Guide 101 On TikTok HashtagTikTok is, without a doubt, one of the top popular social media platforms, with its monthly users reaching over 500 million. Its growth rate is insane, allowing users and their brands to obtain enhanced visibility and audience. Choosing to buy TikTok followers is always a smart idea on this platform. But at the same time, it isn’t always easy to become famous here with billions of users using the application from all over the world. It is easily possible for your content to go missing in a gigantic ocean of daily uploaded content.

So, this is where you will need to understand the importance of hashtags. It is very useful as it enables viewers to understand the context regarding your posts. By using the correct hashtags, your content will start to appear in relevant search results of hashtags. So, with the visibility of your posts increasing, you also receive more followers and likes. In this way, you become more well-known on social media.

Do Hashtags Work?

Yes, they most definitely do, just like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A TikTok Hashtag acts as a signal for recommending #ForYou video content. Your engagement via the feed isn’t the only factor for shaping the “For You” feed. For instance, when you choose to start following newer accounts, this action will assist in refining your recommendations as well.

And the same applies to exploring hashtags, effects, trending topics present in the discover tab, and sounds. Here, all these factors help in tailoring your experience and also inviting newer content categories into your feed. By using these simple hashtags, your life might instantly change the next minute.

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Guide 101 On TikTok HashtagHow To Use TikTok Hashtag for Boosting Content

Here are the steps for boosting your content using TikTok hashtags:

Locate Relevant Hashtags

Whenever you browse content from competitors and creators in your niche, you need to keep tabs on the type of hashtags that they are using in their famous posts. We would also advise you to utilise a tool for generating hashtags, which will enable you to locate related hashtags.

Combining Hashtags

Now you need to mix the popular hashtags with the least used ones. The drawback about using popular hashtags would be the insane amount of competition there. When you use hashtags that are less competitive and small, you have a greater chance of being noticed in a narrower niche. It’s all about mix-matching to achieve the desired results. We would also suggest the use of branded hashtags for getting more reach on this platform.

Current Hashtags & Following Trends

Just like trends come and go, the same applies to hashtags. For example, using the #merrychristmas hashtag in March won’t make sense, but it will work in December. So, you need to be aware of when to use your hashtags. Plus, it is incredibly important to stick with the current ones. A viral hashtag from 2016 won’t work in 2021.

Branded Hashtags & Challenges

You need to start developing your very own hashtags that are branded. It will help the followers in finding you. A branded hashtag will benefit you immensely on TikTok in comparison to other platforms. It is also possible to start launching hashtag challenges.

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It will be a competition where you will challenge the users in creating content such as a song or dance. Here, they should remember to use your branded hashtag for tagging it. These type of challenges on TikTok work really well as it allows users to create content and inspire one another.

How Do I Create a TikTok Hashtag?

For creating a hashtag for your post in TikTok, you need to proceed in typing the (#) hashtag symbol. And you need to follow it with the phrase that you chose. Ensure that you aren’t using any spaces, punctuation, or special characters. If you wish to locate TikTok hashtags that are trending for your videos, then you can utilise Hashtag Expert. It will get the job done quickly and save you a lot of time.

Which Hashtags Should I Use In 2021?

There is no formula of “Tried and True” to come up with the correct hashtags in TikTok. Your content and goals will help in determining the hashtags that you will be using. Another important factor would be the hashtags that are trending whenever you choose to post the video.

Here are some of the hashtags that you might want to use for this year – #tiktok, #follow, #foryoupage, #fashion, #fyp, #happy, #foryou, #music, #viral, #cute, #love, #followme, #funny, #comedy, #memes, #video, #bestvideo, #followforfollowback, #tiktok4fun, #explore, #thisis4u, and #loveyoutiktok.

We really encourage you to utilise the hashtags on TikTok for making your content discoverable. You can also allow others to join in the conversations and begin engaging with your posts. The entire concept surrounding TikTok hashtags are still comparatively new; you will have the upper hand over your rivals. You will also start climbing the ranks for the hashtags in TikTok on your niche.

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