TikTok is a very popular video-making app that allows users to create any short video of 15 minutes. The contents can be based on anything, but the biggest fun lies with the fan-followers on TikTok. This social media app is concerned about how many followers you can achieve.

Your contents need to be very unique to grab the attention of other users and what do you get in return? A crown! But, How Many Fans Are Needed For a Crown on TikTok? Well, everything comes with a price, and expecting a crown for free is not fair. Let us know more about the trending social media platform and achieve the goals. You can also take help and buy TikTok followers and can achieve a crown.

How Many Fans Are Needed For a Crown on TikTok

All about the latest Crown trend

Every social media has approved accounts. We have noticed this phenomenon on multiple platforms like Instagram and Twitter and many more. Similarly, TikTok follows a similar trend. Initially, the app started the trending Crown with approved accounts. This notifies the celebrity users and popular personalities of TikTok. But, now with multiple updates and changes in the app, TikTok has changed the criteria to achieve the Crown.

You can no more find out the badge in profiles anymore. Now, it depends on how many fans the respective accounts can attract – the most active and influencing accounts can achieve the Crown. So, let us find out How Many Fans Are Needed For a Crown on TikTok?

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Minimum criteria to achieve the TikTok Crown

The Crown is achieved by those who have touched millions of people and trends in the social media platform. TikTok gives the Crown the most popular users, who can influence many people and make unique content that attracts multiple viewers. Good status in the app can ensure the Crown in TikTok. Not everyone can achieve it very easily because of the sharp criteria, but it is neither impossible. To earn this, you much fulfill these below-mentioned categories:

  • Unique content

This app runs on video streaming. Users must find out unique contents to attract other users. Their contents should be a hot topic in TikTok and well-received by others. Get actively involved with the trends and start streaming super-duper videos to be popular among the masses.

  • Number of followers

The users should reach up to a maximum number of people on TikTok. Well, How Many Fans Are Needed For a Crown on TikTok?10,000 followers are the minimum criteria to achieve status on this social media platform.

  • Filter

You can only access the trending Crown Filter only when you achieve a certain number of followers in TikTok. Until then, the users cannot access the filter. This animation filter is available in the app which cannot be accessed by a new user.

  • Apply for a verified account

If you have reached a maximum number of followers on TikTok and still have not received the Crown yet; then it is recommended to e-mail TikTok and inform them about your concern. This process might require a few formalities and later your account will be approved – you will receive the TikTok Crown.

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How can I attract followers for the crown?

Now that you know How Many Fans Are Needed For a Crown on TikTokit is important to focus more on attracting followers. Around 50 million people are using TikTok at the current moment, can you guess about the tough competition? It is hard to shine among so many people but, hard work always pays off.

So, let us go deep into the topic and discuss the measures we can take to achieve our goal. The below-mentioned pointers might be helpful for all of us, who are trying to achieve the virtual crown.

  • You can gain more followers by interacting with others. Stay active and participate in multiple social media platforms to grab attention. Your content can be a great source to start the conversation, thus you can reply to the comments or the messages to touch maximum people personally.
  • You can also share the content on other social media platforms. We are connected to multiple social media platforms and that can be a great opportunity to seek followers through other platforms as well. This will indeed help you to gain fans.
  • Use TikTok actively, be the daily use of the app. Try out multiple hot topics and make a video on the same. If you can upload videos frequently, this will help in staying connected with your fans.
  • Follow the trend and add your spice. Let’s see how creative you can get and turn the same trend into a massive hit. TikTok always promotes creativity.
  • Always follow the rules. Do not be blind after the fame. Do not make any content that can hurt someone’s sentiment or cause any dispute. Try to follow the basic social media norms and concerns of the other TikTok users.
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How Many Fans Are Needed For a Crown on TikTok

Since TikTok has completely washed away the old verified account criteria. It is time to cope with the new norms and achieve the goals. The old Crown has been changed with blue checkmarks and a popular creator label. With the above-mentioned information, you will be able to cope with the change and start working hard to achieve the Crown. This is like a high-quality reward and will improve your status on TikTok – show your talent and be famous. How Many Fans Are Needed For a Crown on TikTok?