The idea of becoming a beauty or fashion blogger is still very popular. Because especially women who like to deal with these topics privately would like to earn money with their passion for fashion. Some of them might just think of an additional income or might already be completely satisfied to get free products from their clients. Often travel expenses to larger events are also included and please the eager bloggers. Others would like to make a profession out of it and be rewarded with juicy fees for their efforts. Serviceh is possible, but especially the latter is not an easy undertaking.

We’ve highlighted a few important aspects and put together some tips that can help you in your career as a fashion or beauty blogger.

Find your niche

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The beauty and fashion sector is certainly one of the most crowded. However, the fashion industry is also one of the most lucrative and largest sectors. So there is also room for good bloggers. The important thing is that you find a niche that may not be so busy yet. As far as beauty is concerned, you can focus on hairstyles and care for long hair, or curls, or blonde Harare, etc. If you have particularly great fingernails or a nail studio, you might find a focus here. For example, there are also tutorials on make-up for people with Vitiligo (pigment disorder in the skin). Tutorials are generally very popular when it comes to skin care and make-up. In short, there are many great ideas that can be found and implemented. When it comes to fashion, you can perhaps focus on special sizes (large, small, especially thin, especially full). Or you can serve a special age segment. There are also many fashion styles, so you can be very specific, e.g. Kawaii style and K-Pop fashion, clothes for the job, etc.

Select your target group

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The choice of the target group is of course also closely related to the niche. It is essential to be clear who you want to reach with your own efforts. Accordingly, you need to know about the different brands, trends and needs of the target group. A teenager logically wears different things and has different expectations of functionality and style than a middle-aged lady. The purchasing power of the group also plays an important role here. However, it is by no means always necessary to target the highest segment. For example, there are great and very successful blogs that deal with imitating expensive designer clothes with little money. Especially young people – who make up a very large part of the market – often do not have much money and are grateful for great fashion and beauty tips for little money.

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If you have women over 30 as a target group, you must also consider anti-aging products when it comes to beauty products, while teenagers are more likely to use acne products.

In addition to the choice of product and theme, the writing style, layout and photos must also be adapted to the target group. While teenagers and young people can be a bit flashy and informal, older people should be more serious and elegant.

Good things need ropes – time and commitment are required

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Blogging always looks very glamorous and somehow easy at first glance. However, this is a fallacy. Building up a sufficiently large fan base takes time and patience. Researching a really good and high-quality post takes time, as does writing the article skilfully. The competition is fierce, and if the followers notice that sloppy research and boring writing is going on, they will go elsewhere.

Accordingly, especially at the beginning you have to assume that you will have to work many extra hours after work after a full-time job or study or on weekends, which of course are not paid at the beginning. Because from one day to the next, no one becomes a full-time blogger

Inevitably, frustration and demotivation will follow from time to time. This is completely normal and should not keep you from realizing your dream. A good option in these moments is to read a few good blogs or otherwise look for inspiration.

Do not forget to invest

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Although there is generally quite little to invest if you want to become a blogger, there are some things you should not forget. You should have a really good camera, because good pictures are very important. Many bloggers also work with professional photographers. In the beginning it can also be a good, and above all cheaper, solution to work with photography students whose fees are much cheaper. In some cases even a mention in the blog at the beginning is enough, because the students also want to be known.

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In any case, the photos must be taken well and as professional as possible – especially in the beauty and fashion sector. Bumbling photos full of drop shadows, poorly lit and poorly composed are a nuisance and the followers will resent it.

Quality, not quantity

In blogging, too, quality must clearly come before quantity. It is much better to post a really well-researched, lovingly and smartly written detailed article once a week than to publish a 08/15 text several times a week, which brings absolutely no added value to the fans.

On the one hand, this is important to build up your own blog and to find as many and above all loyal followers as possible, but it is also very important for companies to choose your own blog. Because a good brand does not want to be associated with an unprofessional and inferior blog.

Nevertheless, you must remember that content must be produced all the time. In between, it can be a great photo and a comment, or a product review.

Technical aspects

Of course, the technical aspects of blogger life should not be neglected. Nowadays there are good platforms, such as or They are easy to use and do not require too much technical knowledge. The important thing is that you have your own personalized domain. There is a clear difference if you use instead of for example. At GoDaddy you will find many domains, most of them very inexpensive.

An important way for bloggers to make money is advertising. This is direct advertising, not actual influencer marketing (see next point) through product placement or reviews, which are paid for by forms with free products, travel expenses and of course fees. There is in fact the possibility to sell advertising space in your own blog. Platforms like Passion Fruit Apps are very useful for this. Of course you can also register with Google AdSense

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Collaborating with brands (Brand collaborating)

For influencers in general – and thus naturally also in the beauty and fashion sector – there are various possibilities of cooperation (collab) with advertisers. On the one hand, it is relatively easy to get free products and samples. The company then naturally expects the product to be used, discussed or mentioned, if possible in a naturally positive way. By the way, a quite considerable product value can be achieved here, because designer clothes, noble shoes, chic handbags, expensive sunglasses, high-quality cosmetics, care products and the like quickly go into the money. A big advantage of being a blogger is certainly these pleasant gifts.

Of course, there are also bloggers who work as brand ambassadors and can earn a fixed and above all a good monthly salary. However, you need an established blog with several tens to hundreds of thousands of followers. This is usually achieved by celebrities who are already well known.

A great option are also partner programs (affiliate programs) Here are built into the left of the article, which lead to the sales page of the partner. If a sale is made, the blogger receives a commission (a percentage of the sales value).

As far as influencer marketing is concerned, agencies such as are an excellent way to get in contact with advertisers and to make their service known as an influencer and to achieve collabs.


Networking is a very important aspect. One should definitely be active on several channels. For example, many have a website and also have Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts.

You should also always check out other bloggers, comment on their posts, talk to them and their fans. That way you can get to know each other and stay in touch, find new followers and even build cooperations with other bloggers. So cross promotions are a great thing. A fashion blog can work together with a blog for accessories like jewellery, sunglasses, etc. or with a hair specialist and create interesting synergies.

Also with providers like such collaborations are encouraged.

And finally, participating in blogger events is also a great way to network.

We wish you a lot of fun and success in building your beauty or fashion blog!