Reddit is a platform where millions of users around the world can get news from every corner of it. Just like any other contemporary app, it is not much difficult to post on Reddit. Read this full article to see how to post on Reddit Serviceh on computers and mobile devices.


At first, users need to check if they are members of the community in which they want to post and also the rules and regulations of that community. A few of them have guidelines about how to format a post and which things are to be omitted or included in a post. These rules can be found by clicking on the about tab if you are using a mobile device or on the right side of the community if it’s a desktop/laptop. Check out how to post on Reddit for more details.

How to post on :

  • You will have to tap the create post option from the community sidebar in right.
  • Next, you can click on the option of the type of post you are interested to make, such as creating a poll, generating a link, or uploading videos, posts, or images.
  • Add a suitable title to it before completing it.
  • Lastly, tap on the post.

reddit how to post


On :

  • Users need to tap on the right-hand sidebar and click submit a new text or submit a new link post depending on the category of post they will like to create.
  • Secondly, they can add a title and then finish the rest of the post.
  • At the end, of course, click submit.
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On iOS or Android :

  • At first, click the + icon at the Servicetom of the app.
  • Next, select the type of post you will like to create.
  • Add a title to it and complete the rest of the post. Click post when you are done.

If you still face any problems after going through the steps, search r/help. You can get your problem fixed there by asking one of the app administrators or another Redditor may help you voluntarily. Here is how to post on Reddit.

How to earn karma by posting?

On Reddit, karma tends to be a reflective figure of how much users’ contributions mean to different communities. Karma can be earned in two ways such as giving awards and posting and commenting.

Posting and commenting :

When a user’s posts or comments are upvoted by other members of a community, he/she can earn karma. It depends upon how much positive impact that specific post/comment creates upon the members. The karma gets increased in accordance with the increase in the upvotes.

reddit how to post


What if you can’t post :

If you are a regular user of Reddit, you may have witnessed a sudden increase of bugs in the app. With Reddit being such a trending site, this is not something to worry about. There can be issues like the server going down, being unable to post or even upvote a post, being unable to comment, etc. The company has come up with effective troubleshooting solutions for this problem which fixes the bugs and changes the scenario into a normal one. Learn how to post on reddit.

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Let us see why users are often unable to post or see other posts on Reddit.

  1. This problem is mostly applicable to the new members of the app.
  2. Users need to build an audience and be active participants in different communities within seven days of creating their accounts. Staying inactive for most of the time during this period may bar them from creating posts.
  3. If you are using a mobile device, there may be OS malfunctions which then lead to the problem of posting
  4. Two karmas are also responsible for judging the ability of your Reddit posts. One is comment karma and another is post-karma. When your comment karma is less, it will start affecting the posts.

These are the most common problems which users face in terms of posts and comments. So identifying the root of the bugging is very important to solve them in a prompt manner.

How to fix it?

The first thing users need to check is how old are their Reddit accounts! If you’re an old user, you have to check your comment karma and also your last month’s activity and boost it accordingly. Below are a few ways in which users can fix the problem themselves.

  • You need to increase the level of trust among fellow Redditors. For example, if you register on Reddit, but do not post anything after registering or don’t engage with communities, your trust level will decrease. So try to engage as much as you can from the very first day.
  • As 2022 is already here and three months have passed, Reddit’s algorithms have been and are being modified according to the needs of users. For that, many terms and conditions are also improvised. So make sure to read the regulations of a subreddit before trying to post on it. Most of your posts may get restricted because of these new policies.
  • You have to check on Serviceh the up and downvotes statistics. As you get more upvotes, it builds trust. On the other hand, if you get 20 downvotes, your karma points will be deducted from almost 20 numbers. So try to be careful and focus only on spreading positive vibes to get more upvotes.

Conclusion :

Reddit is a nice online platform and can be pretty helpful if it is used in a proper manner. Follow all the steps mentioned above and in no time you will become an enthusiastic member of the Redditor community. Here is all about how to post on Reddit.