Host Virtual Tiktok Parties

Hosting a party is no piece of cake. The same goes for Tiktok parties, especially if it is your first time. Plus, the social-distance party trend has only just begun. The protocol and procedure of hosting one are still not set on rock.

Celebrities, influencers, and even party clubs are going online. And if you have been active for a while, you would have come across a virtual Tiktok party. You may have even attended one. But let’s be honest, you’re not entirely sure how to host a Tiktok party yet. You need some help, and we’re here to the rescue.


Create a stimulating environment

Like every party, the ambiance you project on the screen should invite and excite the viewers. Decorate your room with balloons, posters, and glitter to create a stimulating surrounding. Make the other party members also feel like they are with you. If it’s not much of a hassle, you can also use a green screen for a motion background.


Tiktok themed cake and snacks

Party without a cake and snacks drain the fun out of a party. I did not make the rules. Go, get the cake.

To add some sparkle to the party:

Design the cake with the tricolor of Tiktok’s logo. You can also place the shape of the logo on the cake for more fun.

Place the cake in such a way your viewers can notice it. You can later even post the picture of the cake with a caption about your party.

Along with the baked goods, throw in many bestselling snacks you would generally find at a party.

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Use music to set the vibe

Music is party, and the party is music. So, make sure you have a playlist ready for the big day. Selecting songs may not be very difficult, especially when most of your party members have similar tastes. You can also choose the songs that are trending at the moment. Set the atmosphere and get the others grooving to the music. And keep them engaged.

You can also play the songs your viewers may suggest in the comment section.


Invite a few family members and friends

The pandemic is still ongoing. So, gathering numerous people in a closed space will be very disrespectful and harmful at the same time. The whole purpose of a virtual party is because of this very reason. Therefore, don’t break this important rule.

But if you must invite someone, you can call a selected few family members and friends over to your place. Keep the number of guests low to keep the number of affected people low. Maintain a sanitizer for everyone to use. Make sure you confirm to your viewers that every precaution is being taken.


Invite all your virtual friends

For the next step, invite all your friends to the virtual party without any hesitation. If your invitation is enticing, then most of them are sure to come and at least give it a look. If most of your friends are overseas, it would be thoughtful of you to host the party at a convenient time for Serviceh sides. And if you’re yet to make more online friends, then start now. The time is ticking.

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If your virtual party becomes a hit, your friends will also call you up for ideas on how to host one. So, get your manual ready.


Invite well-known Tiktok influencers

A famous Tiktok influencer attending your party is like icing on the cake. So, send out invitations to everyone you find influential. And if you’re lucky, a famous person may end up bringing more crowd and fun to your party. And post-party if you get to know them well, then they might be willing to advertise your Tiktok business if you have one. It’s a great marketing strategy.


Come up with a unique challenge

Showcase your creativity by coming up with a new challenge for everyone at the party. Challenges on Tiktok spread like wildfire if it is catchy and fun. So, a great way to virtually populate your party is through a challenge. This way, they will be able to participate and be a part of the big bash.

This method will also help you collab with your friends and strangers. And it will boost your profile.


Host Virtual Tiktok Parties

Keep the essentials ready

Buy your supplies and decorations a few days ahead. This way, you can avoid any last-minute hotchpotch.



To achieve a mass party celebration, you should meet specific requirements like-

  • You should post content consistently.
  • Have a growing and a stable number of followers. To overcome this obstacle, you should first try getting as many followers as you can.
  • It would be best if you were an influencer to a certain degree. We got your back. Here’s how you can become a social media influencer with the help of a third party. Now, once you become a Tiktok influencer, it is not the end. You will need to learn more to keep growing.
  • You must have some supportive and engaging virtual friends.
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