LinkedIn has proven to be one of the best platforms for business professionals and ambitious people out there. Though millions use LinkedIn to expand their professional connections and build career benefiting relationships, most are unaware of LinkedIn Pulse. So, What Is LinkedIn Pulse? How can it benefit you professionally? The answers to these questions lie in this article.

Compared to other social media platforms, LinkedIn can benefit business people in a great way, as most of the visitors from LinkedIn have high chances to convert into potential customers. Pulse is becoming increasingly popular among LinkedIn users in recent times. You can also make your profile become famous if you buy LinkedIn followers .

What is LinkedIn Pulse? 

LinkedIn Pulse is a feature in LinkedIn that can be used by users to post content. You can write blogs, articles, inspiring stories, best moments, and more in Pulse. Precisely, content publishing is the key function of LinkedIn Pulse. 

Pulse allows up to 125,000 characters. That’s huge! You can therefore publish up to these many characters through Pulse. Initially, when Pulse was introduced, only influencers, artists and top people were able to publish content. 

what is LinkedIn Pulse

Now, the feature is open to all. Every LinkedIn user can publish content through Pulse. Your content will be seen by the people you follow. To get the best benefits out of LinkedIn Pulse, you need to learn how to publish both engaging and informative content. People who follow you on LinkedIn can comment and start discussions over the content you post. 

LinkedIn Pulse is a fantastic way to showcase your knowledge and expertise to business people and professionals. Quality content is the key to being a winner in LinkedIn Pulse. 

How to utilize LinkedIn Pulse? 

Utilizing LinkedIn Pulse is no big thing. You can learn how to use it in a few minutes. Anyone can use it. Anyone can post any stuff. But, you need to invest your patience and knowledge to utilize Pulse most effectively. 

First, let’s see how to use LinkedIn Pulse. Secondly, we will tell you how to utilize LinkedIn Pulse to obtain professional benefits. 

Steps to publish a post on LinkedIn Pulse 

  • STEP 1 – Go to your LinkedIn home page.
  • STEP 2 – You will see the ‘Interests’ column. Click that.
  • STEP 3 – In the drop-down menu, you will see the ‘Pulse’ option. Click that.
  • STEP 4 – Now, click the ‘Publish a post’ option you see on the page. 
  • STEP 5 – You can now type down what you want to post, add an image to your post and add tags if necessary, and then publish the post.

That’s all! Posting in LinkedIn Pulse is as simple as given above. You can also go directly to your LinkedIn homepage and click the ‘Publish a post‘ option to directly publish your content. 

Now, we will tell you some of the important points to keep in mind to publish the most effective content. Remember, you need to make your content unique and stand out to get good responses and comments. Boring content leads to plain ignore from your followers.

what is LinkedIn Pulse

To get professional benefits, your content must be able to attract professionals and top business people. You can also share the content you published in Pulse to other social media platforms.  

Effective ideas to publish engaging content in LinkedIn Pulse

  1. Decide on your content type:   Focus on a particular content type, do wide research, and then start writing on the topics. It is smart to focus on just one particular area rather than putting your hands on numerous areas.
  2. Add an engaging image:  Pulse allows you to add images to your posts. Add a relevant and appealing image to attract people at their first glance to your content. Always use high-quality and non-pixelated images.
  3. Carve a smart headline:  Headline makes the first impression. Nobody wants to click on a boring headline. Write a smart and witty headline to make people read your post.
  4. Use keywords:  Keywords are important to find your article. If a person wants to find info on a particular topic, he/she will use a keyword to locate articles on that topic. So, use the best SEO keywords in your article.
  5. Cross-promote your post:  Sometimes your posts will not get reached as you expected. It is always a great idea to do cross-promotions. Promote your posts on Twitter, Facebook, etc. This will attract more audience.
  6. Proofread:  Last but not least, proofread your articles before you hurriedly click the publish button. This will eliminate common grammar errors or spelling mistakes. Sometimes proofreading can also help you make useful improvements. 

To publish quality and engaging content in LinkedIn Pulse, you should also understand your audience and know the benefits of Pulse, apart from just knowing what is LinkedIn Pulse alone. The benefits of LinkedIn Pulse are immense. Many B2B professionals are regular users of LinkedIn. So, Pulse can serve as a useful spot to attract B2B professionals.

You can also drive traffic to your business website or landing pages using LinkedIn Pulse. This can also increase brand awareness and sales. Add personal inspiring stories in between the content to create a personal connection with your followers. Carve smart strategies to use LinkedIn Pulse to help you build a strong basement for your professional realm. 

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