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What is a Reddit

If you tend to surf the web world often, then surely you have come across Reddit. This site is mostly visible on the front page as you enter the internet. In fact, Reddit has the fame of being the seventh most popular site in the US and the nineteenth most popular site in the world.

what is a reddit

This app is a huge collection of forums in which people are able to share various contents, and news and are also able to comment on the post of others. It has also been broken up into more than a million communities which are known as subreddits. Each subreddits focuses on one subject and holds every discussion on it. It may be basketball, it may be board games or birds with arms and anything. At a first glance, Reddit may seem a bit confusing to you. The homepage displays the post that is trending. These posts have been pulled up from various subreddits. Though you shall be able to sort these out easily, by clicking on the ribbon menu which you shall be able to find appearing under creating Post text box or under popular posts.

The search bar at the top helps you to find posts and subreddits about any specific search. You shall be able to create the subreddit for a specific topic meeting a specific criteria only. And in order to be able to do this, you must have an active account on Reddit that is 30 days old at least and the account must have earned at least a minimum amount, of points, or karma as it is called.

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There are moderators who manage the subreddits. These volunteers are able to change the appearance of any subreddit, control the content and even remove posts or ban the users that do not comply with the rules. This entire site is controlled by admins and employees of Reddit and they have the power to take charge whenever there is any violation of its rules.

Besides the post, you shall be able to locate arrows pointing downwards and they have numbers too. When the users click them as upvotes or votes. This controls the visibility of the post. In fact, Reddit users can also upvote or downvote on the comments of other users. Each of the accounts in it has a karma number attached to it. This indicates the total number of karma, a comment has got. The karma points never make its users popular but, boosts your presence in the community of Reddit users.

Just like other online communities, it has its own language. Here the members talk in certain terms and a host of abbreviations. Some of its terms are, OP or original poster, TIL or today I learned, IAmA or AMA means the same as, ask me anything. These threads are filled with debates amongst their members and often end up being an interesting read. To keep the community bonding strong and united, the users are able to award other users and even highlight the post they enjoyed. Awards come as Reddit Coins which the members can buy in support of their community.

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The other way of supporting the community can be done by buying a premium membership of Reddit. The premium membership offers some facilities. These users are not entitled to see ads and more to that, it gives them access to r/lounge. This is a secret community where the witty and intelligent minds join in having such discussions. It also provides a host of other benefits too.

The premium membership has a regular supply of coins that are spent on giving awards. A member doesn’t need to avail of this premium membership for having fun. But it is only a way of supporting the site, having some perks to remain a part of a community. This is just a community where a group of people meets on the internet to share stuff and talk to each other. The idea and concept are just like any other social media platform. It is more like hanging around with old or new friends.

One must be considerate about his behavior, and his language and be aware of where he posts, too. This has surely become a popular hub for a discussion on a wide range of topics. The community too takes various measures in making it more engaging and removes any explicit content.

what is a reddit

How to sign up for it

You can sign up by clicking the blue signup button on the top right of the main page. Follow the prompts that keep displaying on the screen from thereon. After you have signed in you can choose from the recommendations that are of your interest. You shall even be able to join as many subreddits as you want. It shall offer you innumerable topics in which many shall surely be of your interest. You can even remain incognito if you wish so. It has a host of user-friendly interests that it tends to offer it surely has gained immense fame amongst all its subscribers.

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