here's how you become viral on tiktok

When compared to other existing media platforms, TikTok’s algorithm and organic presence are unrivaled. The app is fast becoming a tech giant. Whether you realize it or not, you’ll often find yourself scrolling through TikTok for hours. It is, without a doubt, a tech giant. If you’re trying to figure out how to go viral on TikTok, we’ll show you how!

How To Go Viral On TikTok

If you want to know how to go viral on TikTok, you need to keep five things in mind:

  1. Creating the right content.
  2. Getting people to follow you after they watch your content.
  3. The length and watch time you get in your content.
  4. Remixing content that is currently trending.
  5. Posting unique content.

Points To Keep In Mind

Keeping people on TikTok

If you wish to know how to go viral on TikTok, you must first learn to keep people on TikTok. That is the only thing any social media app wants.

It is also why social media have algorithms that serve you content that you’re interested in. That’s also why they push videos that have a high amount of watch time and are a good video length for that specific niche. Thus, it’s crucial for you to learn how to optimize your TikTok profile.

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If your video is too short or long within your niche, it’s not going to go viral. The reason being, TikTok is now judging these specific contents based on the length of the video and the watch time that you’re getting.

That will, for sure, have an impact on the total number of likes your posts receive.

steps to go viral easily

Watch Time of Your Videos

Start to pay attention to the watch time you’re receiving in your videos and the length of your videos. You can do so by observing your top competitors within your niche. Check out how long their videos are and try to beat their watch time.

You need to ensure that your content is the best content to show people. And the way to signal that to TikTok is by getting a ton of watch time on a video that is the right length.

Get People To Follow You After They View Your Content

You need to incentivize engagement either as part of the post or in the last three seconds of the post. Most people make the mistake of incentivizing engagement right off the bat or in the description or just doing it in a manner.

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By waiting until the end of the video, it’s going to signal TikTok that somebody watched your video and followed you.

It’s better to get users to follow you after they’ve watched your video than it is to obtain likes, comments, and shares. To go viral, you must aim for a 10% like to follow ratio on your account.

Creating the Right Content

If you wish to find out how to go viral on TikTok, you need to make TikTok think they have an audience for your content. How do you do this?

You model your content after what has been successful in the past. That means that you need to hop on trends.

TikTok will push out content that’s trending. But there’s no point if your video gets lost amongst the thousands of similar videos.

You need to make your content stand out, and that brings us to the next point.

Remix Trends

Hop on trends but do it the right way. If you see a trend that you like, feel free to jump on it.

But you need to realize that the more popular a trend is, the harder it will be for you to break.

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Let’s say you see a new dance move all over the For You page. Chances are you miss your opportunity for virality. You’ll be competing against millions of other users on the platform.

Here’s what to do instead of remix your favorite trends. Don’t just copy a trend by recreating it without anything unique or original. Instead, make your own version of a TikTok on it with something new and original that separates it from all the copycats.

Unique Content

Another way to figure out how to go viral on TikTok is by posting content that is not currently on TikTok. It is a different take on hopping on trends. You need to create your own niche.

By now, you know what a TikTok looks like, but the idea is to expand on what it can be.  You can blow up on the platform by posting inherently interesting content that TikTok has not seen before.

Remember that TikTok is a relatively new platform with endless possibilities. There are virtually no rules, so you can and should try new things unique to you. So if you wish to be a famous influencer, register on our website today.