default formats to write a LinkedIn headline.

  • Job title | Company name | USP | Keywords related to your field & role | Benefits to work with you  

As you can see, all important information is covered in this format. Similarly, there are numerous formats available online. You can choose any of your desired formats. 

You can also include your results in the headline. By results, we mean the results you have shown in your current or previous company. A digital marketer could mention the revenue he bought in for the company through sales and lead generation. 

Through auto headline generators

Auto headline generators are apps or websites that can do the headline writing job for you. You need to provide certain info like your job position, company, achievements, etc to the site. The site will generate a headline automatically. You can copy and paste the headline to your profile.

This option is suggested for people who are not sure how to arrange the headline. By creating a headline through an auto headline generator, you will get a rough idea of the headline format. In the future, you can write your headline in similar formats.

While knowing how to write a professional LinkedIn headline, you should understand that there is no rule that your headline should be a replica of others in your profession. You can add personal values, emojis, and keywords to make the headline interesting and unique

A Jobseeker can add his achievements and job-relevant keywords that are SEO optimized to get better opportunities. A sales professional or brand specialist can add products, services, CTA, and offers for outreach. The headline format can differ from one person to another person based on their industry, job, and achievements.

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