Reddit news world or r/worldnews is the biggest forum on the reddit website and it contains news articles posted by the redditors. Only the news of internal politics of America is banned from being posted on this platform.Here you can see what reddit actually is and how it became the front page of the internet!

Rules of reddit world news

There are quite a few rules which redditors need to abide by while posting on the website. These are

  • Personal attacks to any user is forbidden.
  • Bigotry and other related practices are not allowed.
  • No feature stories can be posted.
  • Nothing like an opinion, analysing articles or editorials can be posted.
  • As mentioned earlier, no US politics or internal news should be mentioned.
  • There shouldn’t be any misleading or editorialised titles for click baiting.
  • All articles should be in English.
  • No audio-visuals, voice clips or pictures should be posted.
  • The website should be free from old (less than one week) news articles.
  • No NSFW photos, gifs or memes should be shared.

reddit news world

Reddit and Subreddits

Reddit is an American appwhich was founded on 23rd June, 2005. Its headquarters is in San Francisco in California andthe name of its major shareholder is Advance Publications. The key people of this foundation  are Alexis Ohanian, Steve Huffman(co-founder and CEO), Christopher Slowe(CTO), Jen Wong(COO),Drew Vollero(CFO) and Aaron Swartz. As of February 2021, there are 700 employees in the company and its programming languages are JavaScript and Python. It’s the seventhmost-browsed site in the US which means more people visit it than Netflix, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or eBay. In world-ranking, it holds  nineteenth position as being popular.  Here’s all the other things you need to know about reddit.

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In the app, people from all over the world can discuss and post social news, talk about interesting topics and rate contents of the web. People need to register to the app to become members and then they can submit their articles or other contents to the site. These could be videos, posts, photos or links which are voted Serviceh negatively and positively by the fellow members. This ensures worthy contents to rise to the top and boring ones to end up in the pit.As it’s result, reddit has become the birthplace of the most sensational and viral memes. Such posts are classified by their subjects intouser-created boards which are known as subreddits or communities.The subjects contain diverse topics such as cooking, books, sports, memes, science, music, fitness, politics, science, picture-sharing, religion, video games, movies, pets etc. Posts with major upvotes appear at the top of the subreddit part and they can also get featured on the site’s front page if they can a certain amount of upvotes.

reddit news world

Introducing the news tab

The news tab on reddit is a hub for contents where different communities can look up articles about world newsshared by other communities and thus an engagement between the two groups are made. In the iOSapp, this tab can be found on the left side of Home and Popular. In it, people can see articles and other contents dragged up from subreddits which often share and get involved with the news. The contents are then sorted into a handful of common topics with options to customise the tab by selecting your most favourite topics.

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Preferable news sources 

Users need to create their profiles with names that should start with u/”. If you want to follow any subreddits or pages after that, you must search with “r/”in the front and then type the rest. For example, if you want to get any news or other things about Europe on any of the subreddits, you have to search as /r/Europe. Other popular news sources and domains on reddit are /r/news, /r/politics, /r/worldnews, /r/Australia, /r/The_Donald, /r/United Kingdom, /r/nfl, /r/uncensorednews, /r/Canada, /r/hockey, /r/democrats, /r/soccer, /r/Hillary Clinton, /r/nba, /r/television, /r/Uplifting News, /r/movies, /r/progressive, /r/The_Donald Favorites etc.


This ever-growing app has an iconic time-traveling alien as its Mascot. It’s name is Snoo, which was created by Alexis and was officially launched in 2005 on June 23.It fits perfectly to represent the reddit family. It’s a tiny creature designed with oval head, pom-pom ears, red eyes and even has an antennae stuck up on its head. It’s in orange-red(to support the red part in the service’s name), black and white colours. It represents the app’sconversational and friendly aspects.

Separate language fordifferent topics including news 

Reddit also has its own abbreviated language just like any other similar app or websites. Some of them are OP(Original Poster),AMA(Ask Me Anything),TIL(Today I Learned)etc.

How to sign up

Users can sign up on reddit to stay updated about the world news and a plethora of topics in a very easy way. They need to tap the blue button on top right of the main page. Some prompts will be shown and they need to be followed. After signing in, they need to choose as per their interests from the givenoptions.

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Wrapping up

Many users also use this app for charitable and philanthropic purposes besides having fun and simply enjoying themselves through smart features. It has been in the news too and it is for this versatility of the app that more people are becoming interested in it as the world changes rapidly into a tough place to live in. Even for a brief span of time virtually, this app helps in catering to the creative side of people and in self-growth.