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If you want to grow your channel to the next level, you need to have a large number of subscribers. YouTube has many metrics for engagement like views, comments, shares, etc. But having subscribers is the most important one. But real youtube subscribers from us!

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YouTube channel boost

YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users, and it is the most popularly viewed video-sharing platform. A huge population is using it to earn fame as well as money off of it by making content, resulting in around 37 million channels.

If you want to grow your channel to the next level, you need to have a large number of subscribers. YouTube has many metrics for engagement like views, comments, shares, etc. But having subscribers is the most important one.

Having so many subscribers gives guarantee that you have gained regular viewers, and your content will be shared if it is worth watching. That will expand the audience, gain you more support, and give credibility to your account.

Even if you create great content, it is still difficult to get YouTube subscribers in plenty that will support your work. This is why people need to buy YouTube subscribers. It is confusing to decide who to purchase from because there are many sites out there that do not care for you or support your YouTube channel. They will strip you of your money in return for fake subscribers.

Therefore it is important to ensure that the service you use to buy youtube subscribers from actually help your channel grow. There are many instances where fake subscribers have caused channels to shut down or get cancelled as Youtube has a way of recognizing the fake or bots. So if you are to purchase youtube subscribers, you should focus on maintaining the quality of the subscriber as well. Choosing the sites which guarantee your youtube subscriber number to increase need to looked at with great scrutiny. Do not fall for fraud sites that just promise the gain in youtube subscriber but do not promise the quality of the followers.

We are going to discuss:

  1. Why channels need to buy YouTube subscribers.
  2. What happens after you buy YouTube subscribers.
  3. How to buy real YouTube subscribers.
  4. How to ensure you buy real YouTube subscribers.

Why channels need to buy YouTube subscribers.

Before we dive in, let’s understand why it is crucial to buy YouTube subscribers for your YouTube channel.

A successful YouTube channel relies on a huge number of real YouTube subscribers, which can also be organic. They actually watch the videos and help grow your YouTube channel. Since the competition is very high, YouTube views are divided, and it becomes challenging to get users to subscribe to your channel.

The YouTube algorithm is specific. The more number of subscribers you have, the more your YouTube channel and posts will appear to potential real YouTube subscribers as suggestions. YouTube’s algorithm actually decides 70% of the videos which viewers watch. Buying YouTube subscribers is tricky. People think any company can get YouTube subscribers and the right audience for their content. But those subscribers may not always be real people. You need to make sure that the audience and subscribers you purchase are real users.

What happens after you buy YouTube subscribers.

On every search engine and social platform, you will find thousands of service providers offering quality service, YouTube views, real YouTube subscribers, and so many other services that can give support and boost to your channel. But are they all telling the truth? Are they all selling the same thing?

The answer is no! Most sellers claim they will provide real YouTube subscribers. But in reality, you are not being sold quality audiences or real YouTube subscribers. Those are fake business service providers exploiting your need for buying YouTube subscribers. An organic but real subscriber count is crucial for your platform.

Fake YouTube subscribers are meant to appear as real subscribers. But they do not have any positive effects on your YouTube channels or content promotion. It is only a waste of money if you are not buying real YouTube subscribers because they will be dropped off when the platform does its perpetual cleanings. Your business and YouTube account will suffer.

So cheap YouTube subscribers or fake subscribers are of no use to your channel. If you plan to buy YouTube subscribers, you need to ensure that you buy real YouTube subscribers. If your total number of subscribers is infected with a fake audience, you will not get views and comments on your channel. There will be no comments from such subscribers on your YouTube videos.

Now, the question is how to buy real YouTube subscribers and which marketing service to trust.

Where can i buy legitimate subscribers and views?

You can buy real subscribers and views through Google and Facebook.

1. Buy Subscribers from YouTube.

The ideal way to use a YouTube subscribers service is to purchase them from YouTube itself. You need to make your account on Google AdWords and create multiple ads for your posts The nature of those ads would be PPC. You can run campaigns that target your ideal audience. They will actually be interested in your YouTube videos. YouTubes ads can be shown to users in two ways:

  • In-stream ads: These are the ads we spot during, before, or after watching a YouTube video.
  • In-display ads: These are the ads that we can view on YouTube search results.

When you are new to the platform, you should be creating both sorts of ads. You do not know what works for your channel yet. You should experiment with all the tools and find what promotion technique is the best. Now let’s look at these ads in detail.

In-stream ads:

In-stream ads are the most popular type of ads among YouTube’s digital marketing services. Sometimes, you can skip them and sometimes not. The ads that can be skipped can usually be watched till the end if the viewers find it interesting. The ones that cannot be skipped are 15 to 20 seconds long.

Both the ads have their own pros and cons. Generally, the ads that cannot be skipped get engagement in large volumes, but since people do not like being interrupted, these ads also have a high abandonment rate.

For these ads, you have to pay YouTube every time a viewer watches the full ad or skips after watching for 30 seconds at least. You can make ads so that the message is conveyed within those first 30 seconds.

Benefits of In-stream Ads.

In-stream ads have multiple benefits:

  1. Boost YouTube subscribers: You can get a loyal number of real subscribers for your channels that actually support and engage with your posts content. Just be sure to keep creating new YouTube ads so that the subscribers’ interest remains consistent.
  2. Raise brand awareness free of cost: These ads are ideal for increasing your brand awareness. Again, if your ad was watched only for 30 seconds, it will not cost you anything. You are charged for engagement.
  3. Figure out what is working for your YouTube channel: You also get insights into whether your ads are getting quality performance or not. You can make necessary changes where you see room for improvement, making your channel engageable for more subscribers.
  4. Drive Returns on your investment through sales: Video content is the most effective way to engage a potential audience and convert them into customers. The viewers are directed to your website or social media through your channels and generate traffic as well as sales.

In-display ads:

In-display ads are the other option to get more YouTube subscribers. You can find these ads in search listings usually. This ad format is less invasive than in-stream ads but is highly effective. It is also a pocket-friendly method to get YouTube users to subscribe to your channel.

You have to know who your audience is. It is a crucial bit of information for your in-display YouTube ads. When you are aware of your target audience, you can predict and create the sort of YouTube videos and content that they would like you to post. Using the relevant keywords is also essential for targeting more potential subscribers. Make sure to run a detailed keywords analysis before promoting your content.

How to find the right keywords:

You can search for the quality keywords using the following tips:

  1. Search on YouTube: YouTube tries to provide you with a drop-down list when you type something in the search. It is potentially what you could be searching for. For instance, if you type in “how to cook,” a lot of search phrases will appear like “chicken,” “steamed chicken,” without an oven,” etc. All of these options could be what you potentially need.
  2. Make use of Keyword Planner: Keyword planner has a lot of value. It is the most commonly used tool by people to find out the trending keywords. You just have to look for phrases or words that relate to your brand or YouTube channel. The keyword planner will give you all the information you need about popular searches and their frequency.
  3. Use Google Trends: This is another beneficial tool you can utilize to finalize the keywords. It also shows you the frequency with which they are being searched for and whether they are still trending or not.
  4. Observe what the Competition is doing: You should keep an eye on the promotion strategies that your competitors are using. The idea is not to copy or follow in their footsteps, but to observe what makes their YouTube channel perform better. For example, if they have gained more YouTube subscribers than you, you could study their account. You could also use the same support team they are employing to increase and buy YouTube subscribers.
  5. YouTube’s In-display Ad Service: When you set up an in-display YouTube ad, you have a lot of targeting options. For example, you can choose to target a certain age group of users.

2.Promoting on Facebook.

The other way to buy subscribers for your YouTube channel is to use social media platforms such as Facebook. This social platform will help you gain legitimate YouTube subscribers.

When you create a new YouTube video, you could create a blog on your website and include the YouTube Video by embedding it. When the blog post is up, you could also create a post on Facebook and boost it. That will direct a lot of traffic towards your YouTube channel and get you more viewers. Your number of subscribers will also grow.

Facebook may be an old platform, but you should not underestimate its influence. It is still the most popular among social media and serves every brand and niche. Through Facebook, your YouTube video content gets a large volume of quality subscribers on YouTube who are actually viewing and interacting with it. You will notice a vivid positive change in the shares and comments under your YouTube posts from actual users.

But you should not stop just here. Facebook is great but make use of other social platforms as well and purchase the biggest number of quality YouTube subscribers from there. For example, you can use Twitter, Instagram, and any other digital asset you have. You can share the same blog post you shared on Facebook for all these channels. LinkedIn and Twitter are exceptionally effective. Posting there and boosting it promises you delivery of quality subscribers. You should maximize the use of all these services to buy YouTube subscribers.

There are also some niche online communities for you to consider for the purchase of subscribers. They include Reddit and groups on Facebook, etc. If these communities relate to your niche or channel, you get to have access to more viewers. You can even buy them and get more real YouTube subscribers.

The point to remember is that your users, viewers, and subscribers need to be relevant to your channel whether you purchase them or get them for free. Otherwise, your posts are not getting the right kind of attention. Do not post your videos in big groups just because their members are large in number. It might look like your post content will get a large viewership, but if those members are not relevant to the type of content you make, those views are wasted.

You should target and focus on smaller groups where the members are interested in your videos and content. Those are the quality users you want to convert into subscribers for your channel. Always be honest and ask yourself before posting if that is a suitable group of people to show your post content to. If the answer is yes, share your content. Even gaining a single YouTube subscriber is worth the effort. But if the answer is no, walk away. Do not waste your time and money where there is no ROI.

You should conduct a proper and extensive research to better figure out what platforms are ideal for promoting the content you are creating for free and which platforms will be ideal to buy subscribers from. Any search engine can assist you in your research. You should be proud of your content and make sure it gets viewed. That is only possible if you get the right kind of subscriber for your channel.

Reasons why you should buy YouTube subscribers and views.

1.More subscribers make your channel appear popular.

When your channel is new, it is an uphill battle to make it a success. You need to make quality content, posting your videos frequently, using all the YouTube features correctly, but if you are not getting enough views, your channel will not be considered popular by YouTube users. Make sure your channel is active and post frequently.

When your videos are constantly getting a low reach, they think your content is not worth their time. It also reduces your credibility. They will just move on to something that has a great viewership. To fight this mindset, you need to purchase real YouTube subscribers. Invest in one of our packages and buy quality services from Adfluencer.

3.Buying subscribers makes targeting the right audience easy.

Every minute, hundreds of thousands of videos get shared on YouTube. They are related to every niche or topic in the world. All these videos are put on the platform for a specific kind of viewers. When you make a channel and start making your video content, you also want to be of service to a certain niche only. You conduct all your basic homework about demographics and algorithm to narrow it down. Now how will you reach the right YouTube users?

You buy sponsored ads. Paying for these ads gets you authentic subscribers. Your video is then promoted further to the right kind of viewers that you were aiming for.

Facebook services let you run campaigns that are highly targeted. It enables you to target users based on their geographical location, age, gender, their preferences and buying behaviors, and so much more. You can ensure through Facebook ad campaigns that you video is being viewed by the right viewers.

As time passes, the organic reach for your channel will become large, and your videos will also be shared in larger volumes.

2. You start getting more organic subscribers.

Since most YouTube users refrain from subscribing to your channel because of a low subscriber count, it naturally means that a large number of subscribers will change their minds. This is known as the ‘Bandwagon Effect.’ It happens when people’s behaviours and life choices are largely influenced by others around them.

Rather than purchasing subscribers, aim for organic subscribers. Your inflated view count will make people act and subscribe to your channel, and they will be more interested in your videos than before. Your image will start changing to an influential and likeable platform. YouTube algorithm will also notice this change and will start getting you more organic reach.

So your channel will start by buying the subscribers and views, but only to cause natural subscriptions to happen.

4.Your YouTube channel gets higher ranking.

When YouTube ranks videos, your video views matter a lot. So when you buy the views, it helps your videos to move up in the ranking. It also makes your content more credible in the eyes of YouTube users. Hence, making sure your videos are ranking high is an incredibly significant factor. When a topic related to your niche is searched for, you need to be on the first page. You can understand the importance of this factor by answering this question. When was the last time that you searched for something on YouTube and also decided to check the second page?

You have the answer! You automatically assume that everything important, authentic, and credible is bound to be on the first page. Your video gets way more exposure with high ranking than those at the low ranking. Thus, when you buy YouTube subscribers, you are actually making a long-term investment that will benefit you in the long run.

5.Do it because your competitors are doing it.

You are not the only looking for more reach and engagement on your videos. Your competitors have the same goals: to get the most YouTube subscriptions and views. They are doing everything in their power to make it to high rankings and making use of the services that sell subscribers. Merely depending on an organic reach under these circumstances is suicidal.

Therefore, it is absolutely mandatory that you also invest in your YouTube channel by buying subscribers. Otherwise, you are out of the game.

Benefits of buying real YouTube subscribers from Adfluencer

Instant delivery service

Once you have placed the order to buy youtube subscribers, we start processing your order payment as soon as you complete the purchase. Our team works diligently to ensure you are happy with our service. An estimated delivery time will be displayed. You will receive your order within that time limit. With adfluencer, you will never have to wait for hours just to get your subscribers. Our service is highly regarded and is bound to increase the quality of your channel too. The process is simple, so you will not be waiting for hours to gain your subscribers once you buy them from us.

Instant delivery services

Safe and secure payment

We do not ask you to register yourself to make a payment. Adfluencer has one of the most secure payment systems. You can easily pay through your credit card for the package you chose from our website. If you face any difficulty during purchase, please contact our customer support team. Your safety is our number one priority. You will always be safe when you deal with us. You only have to pay for your package and nothing else. There are no extra charges charged.

Secure payment


We do not require the password for your accounts or other private information. You privacy will always be our #1 priority. Your account will remain secure. Even youtube will not be able to track down where the increase in your subscribers came from. Therefore, you are urged to buy subscribers from us. This site will protect your privacy like no other. Gain subscriber without having to worry about your sensitive information getting to the public.

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Money back guarantee

The process of paying for our services are simple and straight-forward. You can easily pay online. All you have to do is choose one of our packages and follow the steps to complete the process. We take pride in our instant delivery services. If you do not receive your order within the specified delivery time, we guarantee your money back. Many sites do not guarantee your money back. With adfluencer, you will never have to worry about your money getting wasted because our service is of quality. Buy subscribers without any worry. Once you have paid for your package, the automatic process will bring the subscribers to your accounts.

Money back guaranteed

24/7 customer support

Our team is always available to help you. You can contact us via email, telephone and Whatsapp services. Our customer support centre is quick to respond. We want to make sure you get value for money for the services you order from our site! Whatever your worry or confusion maybe, it does not matter, Adfluencer is willing to deal with all your queries. Your accounts are important to us, so we guarantee full support whenever you require.

24/7 customer support

What is the Conclusion?

To build a successful YouTube channel with a significant amount of subscribers, buying YouTube subscribers, followers, and views is simply inevitable. Do not try to trick the system. In the long run, illegitimate subscribers are harmful to the reputation of your own channel too. You are not cheating, just Facebook and YouTube. You are also making a fool of yourself. These underhanded techniques will not get you far. You need to rely on legitimate channels like Adfluencer who credibility and promise fast delivery service. Purchase one of our affordable packages and instantly receive active and real youtube subscribers.

Adfluencer will provide you with the small push that you need to grow your channel. With real youtube subscribers, you will be able to take your channel to a whole new ground. You can reach new heights with such a click of button.

Do not hesitate to buy quality subscribers. Keep creating great content that is offering value to your subscribers and viewers. And they will keep coming back for more.



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