You would like to try your luck as an influencer and don’t know how and where to start? If you like to play video games and are an experienced gamer, then this niche might be interesting for you.

Here you can find out more about this area and what possibilities there are for you. We also provide

r Dir ein konkretes Beispiels vor.

Woo the Web Stars – please stream our game!

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The video game market is quite saturated and manufacturers are constantly inventing new games or new versions of popular games. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to draw attention to yourself. And for this purpose Influencer – in this area also called streamer – is the perfect solution.

Smaller companies in particular find it very difficult to compete with the big giants of established video games. They therefore try to get streamers enthusiastic about the game so that they can spread it and make it known in their fan community.

Many developers therefore have the same dream – a ross-like appearance of their own video game on YouTube or Twitch. Games presented by well-known Let’s Players such as PietSmiet or Gronkh are suddenly known by hundreds of thousands of people, and even millions of influencers worldwide such as PewDiePie or Markiplier.

Simple press reports may make a game famous, but they are dry and do not inspire the fans as much as the rousing video report of the streamer.

In the “New York Times”, however, a developer recently estimated that a PewDiePie video about his indie game “Crypt of the Necrodancer” quickly generated about 60,000 dollars in extra sales for him.

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Companies often send thousands of keys – free copies of the games – to professional and amateur streamers in the hope of receiving many videos.

Another way to attract streamers is to offer content that is specifically for influencers. For example, versions and levels that are not accessible to the general public. Accordingly, it is attractive for the streamers to use the rare scenes to attract new viewers.

The companies have employees whose job it is to get in touch with YouTubers. There are various strategies here and not only the big fish are contacted, but also medium-sized web stars with 250,000 subscribers. Especially if they are dedicated to a certain game genre.

What fees are paid?

The really big streamers now know how important they are and are well paid, far beyond the revenue from video clicks and travel expense reimbursements.

However, you shouldn’t get your hopes up too high, because in Germany the press and YouTuber are usually invited to events “on an equal footing”. Travel expenses are covered, but hardly anyone is paid directly with fees. This also applies to the big names like Nintendo.

According to Jens Kosche, Managing Director Germany, Electronic Arts sometimes enters into paid cooperations with YouTubers, which must be clearly marked as such.

Twitch TV offers the possibility to place a link directly below the video window in streamed games, where interested parties can buy the game. From each sold game the streamer gets 5% of the purchase price.

In addition, Twitch TV pays 2$ per 1,000 viewers to streamers for advertising playout, for example. So if you have 10.000 viewers watching you play, you get 20$, with the 3-4 commercial playout per hour recommended by Twitch this is an hourly wage of about 80$.

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Not only streaming

The example of Top Gaming Influencer PewDiePie shows that it makes sense to not only do streaming, but to combine it with other social media channels.

PewDiePie is the most popular player on YouTube and is known for his comments and reactions to games as he plays them. In 2011 he left Chalmers University in Sweden to run a hot dog stand and make a career on YouTube. Teenagers around the world were quickly attracted to his videos and over 40 million subscribed to his channel. PewDiePies channel goes beyond gaming and covers a large part of his personal life. His girlfriend and dogs are often featured in his videos. The successful influencer is also active on other channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where he also has millions of followers.

Let’s play channel – the example Gronkh

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Gronkh is one of the biggest German YouTubers and is currently ranked 3rd, and from July 2014 to May 2016 his YouTube channel was even the most subscribed channel in Germany. The content of his videos almost always revolves around computer and video games in the form of Let’s Plays. In a Let’s Play, a game is recorded with commentary by the player. This can be done for journalistic purposes as well as to create entertaining moments. In addition to Let’s Plays, Gronkh also does game journalism and in 2009 launched the website Here you can find game reviews, trailers of the latest games and much more. In addition, Gronkh has diversified even further over the years and is now also known for other activities – for example as an entrepreneur and dubbing artist. As a dubbing actor, Gronkh has appeared in the German soundtrack of films such as The LEGO Batman Movie as “Joker”. He also lent his voice in computer games, for example in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and in Harvey’s New Eyes.

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Gronkh was born in 1977 in Braunschweig, Germany and his real name is Erik Range. He became famous through his Let’s Play by Minecraft. Between 2010 and 2014 he published no less than 1,278 episodes with over 21,000 minutes of video material on YouTube. His current Let’s Play to a mod version of Minecraft called “After Humans” is also being continued daily and already brings together over 550 episodes.

The Gronkh channel has over 4.6 million subscribers on YouTube. He is also active on Twitch, where he can be seen playing live on Minecraft Monday.


If you are a die-hard and enthusiastic gamer and if you enjoy recording your games and playing them in front of an audience, you can create interesting income opportunities. Beside the very important streaming, it is best to be active on other social media channels in order to achieve the greatest possible effect and thus generate income.