Reddit is a social network site where various communities from various communities come together to discuss their interests, to market their products, or just simply have fun with memes. There is a Reddit subreddit part which has got many categories under its name and Redditors can choose to join any of them as per their tastes.

Subreddits :

These are subsidiary categories or threads within the Reddit app or website. These forums focus on different topics. At present, more than one million active subreddits are there on the site which is truly amazing! They are all free and Redditors can join any of them!

A few private subreddits are there too in which users need to go through certain admission processes. You can get the most popular posts shown on your Reddit homepage by subscribing to trending subreddits.

reddit subredditCreate your own subreddits :

You have to be a registered user on the app to create your own subreddits. If the specific subreddit you are looking for happens to be unavailable on the site, you can surely make your personal one. But while creating, you must abide by the guidelines of the app. If your subreddit violates any given rules, it will be immediately removed as soon as it is discovered.

How to search subreddits :

Users can see a search bar at the top of any page on the website. You will need to type out your interests in the box and it will show you relevant results based on it. If you are an adult, registered in the app, and want to search NSFW posts, you will need to tick the checkbox named include NSFW results”.Here are the top 10 subreddits you can look out for!

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Types of trending subreddits :

There are many active communities on Reddit who dedicatedly appreciate the beauty of statistics or create funny clips of people doing funnier things! So there may be at least a few things that you can find interesting on Reddit. You have to pass through tons of nonsensical stuff to finally reach the good one and here we have made up a list of decent subreddits that the app has to offer.

  • r/PhotoshopBattles – You can pay a visit to this sub even if you’re far from being worthy of participating in such “battles”. Users post pictures that can be photo-shopped and others edit them in their own ways and post them in the comment threads. The results vary from being funny to being impressive and upvoted.
  • r/askscience –Students who find it difficult to grab the concept of science can seek the help of experts on this sub. Results here are well-researched and trustworthy and the rules deter every attempt from spreading misinformation or going off-topic. You can ask questions on biology, chemistry, physics, or any other relevant topic to get informed answers from scholars in the communities. This sub is truly one of the most helpful forums in this regard.
  • r/ReverseAnimalRescue – This one is absolutely a fun treat for a whole family! Here people take gifs and videos of other people rescuing animals and then put them in reverse to make it look like the animals are being put into danger. You will go ROFL while seeing a random guy dropping a bear on a trampoline and sending him high up in a tree, stuffing a cat down the sewer, or pushing a kangaroo inside a swimming pool!
  • r/Instant_regret – If you like to watch videos of strangers doing dumb things and regretting them instantly (within a few seconds may be!), this is the perfect place for you. You can sit back and see people being utterly stupid and be proud of your own decision-making skills on the contrary!
  • r/Games –This one is less popular than r/Gaming but better to discuss about video games. You will find a bunch of articles about the gaming industry and also the technical aspects. Similar to other gaming communities, this site can also fall victim to mass hysteria, but the strict rules and regulations keep most of the place running smoothly.
  • r/todayilearned –This subreddit is filled with many interesting facts that most people are unaware of. It could be from history, science, and many other topics which leave you wondering how much you actually know about this world!
  • r/100yearsago –You can visit this site to see posts about what happened on that particular day 100 years ago. There will be quotes, newspaper clippings, and photos that can interest history buffs and boost their knowledge.
  • r/DataIsBeautiful –A major part of conveying statistical data to laymen is visualization. If you’re not trained in such analysis, data sets can be difficult to decipher for you. A pie chart or graph can be your savior to know about the latest trends in this regard. These are usually of high quality and linked to the corresponding data sources. Topics can range from statistical breakdowns of top tv shows or charts of climate change.
  • r/Books –This site is heaven for bookworms. You can get hold of the latest info about popular authors and their bestselling books as well as discussions about literature of Homer to Jonathan Franzen. It also arranges Q&A sessions with reputed authors. This sub bans memes and regulates comment sections to maintain minimum decency to create a comfortable environment for book lovers of every age.
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Wrapping up :

One article is certainly not enough to talk about the huge piles of subreddits that lay in the heart of the app. You have to browse on your own to find other subs that match your interests. Just be safe and avoid adult sites if you’re a minor.