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Instagram has become one the most important and widely used social media platform for businesses. Whether you are in sports, fashion, food or home decor, Instagram is essential for promotion and brand awareness. 50 percent of Instagram user accounts follow one of their favorite business at least. The platform helps in growth and selling goods or services by encouraging buying behaviors in the audience through target marketing and engagement.

There are many effective marketing tactics used by Instagram such as getting Instagram shoutout through influencer marketing campaigns or paying for ads in Instagram stories. Let’s discuss in detail how Instagram shoutout works and why it is important to buy Instagram shoutouts.

Types of Instagram shoutouts

Following are the various ways in which an Instagram shoutout can be made:

Paid shoutouts:

This is a classic tactic employed in influencer marketing. Basically, you have to pay the influencer or user to promote your brand, company, product or services. The payment can either be in form of money or in exchange for free product or service.

Shoutout for shoutout:

Shoutout for shoutout is also called S4S. This is a very simple and economic trade since no money is used. One Instagram account agrees to give an Instagram shoutout to another Instagram page in exchange for Instagram shoutout. These Instagram shoutouts can either be in form of a post on the Instagram account or uploading a video or photo in the story. Since you do not have to pay for it, this is the most commonly used Instagram shoutout method to get more traffic from internet to find Instagram pages and make them your audience for free.

Voluntary shoutout:

Voluntary shoutout means you are running an excellent service or business. When the Instagram users experiences your product or service, they are so satisfied that you get Instagram shoutout for free. For this type of Instagram shoutouts, you do not have to pay or request for it, yet you get growth, gain brand image, active Instagram followers and more sales.

Is it worth paying for Instagram shoutouts?

We are living in an era where the world spends half their time on social media. The number of Instagram accounts and users is increasing rapidly day by day. Every month, more than a 100 million people are constantly active online and making engagement with pages and business accounts of their liking. This is a strong sign that any business in any niche which wants to send interested audience and traffic to the website should make an Instagram account or page.

In order to have an active and successful Instagram page or account, you need to have active audience or Instagram followers. For this purpose, you need to buy Instagram shoutouts. It will get you more direct traffic and sales, and the number of followers on your page will increase.

For example, if an influencer has a following of 50k and puts up a picture or a video related to your company on their post or story, along with a very nice caption and hashtags, this will have a huge impact on your brand. When the influencer gets you featured in their posts or story on their Instagram account, their followers who already trust them find Instagram link to your brands page and follow you to keep up with your feed.

This was example of one shoutout from one influencer account. Now imagine getting multiple shoutouts from similar influencer Instagram accounts with a large number of followers. Brands request paid and online voluntary shoutouts all the time. With the right influencer according to your niche, right picture and the right caption, your follower count can increase immensely within hours. There are also many shoutout pages on Instagram that you can request to promote your Instagram page and brand through paid Instagram shoutouts.

Best sites to get Instagram shoutouts

Following sites offer marketing through influencers with effective Instagram shoutouts. Let’s learn how much influencers can cost a brand and how the deal is worth it.

Benefits of buying Instagram shoutouts

If you have doubts regarding the effectiveness of buying Instagram shoutout, following factors should help you make up your mind.

  • The social credibility of your company increases with an improved brand image. Your posts and page become popular. The target audience get more aware of your presence giving a boost to your sales.
  • Your advertising campaigns on the internet start showing better results. Since you are popular now, many new clients want to do business with you.
  • Organic followers also start pouring in.
  • Conversions and sales increase.
  • If you purchase shoutout at the start of your business Instagram account, it gets you a jumpstart and you can start off with a large number of followers.

Tips to get an Instagram shoutout

Technically, there is no right way to earn an Instagram shoutout. But if you follow certain guidelines, you can get a shoutout that gives you the best results. Following tips can work for an ideal Instagram shoutout.

1.Be picky

There is a right type of influencer for every niche. You have to carefully reach put to the ones that are suitable for your business type and belong in the same niche. For example, if you sell makeup products, you cannot go asking for a shoutout from an influencer who creates posts for the technology niche. It just isn’t ideal. The following of the influencer needs to be your potential target audience.

2.Build relationships

You need to build relationships. Before asking an Instagram influencer or shoutout pages for a shoutout, you should give them an experience of your product or service so that they know what they are vouching for.

After careful search, when you finally select an influencer that has a suitable image for your niche, you should start following their Instagram account or other social accounts. Start engaging with them through comments under their post, liking the post or direct message. Leave comments that actually add value. For example, you could ask questions regarding their photos or caption, or drop compliments. You want them to be familiar with you when you message them for a free or paid shoutout.

3.Thoughful message to start conversation

You want to build a good brand image before you message the influencer to get a shoutout. As discussed earlier, a shoutout can be free, paid or voluntary. For all of these, the conversation starter should be meaningful and carefully curated. Your pitch should hold weight.

For example, if you are looking for shoutout for shoutout to get some free mentions in a video or photo, make sure your shoutout post or story in exchange for the service looks professional and attractive. it should not look like a spam post.

How to find the best Instagram shoutout pages

An extensive research takes time and efforts. But it is the best and most effective way to find shoutout pages that serve you well. You should start your search with hashtags that are specific to your niche or industry. The hashtags that are trending in your niche can be found through various tools that are also free to use, for example Best Hashtags or Tags Finder.

For example, if your niche is kid’s clothing, the hashtags can be #kidswear, #kidsfashion, #childrenclothes etc.

Another way to do a hashtag search is to brainstorm. You should make a list of every hashtag you find relevant and type in Instagram search bar. This will lead you to some ideal shout pages to choose from. you can go through each photo and video post for a detailed research. It will help you select better.

Buying Instagram shoutout

To help your brand survive and thrive in the digital era, it is essential to have a strong and well known presence. People recognize you as credible and authentic if you each of your post is getting engagement and your pages have a huge following. Organic methods like creating your own hashtag or posting a video/photo every day helps but it gives you slow progress.

Relying on organic methods is not enough for results. You need to buy Instagram shoutout to validate your account. When an influencer puts up a post or a story and gives you a shoutout, a large volume of their followers is sent towards your Instagram page making your own sales and following soar. Therefore, buying Instagram shoutout is a good investment. It also saves you a lot of valuable time and efforts that can be utilized more effectively in other areas.



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