TikTok is not your fun and entertainment-only platform. With over 1 billion active monthly users, the platform has managed to scale its growth at an exponential level. Creators on TikTok have now become full-time content creators, relying on their source of income from the platform. But, the question is how to get featured on Tiktok foryou page?

Most of the viral videos that you come across on TikTok are generally all from the trending pages. So, how can you scale your content so it appears on the for you page?

To be fair, growing your account sustainably on Tiktok is hard work. Not only do you have to pay attention to the content, but you also have to be mindful of the tips you use to promote the content.

This post will give you a comprehensive guide on how you can push your content to Tiktok’s For You page.

What is Tiktok’s For You Page?

how to get featured on Tiktoks “foryou” page

The For You page on Tiktok is a personalized home page where the users get suggestions for TikTok videos from creators they follow and the kind of topics they prefer watching. It can include videos from accounts that a user doesn’t follow.

So, landing on the user’s foryou page is a definitive way for you to grow your Tiktok account and even have the potential to make your videos go viral.

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How to Get on TikTok’s For You Page?

Keeping a lot of factors in mind, including the algorithm, consistency, and quality of content, we have made a list of the top tips that can land you on the For You page of TikTok.

  • Know your audience

We can’t stress this enough but you need to align your content to your audience’s needs. Ideally, random posting will only take your videos so far. However, when you have a set target audience or niche of audience you are catering to, it becomes easier to create your spot on the For You page.

The easiest way to know your audience is by checking your TikTok analytics. Track the demographics. See what age or gender of people is watching your videos more. Another way to know your audience is by scrolling on Tiktok. 

This allows you to track what’s trending and what you can do to hop on those trends yet maintain individuality with your content.

  • Sort the posting time

When you post your Tiktok video matters a lot. It can assess whether your post gets the initial push that it needs to show up on the For You page on Tiktok. You want to post when your audience is online and is likely going to scroll through Tiktok and engage.

The correct time for posting is again a subjective decision. It depends on the country you are from, and the niche or demographics of the audience you are targeting. Also, it relies on the kind of analytics you have. Check the insights to check when your audience is the most active.

  • Use the trending sounds

Every few days, you will find Tiktok raving about a new trend and a new song. This is what you need to make the most use of. The trending sounds are the answer to how to get featured on Tiktok foryou page.

how to get featured on Tiktoks “foryou” page

When you use trending sounds, the chances of visibility of the video are more. So, once your video gets the initial boost after posting, Tiktok’s algorithm is more likely going to publish it to people’s For You page.

However, create relevancy with the audio and the video you are posting. Simply compiling a random video and then putting the trending sound in the background doesn’t serve its purpose.

  • Do a stitch to trending videos

Tiktok has a feature where you can stitch a trending video with your reaction video. So, scroll through the platform and pick out trending videos that align with your niche.

Once you find those, save those videos and then post a reaction video to that specific Tiktok. Doing so will push your video to the For You page, especially because the video you stitched is already trending.

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Piggybacking off the trending videos is a quicker and more effective way to get yourself on the For You page without any hassle at all.

  • Use the right hashtags

Using “trending” and “for you page” hashtags won’t help you land on people’s For You page. Instead, you have to focus on leveraging the right hashtags for the videos you are posting.

Hashtags are treated as part of the “video information” on TikTok. This means that when you are posting a food recipe, using relevant hashtags like “food recipe”, “trending recipe”, etc. is important. This amplifies the visibility of the post and allows TikTok to push the content in the right avenues.

We’d recommend that you spend a few minutes in the day researching the relevant hashtags for the videos that you will post. Once you sort that out, getting to the For You page shouldn’t be as difficult.

Landing yourself on the user’s For You page on Tiktok requires a lot of work and effort. You need to ensure that you are putting in maximum effort into not just creating the content but promoting it as well. Also, prioritize the importance of quality over quantity. Focus on creating content that resonates with the audience and has the potential to go viral.