Transitions On TikTok

As one of the most used and famous media-sharing platforms,  TikTok  continuously offers various tools and features for editing videos. Among them is the transition feature. Along with that comes additional functions such as adjusting video speed, adding stickers, text, filters, special effects, and many more.

Now, transitions can be many things. It can be a simple finger-snapping transitioning or a combination for making detailed editing in between the clips. Hence, some are quite easy with only a few steps to follow, while certain transitions require some preparation.

Nevertheless, each transition effect serves an objective. And that objective is to maintain the speed with the narration or music as the video goes on. Furthermore, the transition feature is useful for revealing things, such as a change in looks or signaling when changing the topic.

With  social networks taking the world by storm , it’s time to step up your game and dive into the TikTok world yourself. So, if you’re already a  social media influencer , you can earn money on TikTok by creating amazing videos. So why not add transitions?

How to Do Transitions on TikTok

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First and foremost, let’s discuss the basic steps on how to do transition on TikTok:

Step 1:  Run the TikTok application on your phone and tap on ‘+’ located on the screen’s Servicetom.

Step 2:  Select the ‘Record’ icon for recording a video or choose the ‘Upload’ icon for adding one from your phone gallery. If not a video, you can create a slideshow by combining multiple photos.

Step 3:  Tap ‘Next’ once done. Next, you’ll see ‘Effects’ on your screen’s Servicetom. Click that followed by ‘Transitions.’

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Step 4:  Now, let’s add transition effects to your video. Select your preferred effect, and it’ll be automatically applied.

Step 5:  You can view your video after you’ve finished and then tap ‘Save.’

Step 6:  Select ‘Next’ followed by ‘Post’ for sharing the video on the app.

Now after mastering the fundamentals, you can start trying different things.

Creating powerful transitions depends on timing and where and how you place your camera. If your transition requires combinations, keep in mind that your body and phone need to remain in the exact spot for all the frames.

In the case of transitions with movements or items, the timing needs to be accurate while you edit the clips. You need to make sure the movements match with one another so that the transition comes out smooth.

This section talks about the steps for adding transitions to the videos directly in TikTok. Apart from this, you can even make use of some third-party video editing apps such as InShot, Splice, Filmmaker Pro, FilmoraGo, Glitch, etc. These applications offer more transition effects.

Adding Transitions Using Third-Party Applications

While TikTok is a renowned application, it doesn’t offer much transition effects as one would expect. And this is where third-party video editing applications come into play.


This particular video-making and editing app is designed for Serviceh iOS and Android. It’s one of the solutions for applying transition effects to your TikTok video.

InShot provides a few transitions and tools to edit your video and apply the effects which you may not find in TikTok. This application features basic functions, so it’s quite user-friendly, even for a beginner.

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However, because of that, there’s a limit to its editing capabilities. Adding to that, this application comes with ads, and unless you’re a premium user, it adds a watermark to your video.


FilmoraGo is another video editor where you’ll find more transition effects in comparison to TikTok. This application offers enhanced functionality, providing various features and content for zero money.

FilmoraGo has classic transition effects for zooming in, zooming out, wiping, splitting, dissolving, and shuttering. You’ll be able to create your TikTok video seamlessly. Aside from the effects, you get excellent tools for editing your video and various filters and themes you can select from.

What’s more, the free FilmoraGo version doesn’t apply a watermark to the videos. Therefore, many users opt for this app to create TikTok as well as Instagram content.

Filmmaker Pro

In case you’re looking for a video editor that allows you to create excellent videos for TikTok that look professional, this is it!

With Filmmaker Pro, you can create a wide variety of activities, making it perfect for the TikTokers. This way, you can share your new videos with different transition effects on a regular basis.

Despite not editing your video, you can apply the transitions, change your video speed and fade the sound in or out with ease. Regardless, some of the app’s features can overwhelm amateur video editors.

Filmmaker Pro lets you edit 4k videos and also provides over 70 music tracks. In-app purchase is required in order to make use of their sound effects. However, similar to InShot, the application has a watermark even in its free version.

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