Are you confused about the app for Reddit? Here you shall find the answer to it. In addition to that, it shall educate you about the details and functions of Reddit.

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Introduction to Reddit

There are multiple social media forums across the internet. But if you happen to look for something that covers a wide range of options and topics, Reddit is the best app for that. From news to debates to entertainment! You are sure to get on a wide range of subjects you can imagine about. For more than a decade and a half, Reddit has been on the front page of the internet. And as it has been said so, the users were always the first ones to detect the news and trends around and have commented on them with knowledge and wit. So, to sum up it is a large group of forums in which, if the users register themselves, shall be able to talk about any topics. Pop culture, news, technology, literature, comics, films almost anything. App for Reddit.


Within Reddit, many forums focus on specific topics only. They are known as subreddits. It shall surely amaze you to learn that there happen to be more than 130,000 active subreddits. All of them are free, and you can even participate in all of them as well. There are only some private subreddits in which you need to go through a process of admission. By subscribing to the subreddits page, you can also get the most popular posts sent exclusively to your Reddit front page.

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Are you able to create your subreddit?

If you happen to be a registered user and the subreddit you are looking for is not available in the forum then, you can surely create your subreddit. But while creating your subreddit, you must keep in mind to strictly follow the community guidelines. If your subreddit page goes against it then, it shall be removed. App for Reddit.

How you can search subreddits?

On any page of the site on the top, you shall notice a search field. All you have to do is to type the topic of your interest and it shall pull it up for you. In case you happen to search for any NSFW topics then first you have to be registered and tick the checkbox that reads, ‘include NSFW results.’

app for reddit

How to comment on Reddit and vote

This forum happens to be open to anyone to navigate and read freely. If you register, then you get more involved. Its registered users can make submissions on any public subreddits. They can even join subreddits and customize the front page of the subreddit for them. They are also able to comment on others’ submissions by clicking on the comment field. In the same way, you can reply by clicking on the reply. In addition to that, the registered users can upvote or downvote on any submissions, and based on it the post shall be visible on the front page.

The front page of Reddit

Only certain submissions make it to the front page. It is based on the number of upvotes a submission has received. If you are not a registered user, then you shall be viewing the page ‘hot’ whose submission visibility is based on upvotes. And if you are a registered user then, you can view ‘best’, this is a personalized view that does not bring forth the things you have already viewed. There are even options called ‘rising’ and ‘controversial’ that pull out the pages based on the number of upvotes and downvotes. App for Reddit.

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Types of submissions on Reddit

Four types of submissions can be made on Reddit. Link, text, images, and videos. All these submissions must have a title that should be interesting and encouraging. It shall not be on self-promotion or hyperbole.


The rule expects its members to be thoughtful about commenting or posting without hurting the sentiments of anyone. Spams or trolling is strictly forbidden too. One can self-promote himself but moderately. It expects the members or the users to be mindful.


In some Reddit, you have to apply a flair. It is a way that gives hints about the submission. There are even some options about flairs that allow you to make them appear beside your name.

App for Reddit

app for reddit

There are various apps available for Reddit that help you to use it smoothly.

  • The official Reddit app works perfectly well for casual viewers that have a usual range of features. It also includes management components for the subreddit. It supports in posting tools, gold support for Reddit, and many more features. It is a perfectly usable app for casual users of Reddit.
  • Reddit is fun happens to be another app.  It has a modern design and wraps the standard Reddit experience in it. It also has theming support for any file type. It may not be very flashy but it does give support to widget support, moderator tools, and all the standard features.
  • Relay for Reddit and Sync for Reddit is also super supportive apps. Their design and interface are updated and perform well in all the Reddit functions.
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