Importance of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

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Many big brands, YouTubers, and micro influencers already have implemented influencer marketing on different social media platforms to market their content to the respected target audience, and have received immense success. You can too. Read on to learn more.

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Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Considering the fast-paced world we are living in today, the importance of running a successful online marketing campaign and implementing a social media marketing strategy is considered as an effective way for a brand to reach its marketing goals and create value for its business channels competing with other big brands in the industry. People have gradually switched towards social media channels, whether it is for entertainment or to buy a new product or service.

This brings the responsibility of top-notch business and influencer marketing campaign on marketers as well as influencers if they want to create brand awareness. With the rapidly changing marketing trends, the need to be creative with your content, ads, and posts can help influencers target their audience niche. A major incentive for implementing an influencer marketing strategy is being able to follow up on your audience. Since influencer marketing campaign have plenty of features like videos, ads, posts, and overall content. Influencers and marketers can promote their new product or service easily on a channel making use of these features. This is new form of marketing.

Traditional Marketing Strategy vs. Modern Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Traditional marketing technique categories include any of the old ways by which brands would review their products or services through print ads, TV ads, or billboards. Such types of marketing is considered as outbound marketing; coming to audiences with your message, usually by interrupting their daily lives. Traditional marketing is now taking the back seat. Influencer marketing is a newer concept involving the use of media influencers with a dedicated following to promote your product or service.

This new wave of YouTube influencer marketing brings to the forefront how influential word-of-mouth and relatability is when audiences search for a product to buy. Just look at how popular these online beauty brands have become. Would you have known about brands like Glossier or ASOS if it wasn’t for all these YouTube or Instagram beauty pages or YouTubers posting multiple YouTube videos with celebrities promoting these online brands?

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is called ‘Traditional’ marketing because of this method being a long carried generation by brands who did not have advanced resources back in the day. The concept of promoting your brand on an online website was alien to most business brands. Hence, it restricted their customer reach to only locals in the area.

However, with the constant advancement in the way brands now market their products, traditional marketing has rather gone obsolete and needs to be set aside. However, many brands do lean on traditional marketing strategies for the minimal yet instant results they offer. However, if you want your brand to rank high in search engine results, YouTube influencers can help you with their videos.

How does Influencer Marketing Help channels with Marketing goals?

Influencer marketing on social media platforms is the most important thing influencers and marketers can do for their brands to create brand awareness and value for their audience, whether your social media channel is related to a new product for gaming, food, or simple social media entertainment.

For social media influencers, a good influencer marketing strategy makes all the difference is the way their engagement levels increase. An influencer campaign can bring in millions of followers. It can also help build a loyal following amongst the followers. For brands working with influencers, it proves to be a return on investment when their sales increase. Once the brand find the right influencer, their campaign can become successful. There will be more brand awareness within the target audience that the influencer is marketing the products or services to.

Influencer marketing is helpful to both the parties. Thus celebrity endorsements are always recommended in the social media industry. One sponsored post can earn the influencer thousands of dollars. Content creators earn the majority of their income from social media marketing campaign. As an influencer you can learn about digital marketing and find the right company to work for in the industry. You can further create your own personal brand, which in the future can be utilized to find potential customers for your target followers. You can also find the niche you want to make content for. This form of free market research will make you realize that influencer marketing works and its good to come up with marketing strategies when building a personal brand.

There are so many core business functions that stem from good marketing campaigns that any SMB would be silly not to give it a shot. A marketing campaign builds brand awareness and can also increase sales, grow businesses, and engage brand audiences. Let us discuss how an influencer marketing campaign can help your business.

Inform Audience

According to a basic data report, marketing campaigns create the option for customers to be educated about the products and services of a brand through various ways. For example, platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and others allow for brands to create videos, post ads, and content that highlights the value of the brand on the platform for the audience.

As YouTube creators, you might know about the ins and outs of the industry and but being an influencer, your audience needs to be taught. Therefore YouTube influencers post videos for brands as influencer marketing on YouTube helps garner a high number of followers, subscribers, and viewers who review your products and increase your engagement. An influencer’s audience is the key to their success in the social media industry.

Equalize Success

One of the greatest aspects of influencer marketing is that it does not discriminate against businesses. Since influencer marketing is budget-based, influencers have the choice to measure their success metrics with how much they have spent on their brand’s marketing. The larger your marketing budget is, the higher your content and post will be on the social media channel you are using for marketing.

This is especially of advantage to SMBs as they have more time to invest focusing on their audience individually due to the smaller nature of their business as compared to brands like the ones who have been a big name. Apart from that, influencer marketing on a social media platform involves taking measures like e-mail marketing campaign strategy, posting YouTube videos, ads, and more, all of which is a less expensive game than influencer campaigns and marketing generally.

Sustain Brand’s Growth

According to research, influencer marketing plays the role of food on any social media platform you choose to market your brand. Essentially, influencer marketing is meant to sustain a brand, content creators, or influencer, and its presence on a social media platform–influencer campaigns or influencer marketing do not remedy a lack of engagement in a certain marketing platform.

In this sense, influencer marketing on social media channels is something that brands and influencers need to create and manage every day to maintain a healthy relationship with their audiences and followers whether it Instagram, YouTube, or any other one of the channels. Influencer marketing is important because it allows brands to maintain long-lasting and ever-present relationships with their audience. It is not a one-time fix; it is an ongoing brand marketing strategy that helps businesses flourish.

Target Audience Engagement

As we mentioned before, working with the search engine metrics is as important as it can get. In order to measure the engagement levels of your brand, you not only need to work on the creative side of your brand, but you need huge levels of research before you post content for your audience niche. A brand’s true image is only known when it has reviews pouring in from various subscribers, followers, and viewers who are spending time waiting for you to update your channel.

With influencer marketing, you get the chance to narrow down your audience search list and focus directly on the review of followers or audiences in general who are interested in the content of your brand posts. Your audience leave reviews on the product and service categories you offer, in turn increasing your engagement and making your brand huge. Again, whether your content is related to food, gaming, clothing, or anything else in the world, you need to focus on increasing your subscribers and followers who would be interested in your content.

Increase Sales

Influencer marketing is important because it helps your brand sell your products or services. The bottom line of any brand is to make money, and influencer marketing is an essential channel to reach that end goal. Creative marketers explain that without influencer marketing, many brands wouldn’t exist because an influencer marketing campaign is ultimately what drives sales, garners followers, subscribers, and viewer’s attention.

Sure, as a brand or even as micro-influencers, you need to have a good product, but if people do not know about your offerings to begin with, then how can you generate sales? Simply put: You can’t, not without proper influencer marketing steps. SMBs need to create fresh and inviting content to draw customers in and lead them to purchase. This is especially in the case of YouTube influencer marketing, as YouTube is where you can find people from different categories, including customers from all around the world and celebrities, which further helps sales and your business–what more could you ask for?

Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

If you use digital media, then influencer promotion may have crossed your sight in action at some point of time. The main examples of promotion have been listed below for you to make use of.

Influencer Marketing Campaign

As we mentioned earlier, influencers have covered a significant part of the digital industry, especially when it comes to YouTube influencer marketing. With the help of influencers, brands can now create video content and promote their products and services conveniently, without spending too much. As compared to other promotion techniques, YouTube influencers have made it easy for brands to gain visibility amongst customers from all around the globe.


If you have ever seen those ‘unboxing’ YouTube videos, where YouTube influencers open up products sent by a brand and review them, then these are the reviews we are talking about. The premise of such YouTube video content is that the influencer has never seen or used the product before, and they unbox it for their viewers live to comment on the type and quality of it.

Video collaborations with Influencers

Instead of the one-off types of campaigns we’ve seen with the other influencer examples, some businesses have worked closely with influencers to launch products or videos. This is often seen in the beauty and fashion industries, where influencers make their own line of clothing, accessories, or beauty products under the brand. For example, Kylie Jenner working with James Charles on a makeover video, both promoting each other as online and real-time influencers. While these people are big influencers, they also need video collaborations to promote themselves, which makes videos an important aspect of promotion for influencers.

Sponsored Video Content

Another one of the most common strategies used by brands or influencers includes getting your YouTube video content sponsored, whereby brands reach out to companies willing to promote their products and services on your YouTube videos or vice versa. Why would companies help you? Because it is beneficial not just for you but for them as you get to display your products to their customers, and your customers learn about the sponsored company. It is a two-way road that works out for both parties involved.

Competitions and Giveaways

Who does not love a giveaway? From a customer perspective, giveaways are the best way to market not just your brand name but also your products. By hosting giveaways and competitions, you get people on their toes following the instructions given by you. You could choose the rules like reposting your video content on their stories or sharing your YouTube videos on different platforms where you would find more potential customers. Upon following your instructions regarding the video, your fans get the giveaways, and you get free promotion.

Takeovers on Platform

While with the rest of the promotion, you offer something to a third party in return for mutual benefits. With this specific type of promotion, you invite these influencers over on your video platform to discuss most in-demand topics. For example, you are running a skincare brand on YouTube, and you invite over some influencers who are huge in the skincare industry, and they take over your video platform for a day to answer customer questions via live video sessions.

Using data driven influencer marketing

The content you post is a great way to track down what works for your audience and what does not. Data driven marketing is using data to keep track of how many people are getting influenced by your content. One of the best tools to use to keep track is by using influencer marketing. When influencers post your deals, they can track how many people are responding to the content. If it is being received well, then you know that influencer marketing is working for the suggested content.

To make this content, you can use an influencer marketing agency, which can help you achieve your goals as influencers easily. They can make the content for you and suggest tools to boost your influence on the audience. Explained below are some of the advantages of using influencer marketing agencies and what influencer agencies are.

What is an Instagram influencer marketing agency?

While some brand like to keep their marketing strategies within the company itself, some actually like to hire external companies that can help them influence their target audience. For this they like to hire an instagram influencer agency. Such agencies will help you devise the right campaign and reach out the relevant influencers. So, how can these agencies help with your goals?

Select the influencer marketing strategy

The instagram influencer agencies will help your brand come with the correct influencer marketing strategy. They will see on which channels you have the most influence and formulate your marketing according to that. In business, strategy is all that counts. This goes for marketing as well, if your strategy is on track, then your content will be made according to the people you are trying to target.

Select the right celebrity

Just how it is important to select the right social media influencer, it is also important to select the right celebrity for the brand. A celebrity can help alot in reaching out to the target audience. Their influence is vast as compared to a micro influencer. In other words, a celebrity is a type of influencer but on a larger scale. They have a large part to play in making sure the word of mouth in your brand’s favor goes a long way. Per post they would be able to reach to a lot of followers. Therefore, their instagram campaign is also an important strategy to devise. The influencer marketing agency will help you come with the correct influencer marketing campaign for your celebrity.

Select the social media influencer

These days there are many social media influencers online. This can make it difficult to choose the correct one. The key is to select the one which is relevant to your brand and your image. Just having a million followers will not help your marketing. Follower count is important for influencer outreach, however, there are other factors that need to be kept in mind. The right influencer on instagram, will have the audience your campaign is targeting. Their posts will be be related to other influencer marketing deals, which shows they have experience in this. Thus the influencer marketing agencies will help you in selecting the marketing influencer who has the influencer outreach that you require.

Create content

In this industry, the best way for a company to be successful is by having the right tools. One of these tools is an instagram influencer marketing agency and the other is creating engaging content for your customers who you plan to target. However, this platform is filled with micro influencers all trying to search for tools to influencer their niche. So how can your target your followers? By creating unique content for your blog or brand. The best way to do this is by hiring an influencer marketing agency. They will make posts that will increase engagement levels and your brand reach the the audience they intend on reaching. This might not be a free way of creating content, however, it will be the best way to target the followers and audience, so your brand influence increases.

social media influencer marketing

How a blog can increase your influencer marketing

An influencer campaign does not only have to restricted to Instagram only. It can go beyond the known channels. A social media influencer can be on other sites other than instagram. A marketing influencer is that who helps a brand increase their engagement and influence in the industry through their posts and content. This type of influencer marketing can be done in the forms of blog posts as well.

A blog post will increase the influence of the company and its products. This is the perfect example of how different forms of content creation can provide free marketing for firms and keep them on track for reaching target audience. Those who write blog posts are also considered as a social media influencer. Their followers will read the blog posts and get an idea about the brand and its products. Thus, it is a good idea to extend campaign outside of instagram to blog posts, which will also help increase the influence on the target audience.

How influencer marketing can help a micro influencer

Influencer marketing is a great example of reaching to your followers as a micro influencer. As a micro influencer your target audience might be less due to less number of followers. However, influencer marketing can help you reach those goals. Even on instagram, you will be able to increase influence your post has as the content created would be specific for the companies reaching out to you. Each post you make is a great way of connecting with your audience and increasing the influence you have on them. You can even make your own blog and link it to your profile, this way people will read the blog and you can even indulge in influencer marketing there. All of these are an example of how social media influence can help influencers.

How influencer marketing connects influencers

Influencer marketing is not only tools for connecting influencers with their target audience but also influencers with each other. For example, you post content for your audience, other influencers can view this and reach out to you for free for collaborations. As an influencer, this networking is vital for marketing your own profile or blog. You can gain many other followers from being featured on another influencer post on their profile or blog. Thus influencer marketing can help you reach out to other influencers around the world. This example is a good way to keep track of your progress with the content you make for your audience.

Work With Adfluencer On Your Influencer Campaign

We are now aware of the important of working with influencers. However, it can be hard to find influencers and the right type of influencer for your brand. As a company, you will be paying the influencers to their niche and followers. At times you will be paying them per post. Therefore, it is important to find influencers that fit your brand image well. Digital marketing works only if done right.

Adfluencer cam help you search for the right influencer. Whether you want to take a look at celebrity or social media influencers, adfluencer will di the work for you. We can select the relevant influencers and help you design your campaign. We can also increase your engagement with all your social media posts by increasing the follower count. You can even buy followers and likes to increase your brand outreach on instagram or other social media channels. Take a look at the different packages we offer to help you become successful in the niche you are targeting.

We will help you pick out the right tools to specifically target the audience of your choice. With Adfluencer, influencer marketing is made easy. Your audience will respond to the influencer marketing in no time.

Adfluencer also helps micro influencers who are trying to increase their followers. We can help you reach a million followers and keep you on track.



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