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TikTok, which first began as a famous karaoke application, is now the fastest-growing platform in the social media world. By allowing users to make short videos using music, captions, and filters, this application is a must-have for everybody. People go on TikTok for all sorts of reasons, starting from watching cool dance and singing videos to educational and informative content to short funny videos. These viral videos have tons of likes and views.

There are many popular TikTokers who have gained fame by developing and implementing social media strategies into their content. These users know how to attract viewers with their funny videos. For example, we can look at Khabane Lame and see how funny he is. He doesn’t even have to talk to make you laugh because of his talent. He has a way of making people laugh without doing the most.

So, we can see that he has a brand there for us to appreciate. In the same way, you can also come up with something cool and original by taking every funny idea into account and creating something worthwhile for the viewers to watch. We are here to discuss these ideas with you.

Funny TikTok Ideas

creative comics and skits for tiktok videos

Let us break them down one by one:

Social Media Challenges

An excellent idea to make people laugh would be to do perform some social media challenges. It will instantly connect with your viewers, and you will be able to make them laugh. For instance, you can try the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” where you sit down and let someone pour a bucket full of ice water on top of you.

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You can even try the “One Chip Challenge,” where you eat the Hot Paqui Chip and wait for 5 minutes without drinking anything cold or sweet. You can also try the “Try Not to Laugh” challenge, which is just hilarious. These are just some examples of what you can do. But there’s more to try.

Re-enacting Dialogues

Dialogue re-enactment is another popular way to make people laugh. There are people who re-enact serious movie dialogues, but you also have a wide selection of funny ones too. You can act it out by yourself or even do it with your friend, family, or significant other. The viewers enjoy laughing over these short videos on TikTok. We would advise you to dive into the comedy genre section of blockbuster Hollywood movies.

Lip-Syncing Songs

To piggyback off the previous point, lip-syncing songs is just like re-enacting movie dialogues, except you have to pretend like you are singing. For instance, you can try to lip-sync to the viral cover of WAP by Cardi B called “What if Celine Dion Sang WAP?” This video was made by Shuba.

Here, many people have used this to lip-sync with funny expressions and moves for making their viewers laugh. But just like Shuba, you can also try to recreate a popular song in a funny, original way. So, when people hear it, and they love it, you will start to garner more likes, views, and popularity.

Recording Animals

Another brilliant idea would be to record your pets or just animals in general. There are thousands and thousands of funny clips online about owners and their pets. Dogs, cats, hamsters, and birds are naturally born comedians. You may have come across many videos of them on YouTube, Instagram, etc. too.

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One single video tends to have millions of views. People crack up over them and go on an entire marathon of their clips. So, you can use this idea to capture more viewers. You never know when you will shoot the next funniest animal clip on camera.

Storytelling Voiceovers

What better idea than to tell funny stories, right? Here, you can narrate a funny incident that happened to you or talk about some funny facts. You can also narrate funny stories about celebrities and other people. This idea will keep the user focused because of how interactive it is. Your viewers will feel like you are talking to them in person, which brings an engaging atmosphere. Be creative with this idea but don’t make up stories. Be authentic! Be you!

Reaction Videos

Here, you make short videos of you reacting to funny videos on the internet. You can also give your commentary while reacting to the video. There are many people who do this on YouTube, and their reactions are so funny. The viewers love this type of content. They don’t just enjoy and laugh from the reactor’s commentary but their authentic, funny reaction as well.

Funny Experiments

By experiment, it can refer to just about anything like new weird cooking recipes, a science experiment that went wrong, a funny social experiment, and the list goes on. Here, you have to be creative and candid to connect better with your users. Many viewers enjoy watching this type of content online and not just on TikTok. You can also meet and collaborate with other influencers. Start calculating these ideas and come up with something new, authentic, and definitely funny. If you want professional assistance, then you can even approach a marketing agency.

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