Explanatory videos are just great and we have all used them at least once to understand a complicated subject without having to read tons of text.

There are several areas that come into question, e.g.

  • political or social issues Culture
  • Technical instructions for devices
  • Software solutions
  • Do-It-Yourself projects around the house
  • Handicraft projects

Animation video Ideas to become an influencer - Explanatory videos

In addition to professional videos, which can be found very often on the websites of companies, there is also a very interesting niche for influencers in the area of explanatory videos. Because if you want to know quickly how something works, how to open an account, how to fix a mobile phone error etc., you can search YouTube for the topic and find help here. The well-versed expert explains everything about the topic and depending on his talent, a good expert quickly has a respectable following. After all, explanatory videos are probably the most effective means in the digital age of convincing people about a product, a process or a service – and that within just one to two (or maybe even three) minutes!

Here you can learn more about the topic of explanatory video and see if this topic is something for you and your new influencer career.

A few facts about explanatory videos

Ideas to become an influencer - Explanatory videos


Before we get into the subject, here are a few interesting facts regarding explanatory videos:

90% of the internet visitors regularly watch explanatory videos!
4 times the turnover and approx. 250 percent increase in click-through rates through films in email marketing.
60 film seconds are worth 1.8 million words
85% more customer interest & 64% higher sales rates thanks to explanatory videos
53 times higher chance to be on the 1st Google page – Google loves websites with videos!


Why explanatory videos are so successful in influencer marketing

Explanatory videos – whether with or without whiteboard or comic animation – are always very well received by viewers and accordingly attract a lot of attention on YouTube. The same applies to other social media networks. There are essentially three reasons why explanatory videos are popular and therefore ideal for online marketing and influencer marketing:

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They explain complex issues in a simple way
There are a lot of things in our complex world of today that laypeople sometimes simply don’t understand. Serviceh services and products are becoming more and more complicated and an explanatory video is the ideal option for many people to understand these issues. After all, most people get along better with audiovisual content than with written content. Especially when it comes to problems with software, services on the Internet and the like, it is simply much easier to follow the whole thing step by step on the screen. Accordingly, metaphors, visualizations and also reductions are among the most important aspects of the explanatory video. At the same time an emotional connection to the person explaining the topic is built up and you feel much better than if you read a complicated manual.
The audience is fascinated by the fresh way of explaining and remains attentive
All people love moving pictures and are attracted by them. A well made explanatory video also has some entertainment value – and almost everyone loves that. Instead of dry explanations, a good influencer spices up the whole thing with his charisma, likeable remarks and a bit of humour. As already said, the emotional component is quite important, especially if you want to build up a lasting relationship with the followers.
You can start a dialogue
Often people feel the need to comment after they have seen the video, or perhaps they have a question that goes further. This way you can get into a real interaction with the fans, which is very useful for the long-term commitment of the followers.
By the way, if you want to start a real discussion, you can also get a little controversial.

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Making explanatory videos yourself?

Best Explainer Video Trends Product Video for Your Brand Ideas to become an influencer - Explanatory videos


Explanatory videos for companies are naturally produced by professionals. This is about explanatory videos on all possible topics, which you and other influencers make themselves and distribute in social media platforms. Typically YouTube is used here of course.

As in many other areas, there are now a lot of tools with which even a layman can make very high-quality explanatory videos. First of all, you should try to look as professional as possible, because this increases credibility, but in any case the picture has to be sharp, everything important has to be clearly recognizable and in the center of attention and the sound has to be easy to understand. An explanatory video, on which you can hardly recognize anything, in the background a lot of disturbing noises can be heard, etc. annoys the audience quickly and they go looking elsewhere.

Often, animation and drawings are also used to help with explanatory videos. This doesn’t have to scare you, because there is good software available, which you can use yourself after a short training period.

Make your own explanatory video: the foundation stone is good planning

As almost everywhere in life, thorough planning is the cornerstone of success. So first think about your topic. You should already be an expert in this field, as there is a lot of competition. It stands out from the crowd who really offers his viewers something solid and added value. And you should enjoy the whole thing, because the motivation and the passion you can see in the video at the end.

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Next, the target group should be clear, because the video should be perfectly tailored to them.

So it makes a difference whether you are addressing an audience that is highly specialized and has a lot of knowledge in this field, or whether you want to address the average consumer who has problems with his word processing program and has absolutely no idea about the topic.

In addition, the target group must be clear, because your future clients also want to address a special target group and you should be an attractive option in this respect.

Think about which methods and techniques you want to use. Maybe you show different steps directly on the screen of your PC, maybe you shoot a video on which you can be seen, use a whiteboard, make the video together with another person who demonstrates something while YOU are talking, in short, there are many options to create the video. Think also about possible background music, accessories, props, and location.

Remember that brevity is the spice of life. An ever-long video is annoying for most people, especially if they just wanted to quickly understand how to create, delete, modify an account, or get a device working. So concentrate on the essentials, after all, the followers can still ask questions.

By the way, you should definitely make a storyboard beforehand and not be 100% spontaneous. In practice, you can easily get bogged down without a common thread, and everything can get a bit confusing and lengthy. Often you might even forget something important. So before you start, make at least a few keywords that you can work on.

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A video longer than 2-3 minutes is not recommended.

Rules for the script:

Make short sentences.
Avoid foreign words and technical terms
Stay under 2-3 minutes
A professional speaker speaks about 100 to 120 words per minute.

Technical equipment

In any case you need a good camera with tripod. Shaky and unstable shots with bad perspective will certainly not bring storms of applause. With this in mind, you also need a few lamps to illuminate the scene. Ideally, you should have a separate microphone, but if necessary, you can use the microphone built into your laptop. With high quality smartphones maybe this one too, but all in all a good directional microphone is not expensive anymore and you should treat yourself to it.

And finally, there are special software solutions for creating explanatory videos, which are very helpful. Usually there is a free version and a paid version, but since you want to become a real influencer and earn money with it, it is certainly sensible to choose the paid version from a certain point on.

If you are well-equipped and have already made some good videos and now followers call your own, we advise you to take the help of a good agency, such as Adfluencer.de, because here you will certainly find support in the form of articles and tutorials with which you can boost your career. On the other hand, Adfluencer gives you convenient access to new connections to advertising partners and brands. You can quickly and easily offer sponsored links, product placements, sponsored content or shoutouts. You are only a few clicks away from your next “Influencer Marketing” job, so what are you waiting for?