Hair Transformations | TikTok Compilation - YouTubeTikTok hair is on a roll. You will find in this article the most happening hair trends and hair hacks to gravitate towards. TikTok is here to save your day! It is not only a social app flooded with dancing and funny videos but, it also has a community solely dedicated to tresses- hairstyles, hair trends, hair hacks, and everything in between.

Let’s delve into the five biggest hair trends you could explore and try.

1.Y2K hairstyle:

Year 2000s era hairstyles have made a comeback, and TikTok users have proved they are here to stay. Everyone on TikTok has been exploring and donning these looks, from space buns to bleached bangs and braided pigtails.
The classic deep side part, high ponytail with flipped ends, is a must-try! Make sure to add Butterfly hair clips or rainbow elastics to accentuate your 2000s hair-do. If you are looking for an easy and simple Y2K era hair-do, wear a
bandana! You are ready and off to go looking like a trendsetting influencer.

2. Curtain Bangs:

Bangs have never gone out of style. Being popularized in the 60s and 70s, it is making its rounds back to 21st-century hair-dos. Curtain bangs flatter every face shape and are effortlessly easy to maintain, proving just why you should chop off your hair and embrace the trend. And if you are still on the fence about getting the chop done, look out for influencers on TikTok with their various tutorial videos. This up-do will give you the boost of inspiration and
the technique you need to get the perfect fringe.

3. Two-tone hair, aka Cruella hair:

Disney villain Cruella DeVil’s black and blonde hair have brought back this 90s hair-do and its presence on TikTok is a phenomenon now. Not only does it look good on either short or long hair, but this two-toned hair trend also gives you the ultimate hair makeover. One of the major perks is getting to play with the color scheme- you get to choose tones that suit your personality and taste.
Plus! It’s easily recreated at home. This two-toned hair trend has quickly become everyone’s favorite.

4. Wolf cut:

As the name suggests, it is a wild haircut that is heavily textured with volumes of layers. It is a remix of shag and mullet hair-dos. The cut blends from the crown to the ends, heavy bangs and waves are added to put volume in the front. This hair-do has taken over TikTok by a surge. If you have long to medium-length hair and are free-spirited with a rock star personality, you should definitely hop on to this trendy hair update.

5. Hair horns:

Another hair trend to look out for is the E-girl-inspired hairstyle, the Hair Horns. Going by its name, this is a hair-do with two tiny strands of hair protruding on either / each side of your head. The application of sprays, gels,
and hair mousse are required to keep the horn strands up, and this is an easy trend you can get done at home. People are getting creative, styling the hair strands in heart shapes and even whiskers of a cat.


Not only are hair trends viral, but super smart/cool hair-hacks are making the rounds on TikTok too.

tiktok hair1. Color changing effect:

One of the most innovative app features is the Hair Color Changing Effect. A wide range of hair color effects in blonde, brunette, black, brown, etc., is available for you to try. This effect makes a quick transition from your original hair color to the color of your choice. You can confidently get your hair revamped by choosing which color suits you best.

2. Hair buns:

A simple, fun hair hack is incorporating old socks into your hair makeup regime. Old socks are cut off at the toes, rolled up, and wrapped around the hair for an easy ready-to-go bun.

3. Heatless waves / curls:

You heard it right! It’s time to put your hair iron tools away and allow your hair to breathe heat-free, using bathrobe ties. Place the sash on top of your crown, sectioning your hair and twirling them around the robe belt. These easy
curls / waves are a must-try.

4. Dry shampoo hack:

Ran out of shampoos? Need to run an errand with no time to spare to get a quick hair wash? The dry shampoo TikTok hack has got your back. All you need is to mix up some baby and cocoa powder and dust them on your scalp to soak up the oil.

5. Grow your hair almost naturally:

TikTok hair trends probably left you wishing your tresses were longer to try them all. This hair hack will make your wishes come true faster and sooner. Start by massaging your scalp for 7 to 10 minutes every day or brushing your
hair upside-down to boost your blood circulation to improve hair growth. This one is tried and approved.
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