Influencers are people who have a network and followers through a high social media presence (reach). In order to influence consumer behavior and purchase decisions – which is what influencer marketing is all about in the end – they must be highly regarded by their followers. This can happen in different ways. Firstly, the influencer may be a true expert in the field and his opinion on products and services may be valued. This type of influencer likes to do reviews or explanatory videos, compare and evaluate products, etc.

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In the case of beauty and fashion, it is sometimes enough to be really attractive and to be able to style yourself well. Great photos and outfits make the followers want to try it themselves with the products used. So it is less about a real expert opinion, but more about an inspiration to imitate. This is especially true for celebrities. The best example is the famous Kardashians, who have no talent or special knowledge of their own, but are envied and imitated by millions.

Another excellent option to make a name for yourself as an influencer is the comedy section. Because the trend is more and more towards online comedy instead of the previously widespread live stand-up comedy. We all love funny videos with comedy lines, pranks and short skits. All social media channels are teeming with them, with YouTube at the top of the list. Recently, more and more people are getting creative on the Chinese video platform TikTok.

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Learn more about the comedy option for your project to become a successful influencer. Comedians who take advantage of the current trend and switch to social media and thus influencer marketing have particularly good chances. Of course, many simply do Serviceh, which is certainly a very good option.

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A few words about comedy and social media

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Social media platforms are now the perfect places to showcase everything we do all day (and night), and comedians have been quick to take advantage of this to promote their work.

Whether with pranks, sketches or jokes – making the audience laugh is one of the easiest ways to go viral.

But can traditional stand-up comedy survive in the new comedy climate? Indeed, there are several pitfalls that comedians can fall into in the online age.

For one thing, jokes can be taken out of context and then trigger a real shitstorm, e.g. because something is perceived as sexist, racist or offensive and discriminatory. What may be harmless in front of a live audience often has to be used carefully in social media.

In general, some experts say that online comedy will by no means replace the traditional comedy formats, such as stand-up comedy, but rather complement them. So if you want to be successful today, it is best to have a good command of Serviceh formats.

A good example is Mo Gilligan in Great Britain, also known as Mo The Comedian. Gilligan is co-host of Channel 4’s The Big Narstie Show and tours regularly, but he also has countless viral social media videos and has sold out tours across the country with his comedy nights in Coupla Can’s. He started uploading clips when he was still working full-time in a London clothing store in London. Many customers even recognized him.

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Yomi Sontan, known online as Yoms TV, uses Instagram as their main platform to showcase his comedy. He has more than 130,000 followers and usually collects around 60,000 hits per show. However, he believes that traditional formats are losing ground and the way audiences perceive comedy has changed. Especially with regard to the set times, which you have in TV shows or in the theatre. Because these are being dropped in social media and the audience likes that. You can enjoy comedy at any time on tablet, computer or smartphone and you are completely flexible.

Although social media is a great way to build a following, it also harbours dangers, because a joke is best the first time. If you then hear it several times in social media, from the same, but often from different people, it becomes flatter each time.

In addition, time is usually limited in social media, while in the theatre you can tell whole stories. So the theatre is a slower place with real interaction.

The big advantage of social media is, of course, that you can very quickly gain a very wide distribution and popularity, which is rather not the case as a traditional comedian.

Social media is therefore a great thing for real comedians as an advertising platform for their own show and their own person, but certainly also for influencers who have a penchant for comedy. Because if you are really funny, shoot great skits, make funny video comments, etc. you will surely reach a lot of people and that is interesting for companies for influencer marketing.

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Comedy as Influencer

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If you look at the different social media platforms like this, you will find more and more funny videos, posts and photos. People today are simply under a lot of stress and worry and seem to be looking for a reason to laugh. So you see ordinary people with comedic talent producing really creative TikToks, creating YouTube videos and writing funny posts. In no time at all they become real internet celebrities and can then act as influencers.

As with other areas of influencer marketing, it’s important that you stay true to yourself. So take themes as a basis for your skits, with which you can identify yourself. It is also good if you somehow find a specific niche. For example political topics, relationship topics, etc.

Produce really good videos and make an effort, your fans will notice that. Better a few videos less, but top quality than many inferior and only partially really funny amateur videos.

Find a good agency, such as, which helps you to get in contact with companies. Because this is where companies typically look for good influencers and your chances of getting orders quickly are much higher.