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You have a clear goal with your business account, unlike normal private users of Instagram. You want to use your Instagram presence to attract potential customers, inform existing customers and build a real community. You can use your Instagram presence to attract potential customers, inform existing customers and build a real community. You can build up a lasting and very valuable contact with your customers, report on products and services, position your brand and generally get valuable information about the interests, preferences and needs of your customers.

You must have noticed how difficult it can get to create a following for your Instagram profile. The algorithm keeps changing and you see very clear fluctuations in your reach. It makes getting new Instagram followers very hard. It is tricky to figure out what works best for your Instagram account. When you are unable to understand the mechanics, it becomes essential to take some outside help. You need to bring in growth services.

You can gain organic Instagram followers on your own, but it is a slow process. It also takes away a lot from your precious time. Doing it alone can pressure you, and you might not be able to focus on the rest of the aspects of your business. We are talking about days and days of work where audience management and marketing strategies are concerned. You should rely on artificial intelligence and growth tools to help yourself. As followers organically do not increase if you do not use special services. This is why followers buying is being indulged in.

Thus, growth services and marketing experts have started popping up. They help you grow your Instagram account by showing your quality content to the right audience and by increasing the followers and likes. They guarantee you traffic. Therefore, you can buy instagram followers instead.

You can avoid the slow process of increasing instagram followers by buying followers instead. This is a good way to increase your engagement levels on your posts. Remember the more active followers you have, the greater the chances of algorithm has on recognizing your account. The amount of followers you have, proves your media presence. Even getting 100 followers or 500 instagram followers can improve your social media account.

However, you have to remember that only buy real instagram followers. Quality followers, will play an important role in social media marketing of your account. Fake accounts can be recognized by instagram and they can cause more harm than good. Thus, when looking for the best site to buy instagram followers, look for the instagram services that promise best quality followers. As instagram influencers, having many followers is important but it is equally important that these followers are active instagram users that help grow your account even more. Bots or fake might increase follower count but they will not help grow your account. So steer away from fake instagram followers.

Look for websites from where it is safe to buy instagram followers from. Those that offer 24 7 customer support and provide gradual delivery of followers on instagram. This way the social media giant wont detect any chances of there being fake accounts and followers. Therefore, you should buy rea instagram followers always.

Getting a developing service is a great idea, but there are a lot of options. You want to achieve the best growth results for your Instagram profile, and only the best growth tool would do. Selection can be confusing.


The first thing you need to do is set up a good and meaningful business account with Instagram. Make sure that it contains all the essential information about you, your company, your brand, products and services. Make sure to provide a link to your website, so that your fans can find more and more detailed information if they want it. An advantage is that you can direct valuable traffic to your site and improve your SEO.

Getting Instagram Followers is not easy, because the competition is fierce. So you really have to offer something at Instagram. This means that you produce high quality, interesting and original posts. Blurred and unattractive photos, lame sayings, old themes, etc. won’t knock anyone off their feet. So make an effort and develop a content strategy. Because as already mentioned, you are not a private user who does it all for fun, but you are pursuing serious goals.

That is why you should consider to buy instagram followers instead. When you buy instagram followers, you can increase the reach as desired. Buy followers from an authentic service today and see how your followers increase.


Even if you follow all the advice listed here and some others, you will find that it is not easy to build a large following at Instagram. Especially in the beginning, the whole thing probably runs more than sluggishly. Many a newcomer has already thrown in the towel. No matter how great your posts are, how well chosen your hashtags are and how often you post, the followers just don’t want to get the amount they want.

This is because users prefer to follow accounts that already have a lot of followers. Quite unfair, isn’t it? The human being is a social being and likes to hang around where many other people are to be found. They automatically know that there is relevant content and interesting trends here. You just want to belong somehow.

Social media platforms can be tricky to understand. There are a lot of rules an regulations to follow to make engagement high. This is where followers come into play. Followers will help increase brand awareness.

The number of followers on instagram account, indicates how well it is being received by the real followers on instagram. This is why, influencers put so much emphasis on increasing the number of followers on their accounts. This is to ensure an active instagram and real active ig followers.

A great strategy is therefore the Instagram Follower Buy. By buying Instagram Followers an account gets a real boost. Other people see that there is something going on here and look around at your site as well. Of course it is important that there is also something great and high quality to see. Because buying Instagram Followers alone can not work wonders.

One thing is for sure: With Buying Instagram Followers you can get the ball rolling!

However, buying instagram followers is not the only way to increase the number of followers, there are other ways as well. One of them includes increasing instagram likes. Before you buy instagram followers, there are certain things to keep in mind.

Firstly, is it safe to buy instagram followers in the first place?

Although, there it is not illegal to buy instagram followers, there are risks involved with buying unreal instagram followers. Recently, Instagram has updated its terms of use to identify and remove inauthentic accounts from its platform. Instagram is removing any likes, follows, or comments from third-party apps that are designed to artificially grow accounts’ audiences. By buying followers, you violate Instagram community guidelines and it may trigger a reaction from Instagram moderators.

Instagram is looking to maintain genuine interactions on its site, protecting real accounts and experiences. Fake or bought activity infringes upon this mission and might result in consequences, so it’s better to grow your audience organically.

It’s practically impossible to measure how well your target audience is connecting with your brand if a high percentage of that audience isn’t real. How will you measure posts that do well with your real audience if those bots and inactive accounts skew the ratio?

If you don’t know how well your posts are doing or what your real audience thinks, you’ll never convert your Instagram followers into real customers. And isn’t that the point?

Ultimately, if you pay for Instagram followers, you aren’t paying for quality, real-life followers. You’re paying for a blank number. And since Instagram’s algorithm is largely tied to engagement, not followers, buying followers isn’t a long-term solution. In fact, it isn’t really a solution at all.

Take the time, energy, and money that you would’ve dedicated to buying followers, and focus instead on building genuine relationships with a real audience. If your content is engaging and authentic, your loyal followers will spread the word and engage with your brand without needing any bribes.

Purchased Instagram followers also provide no long-term value to your profile’s content. The followers you buy might give you views, likes, and comments early into acquiring them as a follower, but the attention they throw you now won’t be there later — when you start reporting on how your Instagram account is performing.

Engagement is key to how Instagram’s algorithm displays posts to users. Without likes or comments, your post probably won’t show up on your audience’s newsfeeds, and it also won’t show up on any Explore Page.

However, there are sites to buy real instagram followers. So what are the best sites? and what to look out for when buying quality instagram followers.

Firstly, you have to have make sure the company is authentic and has authentic followers. Like mentioned earlier, only active followers will increase engagement level of your instagram, account. This is why you have to ensure that the service providing the instagram service has real followers. You cannot risk your account get banned. Fake followers and fake accounts are easily recognized by the social media managers.

The second thing you need to keep in mind is whether the service or company provides instant delivery or gradual delivery of instagram services like followers. When you are looking to grow your account, you will want instant delivery of followers, look for services that can get instagram followers in an instant and give you the desire level of brand awareness on social media and growth.

Whichever service you choose to your grow your account alongside with, make sure they provide you with real instagram followers. You should not risk your account to be labelled as one of the fake accounts and effect your credibility on social media platforms. Also the service should have customer support helplines to keep your instagram followers buying on track.

The easy method is to buy instagram followers, this will increase your ig followers instantly as followers organically take a long time to increase. But it can be tricky to buy instagram followers online. Many people get duped while they buy instagram followers online, however, if you follow the tips we have mentioned here then the chances of that will decrease ad your instagram followers will increase.

Buy Instagram likes

Instagram is particularly popular with the younger generations and has even overtaken the classic Facebook. Influencers, freelancers and companies in particular have discovered Instagram for the perfect social media marketing mix and use the trendy social media platform extensively. An Instagram account is an excellent way to promote your products and services and build and position your company’s brand.

For a business account to be successful with Instagram, the reach must be right. For personal use, you can simply ask friends, acquaintances and family to buy Likes and how many you have is basically irrelevant. Although, of course, everyone likes to be popular and relevant – and this is ultimately determined by the number of Likes, among other things.

Influencer however the Like number must be really correct, because on it naturally also potential advertising partners pay attention. As far as companies and freelancers are concerned, it goes without saying that as many potential customers as possible should be reached with the posted information.

Many Likes belong to the so-called social proof. People pay close attention to whether an Instagram user is popular, i.e. has many fans, gets a decent amount of likes for the posts and will also leave comments. So there are many likes and more likes behind. Conversely, if YOU just don’t have reasonable Likes numbers, you will constantly *overlook* and people will prefer to look around where someone has a lot of Instagram Likes. Conversely, if YOU just don’t have reasonable Likes numbers, you will be constantly *overlooked* and people will prefer to look around where someone has a lot of Likes.

The Likes are of course also included in the rating by the algorithm, which is reflected in a better position in the search results. If you want to be seen on Instagram, you need a lot of Likes, comments and re-posts besides followers. If you want to be seen on Instagram, you need followers and a lot of likes, comments and re-posts. Instagram is absolutely no different from other social networks in this respect. Instagram is absolutely no different from other social networks in this respect. That’s why so many professionals purchase likes on Instagram

Building Likes organically is also possible, but it is a bit tedious and requires one thing above all: hard work and a lot of patience.

You can further increase followers by increasing the comments on instagram posts. Comments on social media are indicators of how successful an instagram account is.

Buy Instagram Comments

Instagram is more popular than ever as a social network and is often even at the top of the list of relevant networks, especially among the younger generation – even before Facebook.

Instagram is therefore ideally suited for skilful and promising social media marketing.

An important aspect for your Instagram marketing and the success of your efforts is certainly that you build a good community and bind it firmly to you. Not only the number of Instagram followers is important, but also the interaction of these followers with you and your account. Even if you have many followers, this does not mean that they are fully identified with you and your company. An active and authentic community can be recognized by the fact that people are active and give your posts likes, leave comments and then hopefully share them. In short, the number of followers says nothing about their quality. Only actions like likes, comments and sharing means that they are real and valuable followers.

The more comments your posts generate, the better. Find out how you can do this best and why buying Instagram Comments is a very clever support measure here!

A big advantage of Instagram is that there is little criticism, bitching and arguing. This is completely different on Facebook, for example. Many a community manager would like to be able to post comments or forward them directly to the moon without being seen.

So if you are not advertising controversial political parties or products and leave out controversial topics, the handling of Instagram comments is not very demanding. So you can use Instagram Comments to build your community and get your company, products or services on everyone’s lips.

However, you have to get the comments first, and that is not easy, especially in the beginning. You may have already noticed this yourself and are now looking for options to buy Instagram Comments.

But first you should consider some important things to get the desired Instagram Comments organically. Also, buying Instagram Comments is not much use if you don’t approach the topic properly.

There are other ways to increase followers, other than buying instagram followers.

Make your account public

This is the best way to increase organic followers. Real followers are always attracted to what they see on your account and profile. When they see you have a public and active instagram, they are more likely to become followers of your instagram page. You can rapidly increase your follower count by just making your instagram profile public and open for all instagram profiles.

This way you will get more instagram growth and quality followers as they will be seeing your content and will be able to locate you on the explore page, and follow your account.

Use Instagram to the fullest

Instagram provides loads of different ways to engage with the users. Followers like to watch instagram lives, go shop on it, watch stories etc. All this creates instagram growth, and the social media site will recognize this. They will make your account more visible on their platform. They will see your instagram profile being real active. This will also provide instant growth, and give you premium followers. Over time, you can increase by 100 followers, 500 followers, 1000 and so on.

Active followers are those that engage in all these activities. When you provide real instagram followers to be active, they will jump to the opportunity. This is the difference between fake followers and quality instagram followers. See instagram growth without using fake followers.

Engage with other Users

What other way to increase followers on instagram? Engage with other user and account. How will this increase followers though? When you follow another account or leave comments, you will be seen with other followers on instagram following that specific account. Real instagram followers tend to notice this and they come to your account. This way you can increase new followers in an instant by just engaging with other accounts.

Followers on instagram will notice your account more and recommend you to other followers. This will start the cycle of increasing your ig followers. Most of the times you do not even need to buy instagram followers, as the followers already following you provide that instant delivery of quality followers. Your goal should always be to bring in new followers to your account, and the only way you can increase followers instagram is by being real active with the users on the platform.

Post Quality content

Followers of course are attracted to quality posts. Therefore, it is always a good idea to post quality content on social media. Your instagram page should have consistent posts, be real active, and have a strong media presence. This is the only way you can gain organic followers and grow your instagram. This will also get you new followers that have not followed you before. Quality followers, more specifically, real instgram followers engage with your account and provide you with 24 7 support. This is something you cant get from fake instagram followers or from buying followers online.

Next, publish a variety of posts to your feed: you can post images, GIFs, videos, Boomerangs, quizzes on your story, how-tos, user-generated content, and so much more. Build trust and excitement among your followers by using high-quality photos, writing catchy captions, posting consistently, and keeping up a unique style overall to differentiate yourself from other accounts.

By increasing your engagement , real followers will provide their 24 7 support to you. Something that the cheaper growth service does not give.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags on instagram are super important for attracting followers. Real active accounts use alot of hashtags related to their post so they can be recognized by other instagram followers. They allow you to be featured publically and tells other followers to also feature you in their accounts. This is the way to earn high quality followers.

Real instagram followers provide you with this opportunity, something that no amount of buying instagram followers or fake accounts can get you. This is why whenever you think to buy instagram followers, always use an authentic service that deals with selling real instagram followers.

buy real instagram followers


So what is the best website to buy instagram followers from? The answer to that is adfluencer.

Adfluencer is a German platform that provides you peerless Instagram growth services for all your social media. Basically, it uses the help of influencers to get your page the recognition that it deserves.

The world is influenced by what popular people have to say. When a YouTuber or an Instagram influencer starts talking about a product or a brand, people pay heed. Adfluencer uses this behavior to divert customers to your Instagram page. Influencer marketing shows far better results than spending money on outdated marketing techniques like TV ads.

Adfluencer picks the ideal social influencers that suit your niche and grow your page’s viewership through strategies like shout-outs, video content creation, sponsorships, and many other unique tactics.

At Adfluencer, we do not deal with fake instagram followers, so you know that you are in good hands. There a number of packages we offer to help you get to the followers you want. You can choose 500 instagram followers or even more. It all depends on how many followers you would like to have for your account. Purchase instagram premium followers from us and see yourself succeed. We have 24 7 customer support to deal with any confusions. The delivery of your premium followers can be instant or gradual, it all depends on the period of time you select for your active followers to reach your account. Buy real instagram followers from adfluencer with the help of the support team.

Buying followers does not have to be daunting task, we make sure all your needs are taken care of. Within days, your account will get featured on the explore page. With this you will see an increase in the organic followers as well, there will be increased brand awareness amongst the followers.

Wrap Up

Using the Instagram growth services is a tricky business. You may or may not achieve the desired results. The followers that you get on your page can be fake. If they are users, it is not promised that they will definitely be engaging with your content. The biggest drawback of using these services comes after you stop using them. You will observe that you are not getting any new followers, but the rate of engagement is still the same. It proves what a waste of money it can be if you end up with a poor Instagram growth provider.

In a nutshell, you have to be very careful when you choose to use a service. Fake users and fake engagement on your page is against Instagram rules. According to Instagram:

-Users should not be participating in any comment, share, follower or like exchange programs.

-Users cannot post commercial communications that are unauthorized. Your comments should be uniquely tailored on Instagram and should not be spamming.

-If an app makes a large number of calls to an Application Programing Interface that isn’t in response to direct user actions, Instagram will block it.

If you are thinking of buying instagram followers then you need to make sure they are real active ig followers. As mentioned before use the services that promise fast delivery and have an efficient customer support team. The support team plays a vital part when you buy followers on instagram.

Your marketing strategy can be to get as any many followers as possible. A service that promises thousands of followers may increase the amount of followers, but it is not authentic. Always buy real instagram followers, from instant delivery services.

An Instagram growth service is a third-party app. It engages on Instagram from your account representing you. The main purpose to use these apps is to comment on and follow the pages that will comment on and follow your pages in return. The idea is to grow organically by applying organic methods that are safe. The Instagram growth services need to be studied in detail before you think about getting some help. If your growth service cannot grow organically, then you need to drop it.



Guaranteed results!



Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of services out there that claim to be able to help you grow your social media following, but it’s hard to know which ones work. At Adfluencer, we’re experts in helping businesses grow their Instagram following quickly and efficiently. We have a team of dedicated social media specialists who will help you develop a strategy tailored specifically to your business and goals. Plus, we offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with our services.

There are several reasons why you should purchase Instagram followers. Perhaps you’re planning to start a new business and need to make a good impression on potential customers, or you’ve recently changed your username and want to build up your old following again. Buying followers can be a great way to boost your social media presence quickly and easily.

Yes, it is reliable and safe. Thousands of people have used our service and have been satisfied with the results. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with our service. At Adfluencer, we pride ourselves on providing quality service and customer satisfaction.

There are a few telltale signs of fake Instagram followers. One is that the number of followers is much higher than those who follow the account back. Another giveaway is when an account has a high following but few posts or no interaction with other users. Finally, if most of the account’s followers are located in one country but the account posts mostly about another country, it’s likely that they have bought followers.

Yes, you can buy real followers on Instagram. However, it’s important to make sure you’re working with a reputable company to ensure that your followers are real and engaged. Adfluencer is a social media growth agency that can help you get the results you’re looking for on Instagram. We have experience helping businesses and individuals grow their following and engagement on the platform.

Having many followers does help your business, as it provides social proof and increases your reach. Adfluencer can help you grow your Instagram following quickly and effectively, so you can reap the benefits for your business. With our assistance, you’ll be able to connect with more potential customers and followers than ever before.

At Adfluencer, we understand that social media is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. We also understand that growing your Instagram following can be challenging – especially if you don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself. That’s why we offer a range of services to help you grow your Instagram following quickly and easily. Whether you want us to manage your account full-time or just need a few boosts to get started, we can help you achieve the results you’re looking for. In addition, our team of experts is always here to help you get the most out of your Instagram account.

Yes, you can buy Instagram followers for someone else. Simply provide us with the URL to the Instagram account you’d like us to target, and we’ll get started immediately. We can also help you grow your own personal or business Instagram account.

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