Reddit is home to millions and billions of communities across the world with similar hobbies and interests and endless conversations. The Reddit front page is basically the homepage of the app where all the viral and top posts are shown.It is a person’s dream to be on top or to go viral. Here you can see how a particular individual made it to the front page of reddit!

The app describes itself on the front page of the internet due to its popularity and accessibility among different types of people around the world. But in reality, it doesn’t seem so because the app is a huge generator of unnecessary web traffic. In terms of demography though, it can be rightly declared as the front page of the web!

reddit frontpage

Recently, the Reddit front page has been changed by its owners. Users can now see trending articles there instead of the top articles previously curated by fifty subreddits. It can be seen on a new homepage named r/popular.

Details about getting onto the Reddit frontpage

Users need to build up their karma and perform several other tasks on Reddit to get on its front page. Let’s read the listed-down steps below.

  1. Buildup your karma–As users may know, there are two types of karma on Reddit. One is post karma and another is comment karma. These show how much engagement your posts or comments receive on the app.
  • Post karma – It refers to the total score accumulated for users’ Reddit posts. Points will increase when you get upvotes for posts and can decrease when you receive downvotes for bad content. These two types of votes together determine the total post karma on the app.
  • Comment karma –As the name suggests, comment karma depends upon the points gathered by users by commenting on posts of other Redditors. These can also get upvotes and downvotes and the total score is determined by calculating Serviceh the points.
  1. How to build karma–Redditors must join subreddits that pique their interests, submit contents they like and also comment on those posts to gain more audience and upvotes. It is an app where people show in-depth knowledge about topics they like. So one cannot simply enter a subreddit and start discussing a topic they have zero knowledge about. Experienced users can quickly recognize such impostors and immediately downvote their posts or comments or can even remove you from the sub!
  2. Identify subreddits with more upvotes –The front page of Reddit has got quite a few subreddits. Users need to choose the best-suited ones for themselves to use to their convenience by creating posts there. The subreddits that get featured often on the site are r/Showerthoughts, r/todayilearned, r/aww, r/DIY, etc.
  3. Create relevant content –You can create different types of content on Reddit, but it should cater to the interests of the mass and be relatable and relevant to them. It could be a text post, white paper, video, visual, etc. The goal is to submit a post that will get people talking and sharing their personal opinions. Posts about your personal products may not be much useful. So keep an eye out and sort out the most trending topics on the subs.
  4. Title of posts –Most people on the internet use click-bait titles or thumbnails for their posts to attract an audience nowadays. Either the titles can be utterly boring or one can resort to click-baiting. But if you want to go viral on Reddit, you must find a middle ground and stick to it until the goal is reached. Let us see a few examples for headlines or titles on Reddit
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reddit frontpage

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  1. Comment on your own posts –You just can’t make a post and then disappear from the app for hours. The conversation must be kept going to increase the post’s reach and engagement with different Redditors from separate communities. Get acquainted with the commenters, ask them questions and lure them into bringing more audience.
  2. Share outside reddit –It is common for users to be active on other channels besides reddit. You can simply ask your followers to share their feedback on a specific post you made on Reddit. People can be invited like this and if the content is genuine, it may create a lot of buzz in the first few hours of getting posted.
  3. Virality score –Reddit’s algorithm gives priority to the latest content over old ones. If you get 1900+ upvotes and 90+ comments on a post that has been live on the app for thirty minutes, you will rank higher than the one whose post has the same votes and comments but was posted 4-5 hours ago.


Getting on the Reddit front page may have something to do with fate too. Low engagement doesn’t always mean the post was of poor quality or irrelevance. It could’ve got lost within the numerous other contents too. Your goal should be to make an impact on the communities and not to be viral overnight with the swooshing of a magic stick! It is a long-term game where the rules are simple but consistent. So try to follow the above-mentioned steps to get the best out of the app.

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